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Groupon Sales, To Buy Or Not To Buy?

For the past two weeks, I have been opening the Groupon emails regularly to see what's in store for Ipoh.... and I have been attracted by a few!  But no, I have not purchased them yet.. still hesitating even though the same promo appearing in my emails each day... very tempting to buy!!
These Super Cheap coupons attracted my attention....

First the Food:  Yummyyyy.....
Sunday BBQ Buffet Dinner at Bricks & Barrels Gastrobar.Beergarden for RM30

Then the Massage:  Relaxxx....
Classic Mani-Pedi + Hand and Foot Scrub + Hand and Foot Massage + Callus Removal for 1 (RM32) 

Food again:  Slurrrpp.......
Crispy Pi Pa Roasted Duck (½ Bird) + Steamed Herbal Chicken (½ Bird) + Dessert at Super Taste Steamboat & Seafood Restaurant for RM25

Finally the massage:  Sighhhhh.....
2.5-hour Full Body Spa Package: Swedish Massage + Facial + Steam Bath / Sauna + Jacuzzi for 1 (RM38)  
And now the question is..... should I buy them all????    *take out calculator*  RM123 and that is for one person.... 
Moral of the story..... Do not open Groupon emails daily... once awhile will do... now I am still contemplating....  To Buy or Not To Buy.... :)


  1. I try not to buy these promos coz tried a few times when redeem made feel like second class citizen.

    only buy those that really "dai"

  2. kathy, oh yeah far I bought once.. that is Murad.. they sent to my it was fine.... makan one, never tried before..

  3. Maybe just buy one that you really like? Don't buy so many at one go! LOL! I did not have good experiences with these type of coupon deals. So I avoid them unless really worth it : )

  4. Oh by the way, I have requested Groupon to stop spamming my email every day. Got really frustrated with their constant daily spamming! LOL

  5. foong: see already macam must buy.. dont buy like hands itchy.. hahaha... oh.. spamming? i thought u can unsubscribe?

  6. oh, groupon only spams my old emails :)

  7. No such thing here...which can be a blessing in disguise!

  8. I always forget to bring the coupons and they expire before I can use them.

  9. If you buy you are Group-On if you tak nak then you are Group-Off. Bananaz poor in maths you know best like small kucing meow about if 'dai' why not. Be careful over the expiry date.

  10. buy buy buy, and learn the lesson, haha!! and then tell us which one that we should and should not buy in the future~~ :D

  11. wenn: i also dont know when i subscribe for this..

    stp: save and safe! hahaha..

    ginny: oh dear, what a waste..

    bananaz: yes..for absent minded people like me, it expires before I remember.. :)

    sk: use me as a guinea pig? hehee...

  12. haha I'm tempted too but till now never purchase any from it. Sometime feel sick of reading those tiny font T&C.

  13. Bought all types before. Not recommend for facial. I hate hard sell salesperson

  14. vicky: oh.. i didnt read the t n c...

    ling: oh..persuasive? maybe i go for the pedi and mani..

  15. When receiving all kinds of newsletter in my inbox, I try to unsubscribe all these kind of mailing list. I try not to look at all the promotions.

  16. Just be mindful,some of them really sucks..........tried one massage before,,went inside the parlor,see Groupon one,,like no syiok like that,,looking at us like cheapo,,hahahah

  17. My hands will itch too, as all the deals are quite worthy. But you need to weigh, which one is "want" and "need" :)

  18. Yan: smart girl!!

    sk: so u r the + one.. hahaha...

    eugene: u r the 2nd one who said that here.. :)

    yvonne: actually all also no need one.. hahahaa...


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