Thursday, February 14, 2013

Authentic CNY Meal In Jelapang

On the second day of CNY, we went to my maternal' side in Jelapang.... I told my kids that once-upon-a-time during my schooling days, I used to stay in my granny's house... In fact, I have stayed in a number of houses before when I was young, I think I am the only one in my family who loves to stay over in my relatives' house during the school hols....

Back to the topic, here we are at Jelapang New Village once again.
. ... once a year affair... LOL...  
Remember this cute house? 
 I think I posted it up during CNY 2012...
Nowadays these houses are very "authentic" already... 
With my cousins and sis.....
and soon, it was time for Dinner!!
Really love this kind of meal... 
Such authentic food...
Stewed Yam with three layers meat! (Far Yuk)
Mixed vegetables...
Jelapang Special Stir Fry Prawns with Sweet Sauce...
One of the best meals we have ever tasted..
Even the steamed chicken is "home reared!"
How authentic that can be, right?
Her smile says it all...  LOL...


  1. jelapang.. sounds so familiar lah, i think my friend stays there.. BTW, that prawns dish looks so delicious lor~~

  2. sk, u know..going to other houses to have a meal or two, is really appetizing one even though the dishes are simple..

  3. Yes, true. When having meal at other people's house, one can feel that the food is more tasty. Love the mixed vegetables & prawns but the three layers meat, give it a pass. Your youngest son is taller than his brother and you and your daughter looks like sisters, hehehe!!!!...

  4. that was indeed a cute house
    but anyways nevermind the house i was captivated with the foods

  5. Are one of these houses like the kind you grew up in, Claire? Or are they much older? Looks like you are all having such fun and great food!

  6. Yum!!! Nice food! Wahhhh!!! You and your girl look like sisters. Hehehehehe!!!

  7. I would definitely love the stewed yam! Scrumptious dish!

  8. irene: yes, my 2nd one is bigger size than the 1st.. one takes after me obviously! :)

    mecoy: food and more food, right?

    ginny: not exactly cos i was born and raised up in the town city.. so when school hols come, i like to spend them in the countryside.. hahaha...

    stp: from afar, maybe we do look alike... from near, no way! hahaa..

    wenn: yes, kau yuk is my favourite!

  9. Our house, in the middle of our street
    Our house, in the middle of our ... ♬

    Oh sweet & lovely smile from your little girl

  10. Hmm, this old house seems to be very happening during CNY. My granny's house is something like this too, no air cond, but it's full with relatives during CNY =)

  11. bananz: hey, what song is that.. belum pernah dengar la.. :)

    hayley: yes, we balik-ed kampung ma.. hahaha...

  12. Alot of nice food on the table..

  13. All the lovely food you had Claire. I enjoy the kampung lifestyle. During my childhood time, I used to stay in those wooden house too.

  14. I still love the old days in Jelapang..hehehe. .

  15. The dishes really look authentic and yummy!


Thank you, readers!

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