Saturday, February 16, 2013

The Carbonara, The Cheese, The Pizzas...

A fusion of the east and west on the third day of CNY... it has become a norm that on the very third day, we prepared some western food to feed the younger adults or should I say, "overgrown kids?"  LOL...

These overgrown kids welcome the western food anytime and to please them, we ordered some home delivery pizza-s and chicken wings... one of my young nephews prepared spaghetti noodles mixed with creme carbonara sauce.....
The younger generation "walloped" this within minutes!
I really couldn't enjoy as much as they do...
and I ended up eating this instead...
crispy fried fish meat in beancurd skin... 
(from the Big Tree Trunk, pasir Pinji)
4 types of "L" size pizza....
three types of cheese cake!
taken with either Baileys or Double Black...
one of them with blueberries toppings!
and one with homemade chocolate toppings!
Gosh... how to resist not taking a piece or two??
After taking a few days of antibiotics, 
I guess it is time for me to eat as much I could....
And I am just doing that for the past few days till today... 


  1. wahh! boh jio :P will help u wallop too XD

  2. Just recovered. Should not eat so much fried stuff. Spank! Spank! The pizza would be ok, oven-baked.

  3. Wow, this is our kind of food!!! You are looking good, Claire, I am glad you are eating!

  4. Need some more spanks from me too but frankly speaking, those pizzas & chicken wings are great temptation and too good to resist. Take in moderate ya.

  5. hahaha, i think i am middle-aged so will taste all the pasta, pizza as well as the fried "liu".. and definitely each type of the delicious homemade cheesecake!! wow, those are really good even from the photo~~

  6. I love those fried "liu" so much. Those cheesecakes are homemade, looks good.

  7. youngsters always love western food..Btw, I prepared western breakfast this morning.

  8. can finish or not? need my help? LOL

  9. Claire..u still look weak. Take good care ya.

  10. Love spaghetti noodles in creme carbonara sauce.....yummy.

  11. Chinese New year celebration is all about food and many types of food. My girls love carbonara as well.

  12. and that is how you do a food post!
    to spoil readers of mouth watering dishes
    haha that just made me hungry


Thank you, readers!

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