Friday, December 28, 2012

Buntong Noodles, Here I Come

Do you know.. today is Friday again! This week passed by super fast! Before I know it, the kids are home again... nice if we only have to work Three days per week instead of five!

Since time passed so swiftly, we didn't have time to cook... time just slipped through our fingers, so to speak and for our dinner, we took nearly half an hour drive to look for this stall in Buntong.

Since it was evening and my sense of direction is nearly "hopeless," I had to make a few turns here and there before I finally located it.... the Famous Wan Ton Noodles
We arrived a bit too early... 6.30pm...
The boss was just getting ready to set up the ingredients and utensils...
After waiting for some minutes,  the Boss started his business... 
While waiting, we ordered "black & white"
(cincau with soya bean)
We ordered two different types...
Wet... soupy noodles with wanton dumplings...
the dry type .. with special sauce... *yummy*
and the wan ton dumplings....

One plate is definitely not enough for those who are feeling too hungry.  As for the taste, I would give it a rating of 8/10.   :) 


  1. i totally agree with you.. three to four days of work a week is just nice, hahaha!! :D

  2. it's famous here and we need to wait in line for the noodles..

  3. I'm drooling at all the food here! I wish there's fresh wantan noodles here! Sounds like I'm living in a kampong....haha. Claire, as your kids grow up, you can slowly cut down on the number of days you work :D

  4. Hey! You must go and get some Sitiawan mee sua. Mandy got me some from Ipoh - so very nice wor.... Love it!!!

  5. Oh my GOSH, I would be in HEAVEN!!!!!

  6. Love the mee, whether in soup or dry and the black & white drink is my favourite too. Refreshing drink indeed.

  7. sk: hahaha.. we are hardworking people ma!!

    wenn: at least wait 20 minutes or so, right?

    mary: next time come to Ipoh and I take you wherever and whatever u want to eat! hahahaa..

    stp: Yes, the mee sua Sitiawan one is not bad.. taken before many times.. one must know how to cook it so that it wont be too soft or too hard.. :)

    ginny: hahahaa.. u love these too!

    irene: one must try all sorts of flavour, right? :)

  8. i think ill go with the dry type
    it looks better and more tasty


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