Wednesday, February 13, 2013

AA's Chinese New Year Treat

On the first day of CNY, we had our dinner held in Kok Thai Restaurant, it was actually a last minute arrangement. Aaron's treat! Since I didn't join my family on my side during the reunion dinner on the pre-CNY, my son suggested that we give my siblings' a treat... a Get Together since everyone was back in my mom's house... (all except you, Michelle!   We miss you and your family here!  Let's make that up in May!)
Here's wishing you a Happy Chinese New Year. from all of us here... 
Happy Drooling, Sis...... hahahaa.. 
And now the food....
The prosperity Dish and the Wishers...
The Soup without the fins... :)
Braised mushrooms and sea cucumber
Steamed Fish...
Stir Fried Prawns
Braised Knuckles with steamed dumplings...
Lap Mei Rice...
Very Tasty!!
Mini abalone fried rice...
(must use microscope to see!) hahahaa,,,,
For desserts, they gave us ice cream potong.... 
So convenient.....
And for this set of dishes, it cost RM520
And I guess during normal days, one can get ihis set for RM400 or so.. 
Well, what to expect during this CNY season...
As long as everyone is happy and healthy....
It is all that counts.. LOL...


  1. Wahhhhhhh!!!! So nice, son earning big bucks in Singapore, can treat beloved mama and siblings now. Got girlfriend already or not? Wink! Wink!

  2. Food looks so good - not expensive lah - it's Chinese New Year, just once a year. You go places like KL, where can find so cheap...and there, not nice some more.

  3. On normal days restaurants merely use cleaver knife on the prices but during CNY they use Guan Gong's guan dao on the prices haha. Btw AA could also mean go Dutch lolz

  4. How come the 'fa88 cai' not popular in this restaurant? Normally they start of with RM268, RM388, ..RM888, RM1388 for table of 5-10 pax.

  5. Wow, so nice your son gives everybody CNY treat. Good food, good companion and everybody is happy for the great treat.

  6. foods were just looks great
    but i guess the fact that you are all together makes it more special

  7. wah, Aaron so good lah but RM520 only lah, he sure can afford and happy to fork that out for everyone's happy right?? yorr, i also love the "lap mei fan" so nice, and they are smart to give ice-cream potong, haha~~

  8. chris: wah what? :p

    kelvin: you are nearly there.. hehee...

    stp: still available.. *hinting* :)

  9. stp: i think festive season like CNY is not a time to review good food, it wont be justified, right? Wait till after CNY, then different story.. :)

    banana: yeah hor.. AA chai.. :)

  10. bananaz: actually it was RM488 then I tambah satu became RM528.. i forgot about the 8 ringgit. :)

    kathy: yeah.. so i let the youngsters do that.. me no need anymore.. hehehe..

  11. mecoy: yes, it is the family bonding that makes it special... :)

    sk: actually RM528 la! yes, so convenient to give one box of ice cream to every table..

  12. great dish for CNY! Lou sang is the best for the year! happy CNY!

  13. wow nice gathering! ohya.. i didn't even lou sang at all this year. TT

  14. wow...alot of nice food....
    Happy CNY to you and your family..

  15. Nice food and nice family reunion! Happy New Year to you and your family!

  16. For RM500 can get those scrumptious food. Our place here simply can cost up to 1k and the portion is just nice for 10 paxs

  17. Claire,

    Wishing you and family to have a fun and wonderful celebration. Huat arr!!


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