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Cooling Pad For My Old Faithful

As I mentioned in my earlier posts, I went to the IT fair with the hope of buying an iPad for myself to replace my 5 year old Dell laptop.  But somehow or rather, I didn't manage to get it, thanks to my girl... she said she will "lend" it to me when I go for a short holiday next month.  So nice of her...  Eventually I ended up buying this for my faithful Lappy.....
There was a range of cooling pads for sale, 
prices ranging from RM8 to RM60...
of course the quality comes with the price...
the more expensive it is, the better features it has...
As for me, I bought this cheapskate RM18 only...
and my son told me that it was still too expensive...
I was told that in future, he will buy whatever technology stuff I need...
All I got to do is to become AN ATM MACHINE!


  1. Really, RM18 is still expensive. I think can go for RM10. Good to have your son to tag along next time so that you can get a better bargain.

  2. RM18....I think it is cheap already.

  3. hmmm, can get cheaper than RM18?? i am also planning to get myself one cooling pad..

  4. mahal wor...the other day i bought the laptop table with the cooling thingy baru rm45

  5. andrew: he told me the same thing too! :)

    mery: u and i think the same.. hahaha..

    sk: RM8 also got leh...

    kathy: so cheap ah!!!!!!

  6. whoa it seems like an ipad huh
    never seen anything like that hear

  7. the cooling fan is very useful for laptop.

  8. My hubby is also using a cooling pad for his laptop but I do not how much it cost. After hearing laptop being "burnt" without a cooling pad he started using one..:D

  9. Wahhhh!!!! You go online for so long that you need that? Newer laptops don't get heated up so fast, I think.

  10. Shouldn't he be the ATM Machine for you? :p

  11. Yeah~for our computer or laptop to live longer they need to work in a cool environment. :D

  12. True, true just be their ATM machine and leave everything in the good hands of the younger generations. They know best.

  13. Claire..high 5. Too me RM18 is considered cheap. Now I must go look for Rm10 one.ahahhaha

  14. mecoy: that is a cooling fan for laptop. :)

    wenn: for old buddies like mine.. hahaa..

  15. agnes: better safe than never? :)

    stp: yeah..mine is lima tahun already.. that is why.. :(

  16. tekkaus: still student la.. how? yeah, in air con better, right?

  17. Good buy, indeed! We need to pamper our laptops too. Lol!


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