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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Our Visit to Weissbrau German Cuisine In Straits Quay, Penang

Second night in Penang...

Feeling disappointed with our lunch as written in this post, we were looking forward to having a nice dinner in Straits Quay, Tanjung Tokong.  This time we wanted to try German food and we heard some positive comments about Weissbrau, a bistro and bar that serves their specialties such as pork knuckle, sausages, pizzas, roesti etc etc....
Ok, so here we are.... with an added member... 
(the new face is my nearly-to-be Godson)
"My best friend" son teased...
and "Godson" answered.. "Not any more...." 
*loud laughter*
There was some Japanese performance when we reached Straits Quay...
When it ended, it was time for our dinner....

So what did we have?
German Sausages with Roesti... (hope I am right!)
I think we ordered two plates of the same sausages but different sidekicks..
Andy's meal.... German burger.. LOL...
He commented that the Pattie is really good...juicy!!
My girl's choice...
 another type of German sausages with garlic or something like that..
And Yours Truly ordered German Pork Knuckle...
My first time tasting it after hearing so much hoo-haaa.....
How's the taste?
Well, the meat was done up very well... not too dry nor was uncooked...
And the taste reminded me of a Hakka dish my MIL used to cook during CNY
With the spices, the meat was fried till crispy...
Last and not least, we ordered their German Pizza...
Very nice... I wouldn't mind having this again next time... 
(Notice that everything to me is German... LOl.. )
 After the dinner, we strolled around the area once again... and again...
and before we left, a picture to remember by....

Straits Quay Marina Mall
Jalan Seri Tanjung Pinang
Tanjung Tokong



  1. i just had a full packed dinner but yet that made me hungry as if i havent eaten yet haha

  2. A very sumptuous meal. I love German pork knuckle too...yummy!

  3. I went there alone and ordered only the German Pork Knuckle and a cup of espresso, the bill came up to RM60. The price would be ok if they had served the whole knuckle but too bad, only the hind leg was served. Well, according to the manager, that's the most tender part.

  4. Ohh... u got that dish correct la, Claire. It is Rosti. Once awhile I will make that at home too. :P Easy to make only... just nid shredded boiled potatoes and butter!

  5. mecoy: u can afford to eat more.. u so slim.. hahaha.

    andrew: me first time eating that..

    pam: yeah..RM48 per piece.. quite small, right? but I shared it out with my kids.. i cannot take so much meaty stuff..

    cleff: they look like hash potatoes to me, ate a lot of that in US last time..

  6. Wah, all the food are quite heavy~

    But nvm, once a while is ok =]

  7. nice food leh! used to hang out there whenever im in georgetown as well. haha.

  8. nice food leh! used to hang out there whenever im in georgetown as well. haha.

  9. pork knuckle! good choice!! yum yum! but expensive i guess!

  10. aiyoh i like!! the german sausage and pork knuckles always a must-order when you have german food.. the german pizza?? at first i thot "yam cake" hahaha~~

  11. hayley: oh oh.. i m heavier now.. :)

    medie: cheers!

    henry: wanted to try after reading so much about that..

    sk: my first time tasting that type of pizza.. very nice!

  12. pork knuckles is yummy if it's just a moderate size.

  13. This is a very pretty area and the food looks really good! We have one German restaurant here, and people either hate or love the food.

  14. Very nice food! desserts?.....hehe. It's always nice to have the family around for a holiday.

  15. Ooooo...I love German!!! Sausages! Pork knuckle!!!! Drooling plus-plus!!!

  16. This is my favorite restaurant....Like that place and the boss the Korean,his name is Wayne and he is really hands on as far as running his restaurant is concerned,,

    he makes the customers feel good

  17. Family reunited in Penang trip, great! Your princess is getting prettier and prettier.

  18. Ginny: it is up to each individual, right...

    mary: for desserts.. tonight is the post! :)

    wenn: our size! just enough for us.. :)

    stp: wanna go Penang again??

    eugene: his business is not bad.. Korean open German outlet? wow!

    yan: yes.. we got to meet at one point.. hahaha..

  19. wah can masuk all ah? Looks so delicious

  20. well as they say that german sausage always BIG & DELICIOUS

  21. kathy: knowing me..mana boleh masuk all.. hahaha...

    sp: i m not into sausages so much.. :)

  22. Too bad the pork knuckles didn't turn out well. I'll be heading up to Penang in March :)

  23. Shirley, the pork knuckle is nice.. go taste it! :)


Thank you, readers!