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In Sun Lee How Fook Restaurant With My Date

My mom and I had a dinner date last evening... told her not to cook since there were only two of us... "Let's go out and get ourselves pampered!"(tarn har)  ... she readily agreed... but kept asking me where I was taking her while we were in the car but I kept her in suspense... hahahaa...

Knowing my mom, if I told her where we were going, she would have refused and asked for something simple elsewhere... I know it!  Mothers are mothers, they feel shy when their kids take them for a nice treat... and when we reached, she exclaimed, "Waah, Lee How Fook ah?"
My mom... enjoying her food... I think.. hahaha....
the restaurant "captain" recommended their
signature beancurd stuffed with fish fillings...
Kind of special.. 
Two pieces for each of us... 
my mom's favourite... Claypot mixed seafood...
Sea cucumbers, fish maw, scallops, mushrooms....
actually it is my favourite too.. 
that is why I ordered... heheehe....
the Herbal soup is complimentary....
Two dishes for the both of us...
Just nice cos we finished it up to the brim...
and the bill came to RM58.00...
Expensive or not.. 
It is worthwhile pampering ourselves once awhile...


  1. what is under the toufu?? looks like chow koay teow only, haha~~ so unmatched lah :p

  2. 2 dishes for 2 is more than enough.

  3. sk: not koay teow.. they are big onions.. and taugeh la!

    mery: yeah..both of us are light eaters.. ahemmm.. :)

  4. I thought it was kueh teow underneath the tofu, too! But onion and taugeh? Interesting :)

  5. Any time spent out with moms is worth more than money can buy! I can see the joy and delight on your mom's face. I'm sure she really enjoyed the time with you! You are such a good daughter, Claire! I miss my parents and looking forward to going back again to visit them. Take care and hope you have a most blessed Christmas and New Year!

  6. This looks very good, I am sure you made your mom very happy!!!! You are a wonderful daughter!

  7. I love to pamper myself once in a while too! Especially after a hard day's work or after accomplishing something major. Such a sense of achievement! :)

  8. Nice to pamper oneself once in a while. That a great treat. Mom is of course the happiest person, hehehe!!...

  9. These two dishes look so good to me. I think 2 dishes for you and your mum were good enough. It is so good of you to pamper your mum and yourself this way.

  10. Celebrating the Winter Solstice? Looks like the world is not going to end after all..

  11. good to pamper our mums once in a while.

  12. That's so sweet of u. At their age, we gotta spend more time with them :)

  13. yvonne: yes..taugeh and onions.. :)

    mary: yeah, we grow old one day too.. so put ourselves in their shoes, I also love to be with my kids as often as I can..

    ginny: I try to be.. but not at all perfect..

    sweetwitch: yeah..why work so hard for the money, right? hahaha..

  14. Yes...sometimes I will do that with my mom. Tai Tai life.ehheheheh

  15. irene: i hope she is happy.. hoho!

    yan: mostly because both of us like the sea cucumber! :)

    stp: hahahaa... You enjoy yourself la in NZ, dont worry about the D-day!

    wenn: yeah..whenever possible..

    shirley: yes.. as often as we can..

  16. thats sweet a mother and daughter dinner date huh,
    well those food seems so yummy indeed

  17. Sorry Bananaz need to ask a blunt question but hope to receive a sharp answer haha. Can we wish you Happy Dongzhi Festival? Do Christians celebrate Winter Winter Festival? What about rolling the tong yuen and other festivals like dumplings, moon cake festival obladi oblada? Bananaz has this impression sudah jadi angmoh lang liao have forgotten all the festivals or should not 'celebrate' or rejoice. Sorry wah bay tahan just very curious to know & not to be ignorant. Sorry Bananaz always WhyAskWhy can't help it. tQ

  18. No more time left that's why gotta WhyAskWhy in my earlier comment before Bananaz goes to hell in case doomsday is for real. Met up my old college mate the other day who is now a Christian & Bananaz was shocked when he said he does not celebrate Xmas. After hearing this Bananaz must be careful when wishing Christians friends and assocs 'Merry Xmas'.


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