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Saturday, December 29, 2012

Wedding Eve Buffet Dinner

My friends called me for badminton this afternoon and I agreed without hesitating. No, I have not hung up my racket yet, I still need it once awhile for "training" and "sweating out" especially tonight I have a buffet dinner in Gunong Rapat.

My cousin is getting married tomorrow and this evening we went to celebrate his wedding eve by filling up our stomach with the food, glorious food! After sweating out so much this afternoon, I could eat more than the usual share... hahaha...
Arriving at the buffet dinner held in my cousin's house....
Smiles... before the food... 
Big tents were being put up to cater for the cooks and the people invited...
Amused by the Giant Wok!
Andy and the younger ones went to collect the food 
while we elders sat and wait to be served.. LOL...
Mingling around while waiting for the food.... 
Soon the table was filled with food...
Savoury and Sweet Desserts....
Andy finally could taste the "Tong Yuen"
Fresh crispy roasted meat ready to be cut up....
Within minutes, the whole "meat" was gone...
Our second meal for today....
Filled to the brim....
Thank God for the Glorious Food....
Tomorrow... the Wedding Dinner...
Looking forward to it...


  1. the lady was cooking like a witch hahah
    anyways food seems great as always

    best of luck for the soon to be couple

  2. u said it, u made me imagine the fairy tales.. hahhaa..

  3. curry chicken and fried beehoon!! the evergreen dishes of all malaysian style parties, never outdated and always the favorite, haha~~ :p

  4. ya, the way she stood..she really needed to fully balancing herself while cooking.

  5. I still have no idea how you eat so much and still stay so slim and pretty, must be your genes.

  6. nice! Hmmmm....your son(s) and daughter, when? Make sure you invite me, ok? I want a good excuse/reason to go to Ipoh...

  7. We have those big woks at functions in the kampung (weddings or funerals) and they use boat paddles to stir. I think they use that to make dodol too in the peninsula?

  8. Wow, that's a lot of nice food. Make sure you have to go for more badminton training and sweating after the big makan.

  9. sk: yeah..the typical chinese buffet.. :) but this one surprisingly all tasted good.. asked for card already..for future use.. hahaa..

    wenn: yeah, for her size some more.. all internal strength..

    ginny: I dont eat in quantities..hahaha.. .. but i like to taste a bit of everything..

    stp: sure sure!! will do!! Please wait patiently.. make sure you come when the invitation is sent to Sibu... vice versa!! hahaha..
    Not so sure about dodol.. never seen it before in real life.. :)

    irene: yes!!! more workouts to put in more food!

  10. I always like this type of wedding eve buffet. Free and easy. I can savour a lot of food in this type of buffet. Me so greedy.

  11. the lady reall geng wor to fry such big wok of noodle

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