Wednesday, December 19, 2012

At Sheng Cafe With Madam Blogger

Wenn and I had lunch in First Garden yesterday, she took me to Sheng Cafe which has just opened a week ago.  The ambience was not bad, managed by a group of young enterprising teenagers at the front line.. not too sure about the back scene..... great work anyway!

For our lunch, I ordered nasi lemak for myself... why nasi lemak?  Well, this is not the usual nasi lemak like in my canteen, this one is chinese style.. the curry chicken with potatoes are cooked to my taste.. (not spicy, great!) and the rice... hmmm...fragrant..cooked with pandan juice, most probably!

 For RM5 per meal, there is a complimentary soup and toasted bun!
 my plate of Nasi Lemak... the rice is greenish in colour actually...
that shows how "sharp" my camera is ...
for just RM5, there is a complimentary soup
and a piece of toast as well..
what more can you ask? 
My guest for lunch....
Wenn, thanks for the 2013 dates...


  1. Wow.....RM5 for such a GOOD meal! gosh......unbelievable. I can't even buy a cup of coffee or tea here for RM5!! The nasi lemak looks very delicious...a good twist :D

  2. hahaha, since when wenn is known as Madame Blogger?? haha, nice title!!

    RM5 is really cheap lah.. the complimentary soup and bread were given because the boss is wenn's friend??

  3. Mary: how about retiring here in IPOH? hehehe...

    sk: hope she doesnt mind..hahaha .. sounds like those policestory.. Madam!

  4. Aiyo RM5 pao this & that very tai lah haha & looks yummy too.. Wenn is Madame Blogger & who is Ah Sir Blogger then?

  5. thanks for the treat and the round is my treat probably after the CNY.

  6. The two of you look so cute, and a fun time with good food!

  7. It looks nice with this sauce


  8. i went there last week too. yes, RM5 is cheap!

  9. bananaz: never thought of ah sir yet.. maybe the next male blogger I have lunch with will be ah Sir..! :)

    wenn: good idea!!

    ginny: yes, catching up with one another..

    filip: curry sauce.. :)

    sharon: too big portion for me.. hmmm..

    lena: next time i bring my girl.. cos of the spaghetti!

  10. thanks for the treat and the round is my treat probably after the CNY.

  11. RM5 for the nasi lemak is pretty cheap. Looks good.

  12. i was actually asking wenn what you got on that lunchout but then ther you have it i knew it was yummy

  13. irene: yes, quite cheap for a cafe..

    mecoy: hahaha.. we had our rice for lunch..

  14. Very cheap considering there are soup and buns to come with it..I kind of like the flower patterns of your dress..

  15. agnes: thank you! i like bright colours..hahaha..


Thank you, readers!

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