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Sudoku, My New Hobby

Since the day I am "addicted" to Sudoku, I have downloaded the free games in my "not-so-smart" handphone... at least now I know how to pass time without feeling bored, "impatient", stressful, distracting me from all these anxieties... hahaha...

How addicted am I?  Well... morning and evening "business" allows me to use my brain for at least 15 minutes and I don't smell anything "stenchy" when my grey cells are at work!  hahahaa... Gross?

In general hospital waiting for my turn.... in the office while resting my eyes off the screen...(ooppps... Is my boss reading this?)  Anyway, Boss, hope you don't mind, after all, this is  "brain" work... and.... er... educational too!!
From "Easy level"... I am now on the "More Tough" Sudoku level now...
The tougher ones are harder to crack.... 
More grey cells juice are being activated for more challenging ones...
But then, when one is solved, there is this Satisfaction Fulfillment felt... about you?
Would you like to try?
It helps to prevent Alzheimer..
Good for me, right?


  1. I don't know how to play this game...have tried it before,but can't get the right answer and at last..give up.
    For me, I am addicted to Angry Bird games recently..

  2. Good brain work games that help to slow down Alzheimer....hehe. Unfortunately I don't have the patience....big sigh. Maybe one fine day :D Keep up with the fun and hope you have a great Christmas!

  3. My bf always tries to get me to do this! Good way to train your mind.

  4. I was interested in the game too last time..

  5. I used to play Sudoku a lot last time. It's very addictive! : )

  6. Nope not tried any yet maybe can start now

  7. Your job must involve math, you are very smart at that? I am not good at these, but we adore Scrabble and play it on line.

  8. haha It helps to prevent Alzheimer? i didnt know that! but yeah! always good to play sudoku! it spins ur mind!

  9. used to play it when it was a hit back then, quite addictive also.. but now got other more games to play, no time for such "heavy" game already, haha~~ :D

  10. I was once super addicted to this game too, on my iPhone! Was always playing with it even during work hours, because once I started a new game, I couldn't stop until I finished it! hahaa but it's not good for my phone because I end up having low battery most of the time! :P

  11. inspiredmom: something we have in common! :)

  12. mery: I am trying to find the fun of playing Angry Birds too.. but not at the moment.. :)

  13. mary: if i can cook like you, I dont need sudoku! hahahaa...

    jessica: and also u can play this while waiting for him! hahaha..

    ginny: oh, when it comes to scrabble, my words are limited! :p

    wenn: now no time, right?

  14. henry: and then can sleep better too! tired chor.. hahaha..

    sk: yes, a lot of online games.. so far, i stick to one first..

    sweetwitch: yes, mine too.. now battery very fast go flat! :(

  15. Not really addicted to this game but playing to kill the time would be fine.

  16. Sorry sorry,I just hate numbers,you know what I even scored P7 in my SPM for math,a rung before F9,,hahah, number has never been my forte..

    A friend told me if you a Soduko fan, buying those little Soduko books,when you can scribble,erase and rewrite will be much more fun than downloaded versons.

    again,don't know if it is true, cos I am a number idiot

  17. irene: as for me, I would love to pick the paper up and start doing whenever I lie down on my bed or in the private small corner room (u know where!) hahaa...

    eugene: yes, i prefer to do on papers than online.. can scribble ma.. as your friend said..

  18. Paiseh I can't solve it wor. Can solve few but not the whole puzzle haha.

  19. sigh...I can never do this. My brain kaput edy

  20. honestly I dont know how to play that haha

  21. i used to play sudoku.. but now no time for it..
    happy sudoku-ing

  22. cyn: join in the club!

    vicky: psst!! me too! not all can be solved..but i try real hard.. :)

    mecoy: only for older brains .. hahaa..

    sp: better not to start now.. wait till later!

  23. I like this game too. I play a lot when I was pregnant. It was addicted!! Haha! But long time I drop this hobby.. too busy .

  24. ling: your brain on your girls ma.. noT KAPUT.. hahahaha.

    moonmommy: yeah..this game for those like me one.. :)


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