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Chinese New Year Goodies

Today is Biscuits' Day! Most of the biscuits I ordered for Chinese New Year arrived on this day but at different times... and the best thing is that I couldn't remember how many and what I have ordered exactly... so what I did was to tell my colleagues to take whatever they have ordered and the remainder will be all MINE! These are part of what I have ordered and  there are more behind these few tins... Oh, the Love Letters haven't arrived yet.. I ordered 6 tins of that... Oh...Andy also ordered some from Penang... Wow.. I think we will have lots of goodies for this CNY... So Blessed.. thank you! Yesterday I went to a shop near my house to get these mini hampers... For a change, this year I will be giving mini hampers instead of buying food stuff from the malls.. I think these hampers look more presentable, right?  :)

Ladies Night Out To Sam Poh Restaurant, Ipoh

At least once a week, I will have dinner with my lady friends... When they come to pick me, the first question that comes to their mind is "Where and what to eat tonight?" They know I surf a lot online for FOOD in IPOH and most times, I will tell them where the place is and what to order... (Yes, I am a "food explorer" in other words, "Wai Sik meow" in cantonese) Back to Food Exploring, I heard that this shop Sam Poh Restaurant serves moderately priced dishes and yet tasty too! Being an Ipohian, I know very well that once you hear the words tasty and cheap , ahh haa.... the crowd will definitely be there before you do!  To avoid the crowd and queue, go as early as you can.  If you can reach the place by 6pm, then you are safe...Heeding that advice, you can be assured of a table and the food served within minutes.. As for me and my friends, the three of us ended up ordering these for our dinner... Ordered Butter fried crayfish... their sign

Malaysian Scholarships 2013 Are On Again!

For SPM leavers, please take note.  This is the time where scholarships for both local and overseas applications will be out every now and then.  All you have to do is to google for Malaysia scholarships 2013 and recently the one suitable for my girl is the Shell Scholarship.  The closing date is 30th January 2013, that is tomorrow!  I only got to know last week and I quickly told my girl to apply but we have yet to, it is still halfway done.  This is called procrastination.... As a parent, my hopes are still running high but I hope my girl is thinking as "high" as me too! hahaha... With scholarship whether it be local or overseas, the finance burden practically comes to Zero.  You do not need to worry about "saving up" money for the next semester, you do not need to worry about fees not paid in time, you do not need to pay any monthly allowance too, especially for middle or lower income, this is one BIG Burden off our shoulders! Well, I am still hoping and pray

Big Bang On My Car And His Car

I was rushing for time this morning... my friend called me at 10am to pick her up and I was just getting ready to go out at that time.  Late!  Late! With the car radio music on and my cell phone ringing non-stop, my mind was like "turmoil" while I was reversing my car... I didn't hear my "reverse button" beeping non stop but I definitely could hear the Big Bang sound ... OH DEAR!! My car bumper hit my neighbour's car alright!!  Not really a serious damage actually.  Despite the loud bang, he didn't realize that I knocked his car till I told him during the evening.  If I didn't tell him, maybe I could have got away from paying? hahhaha... No, I won't do that... the guilty conscience will be there each time I see the "injury" on his car... Well, whatever it is, I got to pay for the damages... told him to send me the bill when he has repaired his car...  sigh... $$$ flying away.... Moral of story:  Do not rush yourself no mat

Our House Is Our Home

Taxi, Taxi... this is one movie my kids and I have been thinking of watching but till today, we were unable to do so.  I don't think we would be able to go for this Singapore movie since tomorrow is another busy day for us.... I guess we have to wait for Astro to show it in the coming months.. or years.  :) Taxi, Taxi .... Early this morning after breakfast, we started on our House Mission aka Spring Cleaning!   With full cooperation, the three of us managed to spring clean the whole house... ok, nearly the whole house... curtains washed, cushions change, window panes cleaned, re-arranging the furniture, mopped the floor, tidying up the kitchenwares... etc etc...and etc... zzzzZZZZzzz..  boring paragraph.... hahahaa... Well, whether it is boring or not... I love this day... Thank you, Children... for making Our Home A Homely Home.... So have you started on your spring cleaning yet?  :)


All these advertisements on  Cheap Via-gra.. online pharmacy V-Gra and whatever Wai-Goh you want to promote....  PLEASE ADVERTISE SOMEWHERE ELSE AND GET OFF MY BLOG! If not for someone who made me aware of these comments in my old posts, these Anonymous  on these V drugs are still having their "hey-day" and free advertisement in my blog posts. Does anyone of you have these spam comments each day?  All the drugs concerning this V-graare "infesting" my old posts and I was not aware of these comments till recently.  To avoid them from coming in, I clicked my settings to Only Registered users can comment ... but the setback is that, some of my friends who have no account, were not able to comment in my blog posts. So... may I ask what is the best way to solve and "kick out" these Adnonymous advertising V-gra in my posts?  Each day I have to go to the Comments page to delete and there are more than ten each time.  Really irritating.... I do not want to

Buddy's Birthday Celebration!

Happy Birthday to one of my Classic Buddies.. a friendship that started wayyyyyy back to the early 1970s and that makes *mental calculation* nearly 40 years of knowing each other?? Wow... that makes us the Golden Girls? LOL.... We celebrated her birthday and had dinner in Dragon-I Restaurant, AEON Station 18.... Five of us went to have fun by eating to our heart's content.... but..... hmmmm..... Well...the food has nothing much to shout about actually.... Either we didn't know how to order.... or ..... Okay, never mind the food...  All we want is to Be Happy.... and we certainly did...  Our smiles say it all.... HAPPY BIRTHDAY, CH!! (oh gosh... just look at my full stomach..aikss!!)")

Japan Memories

My kids and I love to travel together, even though they are now grown up, two of them past 20 years of age, we still make plans to go for trips together, as one family.  Deep inside I know that one day they will have their families and going for travels will not be as convenient as it is now.  Knowing this, I hope to go traveling with my kids as often as I can and one of our most memorable trips is our Korea and Japan vacation.    Just a couple of years ago, we made our first winter trip, enjoying the snow especially at the ski resort.    I remember the scenery up on the mountain was really spectacular, my kids had the time of their lives learning how to ski for the first time.   After some basic introduction on skiing, they had a very enjoyable time skiing and falling.   LOL... My second son even commented that he does not mind taking up one of the ski resort jobs and working throughout the winter!    

My Gift From Shirley

Many thanks to Shirley Tay from Luxury Haven, her blog is full of interesting giveaways!  I think many of us bloggers here have won her wonderful gifts every now and then.  As for me, this is my second time winning one of her giveaways in her blog.   This time I received a box of supplements directly from US!  I went to redeem the gift from the Customs Ipoh and inside the box were five bottles of NuNaturals supplements and among the 5 bottles, there is a 50 sachets of NuStevia zero calorie.  This box is just wonderful for my mother!  As for the other supplements, I will use them for myself!  A seven to fourteen drops of NuStevia supplement ranging from lemon, vanilla, peppermint, chocolate flavor in my mug of "tasteless" oats beverage will be a good start for the day!  Thank you once again, Shirley!  Will continue to look out in your blog for wonderful giveaways!!  LOL...

Tours Are the Best Way to Enjoy Your Vacation

In order to get the most out of any vacation, you are going to need to do a little bit of planning. It does not matter where you have planned your vacation either. If you want to get the most out of your trip, you are going to need to do a little bit of planning. Don't look at this as work because it is not. It is simply a way to make sure that your vacation is everything that it should be. Planning Your Vacation The first thing that you are going to need to do is determine where you are going to go. Once you have done that, then you have the chore of trying to figure out what you are going to be doing while you are there, and doing this really depends on your destination. One of the best ways to enjoy your vacation would have to be taking a tour or two. Sure, you will be lumped in with all of the tourists, but you will be a tourist too! If you are planning a trip to Israel, then you should look into some of the Israel tours that are available. These are the only way t

A Nightmare For Computer Addicts

I have three computers at home... one 5 years old desktop, 4 years old netbook and a 3 years old laptop.... and tonight the nightmare began..... My desktop "retired" a week ago, when I switched it on last week, there was non stop sound coming "tut, tut, tut......" and I have to switch it off... tried many times switching it on and off... no avail... the heartbeat "tut tut" could only be heard.... Then just tonight, my laptop failed to load too... when I switched it on, it could only "breathe" for around 15 seconds, then it turned into blackness again... and again.. and again... Another weak heart case like the desktop.... Sigh... that leaves me the small netbook... gotten free from TM last time... Small screen, got to squint my eyes, cannot upload pictures fast... got to wait for minutes... so might as well, don't upload any tonight.... A time to rest my eyes, I guess... Is this a "nightmare" for "computer addicts&quo

In Maxim Again Before Our Departure

Fourth morning in Penang... the day we have to bid "sayonara" again to one another before we went our separate ways... For our breakfast, we woke up early so that we could have more time to spend with each other and we went for a scrumptious meal in Maxim Dim Sum again! This time we ordered something new... there are many varieties actually and I think they won't see the last of us yet! hahahaa... As usual, we ordered some dim sum for "starters." Surely we ordered more than the above.. I remember having "lau sar pau" too... hmmm... Yum...yummm!! we ordered some extras... plate of wanton noodles...  very "springy" and tasty too! oh, I love their fried rice... with lots of "char siew"  (BBQ meat) RM5 per plate... if I remember right... then we ordered the flat noodles with steamed garupa fish meat.... If not mistaken, it cost RM10 per plate... And for the total, it cost around RM46 only! Well,

BlackBall And CNY Deco In Queensbay Mall

With full and heavy stomach, we eased digestion in Queensball Mall which is just a short distance away from Sungai Dua... we walked around the mall, browsing around and buying nothing.. seriously, nothing was bought that evening.... it was a good sign, at least for my pockets...  hahahaa.... Thinking back now, it is indeed a Big surprise that we went back to the hotel empty-handed... Kudos to my girl! What a good girl she is!  She didn't buy anything at all.....   See... nothing bought.. LOL...   CNY deco in Queensbay....  Love the deco..... And the evening does not end there... walking around is just the first part.. To make the night complete, we came by here....   BlackBall for Desserts! I sat back and let my kids made to the counter...   they ordered this.... and this.... a special and rare treat by my girl... With these desserts, the night is  at last"complete!"

Wang Chao Chinese Cuisine In Sungai Dua, Penang

Our 3rd night dinner was taken in Wang Chao in Sungai Dua, along the same row with the Maxim Dim Sum we had in the morning.  This is the second time we have been to this restaurant, it has been more than a year ago since we last came and I remember the food was not bad but the price is not that cheap. :)  We arrived around 6.30pm or so... and we were the first customers....  As usual, after ordering our food,  we "displayed" ourselves in front of the camera.. LOL..   Since we were the earliest, we didn't have to wait long for our food.. In no time, our table was filled with food glorious food...   we ordered crispy butter mantis prawns... my kids' favourite! Baby Bok Choy (Lai Bak) with XO sauce...  Thai Kerabu Chicken... Crispy Fried Omelet...  Claypot mushrooms, sea cucumbers and broccoli.... Our favourite food on the table... so blessed...  Before we started, we gave Thanks with a grateful heart...  Cost of food? 

Laksa And Mua Chee In Ayer Itam, Penang

Next agenda after the Maxim dim sum, we had our afternoon tea time around 3pm or so.. we drove all the way to Ayer Itam for the infamous Laksa. Using the GPS, we managed to find laksa stall.. as m y sister used to say, quote..."the messier, the tastier"... oooopsss... no offence... the stall beside the roadside...  Uncle Laksa busy pouring the laksa soup...   Here it is...  Can feel Andy "salivating" over it...   Along the same row, a man selling "mua-chee"  Just look at the generous nuts and fillings... yummy!!   After our "tea-time" it is time to move again.... We called it  a day...  Back to the hotel to "rest" our my weary bones...