Thursday, January 17, 2013

Strolling Along The Straits Quay

After the "heavy" meal, we took a stroll to ease digestion... we thought of going for our desserts in Delicious but we changed out mind last minute and landed ourselves near the Penang Free School...  we were just too full to take in cakes and crepes... if only my stomach is more "elastic!"  LOL... 
Along the berth in Straits Quay...there was a Live Band crooning some love songs..
walking to see "my yacht" ... hahaha...
Guess which one is mine... hahahaha...
Unfortunately none of them belong to me....
only the owners are allowed to go down to these yachts....
At the entrance of Straits Quay....
Wonder when we will be here again...
Most probably will be after Chinese New Year...
Now thinking of the Delicious Cafe Desserts!!


  1. wah so :thar" ah LOL....lovely view leh

  2. Straight Quay is a nice place to walk walk hor! Quite romantic too~

  3. kathy: now old liow, must walk more to digest.. :)

    hayley: the ambience..

  4. Claire, don't even say the word "OLD" because if you are are old, I will be older. Nice pics.

  5. wah this place so nice.. Penang has changed a lot since the last time i went there.. errr, how long was it ago ah?? i also cannot remember already~~ :p

  6. how come nobody's watching that band

  7. This looks like a beautiful place to walk around, good sights, and music as well.

  8. Hah!!! Should have jumped on stage to sing along! Live life!!!

  9. QP: oooppss!! That is now a taboo word, right! :)

    sk: dont tell me that you are also as "young" as me??? hahaha...

    mecoy: Many were sitting at the stone slabs there.. enjoying the music..

    ginny: yes..this is a nice place...

    stp: I might do that if you get the ball rolling next time! hahaha..

    mery: agree with you!

  10. What a nice place Straits Quay is! Haven't been there before but heard so much about it! Don't worry, I'm sure one day, one of the yachts there would be yours!! :)

  11. sweetwitch: if i own one, i will sell it fast fast.. hahaha..

  12. never been to Penang..i heard it's a nice place to visit..

  13. agnes, yes, i love to go Penang...


Thank you, readers!

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