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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

TVB Awards Presentation 2012

Some shots I have taken last night while watching the presentation... I was engrossed so deeply that I forgot to take the pictures of the most popular actress and actor receiving their trophy awards... Here are some random shots instead...
Moses Chan... he acted in Heaven Burns... most popular TV series voted..
but I didn't watch it... so not sure nice or not... 
This actor..(forgot his name) being interviewed which drama was most popular..
Moses Chan replied that "Surely the show I acted in is the most popular!"
Travia Yeong... best actress voted... 
I like her too!
ahhh... Moses Chan's girlfriend... 
She said the best drama show is "The Confidant" cos "I am one of the actress involved"
Linda Chung...she was so angelic in her white gown high collar...
Looks like Cinderella.. but not under the limelight last night...
She acted in "Witness Insecurity" ..
Unfortunately, it was not that popular...
The Professional MC... Dodo Cheng...
She looked so different from the "original"... wonder why...
the everlasting "Lo Lan"
acted in umpteen movies and dramas!
Growing old gracefully...
my son's favourite actor... 
the one who always disguises as a lady...
 Raymond Lam, Kenneth Ma, Moses Chan... 
.... vying for the most popular actor
but the award went to....
Wayne Lai.. winning for the 3rd time!
No doubt his acting is superb... 
but I think they should give to the award to another actor this year...
Kevin.. or Moses.. or.. Bosco.. (ok, not him...)
or even Lau Chung Yan who was absent during the ceremony...
Anyway, at least one of his "wives" won the main category award.. 


  1. i also watched a bit..towards the ending part cute of lo lan to say that she never watched the nominated series cos she has been going out all the time!

  2. i also watched this ceremony.. yeah, i kind of agree with you, i kind of like Lau Chung Yan to win the best actor actually..

  3. lena: yes...she said by the time she comes home, it is time for her to sleep.. hahaha..

    sk: yeah... cos he has been acting for 3 decades.. and not won anything.. :)

  4. wish I have the time to watch those tv dramas.

  5. You got very good pictures, it is like being there!

  6. wenn: one day you will.. :)

    ginny: not clear enough definitely.. :)

  7. i saw the astro and it was not nice..

  8. I love Wayne Lai in The Confidant. He is definitely a great actor.

  9. Watched the award show but quite disappointed that Kate Tsui got the most favourite actress, sigh~

    Thumbs up to Wayne Lai, he's a great actor!

  10. oh Wayne Lai won again, congrats to him.

  11. I love watching show awards shows
    though my bet never wins haha

  12. sp: disappointed?

    sarah: 3 times award already, yes he sure is...

    yvonne: she knows a lot of people dont quite like her..

    vicky: yeah..3 times liow. :)

    mecoy: better try next time.. hahaa...

  13. Oh now baru tahu their names Moses, Raymond Lam, Kenneth Ma, Linda Chung haha. Of course old timers Do Do & Lo Lan sure know one. Wow Wayne Lai won again so his name is Wayne Lai used to call him 'Chai 9' haha

  14. Bananaz, I only know his name when he won the awards last year.. hahaha.. cos last time he only acted as supporting..

  15. Oh gosh, it has been dinosaur years since I last watched the TV!

  16. wow..what a busy blogger (u!) and what a free old mama (me!)

  17. Wayne Lai deserved the prize. The rest, I don't really satisfy. Especially that gay looking guy who won the best supporting actor.

  18. I have not been watching TVB series for a long time..those actors and actresses are all new faces to me..except Do Do cheng and Lo Lan,hahaa

  19. agnes: dont get addicted like me too! :)


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