Friday, January 11, 2013

Andy's Birthday And The Golden Key!

Took two days off to drive up north to celebrate Andy's birthday.... didn't really know what to buy for him... he seems to have everything that I can afford... hahahaa...

When I asked him what he wanted for his birthday, he jokingly told me that I would never afford to buy for him.... ie. a Condo!! hahahaa... Yeah, right... I could never afford that, not at my age now... my salary is just enough to tide us by .....

Since he jokingly told me what he wanted, I also must give him something back in humour.... I must not disappoint him, right?  hahahaha....
before we went out for our dinner, I gave him a surprise present..
He said.. "Mom... so formal???" 
Then I told him to open the fridge...
Wanted to surprise him with a Baskin Robbins cake..
Well, to my own surprise.....
the Baskin Robbin cake has melted!!!!
OH NO!!  The hotel fridge is so lousy....
Not cold enough!!
Then to our dismay, the candles and the knife were missing!
Quickly we sang him a birthday song...
And made him "cut" the ice cream cum cake...
with A Spoon!
 and we "walloped" the mini ice cream cake before it really melts!!
hahahah...What blunder!!


I gave him a Golden Egg...Key!
(made from golden paper)
"Andy, though I cannot get you the real Condo,
Let me give you a Golden Condo Key now...
Keep this Mock Golden Key first.. you'll never know...
One day, this Golden Key might turn into a REAL One!!"


  1. This all looks just perfect for him!!! And looks like you ate the cake before it was completely ruined, it must have been just as good. They need to be kept in the freezer, maybe you only had a refrigerator in the hotel.

  2. Oh dear! But it's the thought that counts!!! Wah!!! Aaron went all the way too...such a sweet brother. Happy Birthday, Andy! A golden key? He's 21 only kah? young.

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  4. Happy Birthday to Andy.. he got the golden key that means he should be the one who buys mommy a condo instead of the other way round~~ :D

  5. Wenn: thanks on behalf..

    ginny: i guess so.. the mini fridge is not so effective.. haha..

    stp: yeah.. we reunion in penang.. hahaha... convenient spot... no, he is above 21.. hahahaa.

    sk: i will certainly let him read this!!

  6. Happy Birthday, Andy. Never know, the golden key may turn into reality.

  7. Happy Birthday Andy!!!! Your mom prefers the ice cream cake to my butter cake Lol! I am dure you had a wonderful cake. You condi will come true;) she adi given you the key ;)

  8. HAHAH omg the cake melted! but can see that you all had fun though :D

  9. how sweet!
    happy birthday andy
    best of luck
    and may his condo be sooner haha

  10. Thanks mum for the birthday cake and dinner. Hehe. There is no need for a real condo. A real home is where we get together as a family. That's what matters. =)

  11. melted cake but still can eat la. time ask them to put in the hotel freezer for you.

    Happy Birthday to ANdy :)

  12. Happy Birthday Andy.

    The key is so luxury. It will be a luxury condo next time...ehehehehhe

  13. Thank you friends!! As long as everyone is happy.. it is all that counts.. hahaa..


Thank you, readers!

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