Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas Is Sharing And Caring...

Heard it on the radio this morning... Christmas is also about Sharing and Caring, giving and receiving... peace and love for one another.... all these are true blessings..

This year I received a number of gifts... posted here and here.. and besides that, I also received a few gifts from my blogger friends and now that Christmas is just over, I would like to "show off" what I have unwrapped a few days earlier...
I am like a kid when I receive presents...
My Grins are as wide as them above...
How can I not grin when I received such beauties...
All I Like.. LIKE!
A lovely shawl from Philippines... 

Really appreciate all your gifts, my friends...
How nice everyday is Christmas, rightZ? any more on the way?   LOL...
 (greedy Claire!)

If you are curious, you can click on the "Thank you" to know who the giver is... hehehe...


  1. kathy: hahaha.. wel come.. more to come.. :)

    chris: come back first then only talk la...

  2. That is the best moments...received so many gifts..

  3. Still resting, relaxing from my NZ trip... Haven't sent you my Christmas present. Hmmmm...past already - maybe I can keep it for Christmas next year. Muahahahaha!!!!

  4. A cute post, Claire!!! You have many friends who love you, I think of you as always being upbeat and cheering people up. Such cool gifts!

  5. Like I always say, you are truly blessed with nice friends. Nice Christmas presents.

  6. Hi Claire, blessed christmas to u!! Just want to say that Christmas is about the gift of life from God through the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ.. Not so much of giving and receiving gifts from one another. While the whole world is crazy celebrating Christmas giving gifts the 'worldly' way, I think Christians should do more sharing of the good news and not follow what the world does.

  7. mery: Part of Christmas is gifts..

    stp: keep till i go Sibu! hahaha..

    ginny: Yes, I am blessed with friends from all over.. Thank God for that..

    irene: I am sure many of us are too.. thank you Irene..

    Anonymous: Thank you for coming by.. yes, Christmas is about sharing the love of Christ as mentioned in my previous posts and my other blog... really appreciate your thoughtfulness.. Have a Blessed New Year!

  8. Ahh... more Sudoku for the brain :)

  9. yeah, i agree with that too.. christmas is all about caring and sharing and giving.. love is all around.. :)

  10. merryn: as long as not tiga suku by the time i finished .. hahaha..

    sk: Pass on the love and peace.. this is what Christmas means too..

  11. so you will be playing sudoku all the time liao

  12. you deserve every piece of it claire,
    well i wish i get to send you anything too but i just cant

  13. Hope you like it and use to bak bak...not eat one ok.ahahaha. Chong Bak Bak.ahahhahaha

  14. vicky: yes~~~! All I Like!

    sp: especially in a small room.. hahaha..

    mecoy: thank you for your thoughts! :))

    ling: oh yeah ke.. I thought it was some sauce or something.. hahahaa.. u er..

  15. I like that pashmina so much. The red is so lovely.

  16. I'm really happy that you received it in just a few days.


Thank you, readers!

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