Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Surprise Visit From K-Blogger Family

I received a surprised pleasant call at around 12.30 saying that they will be reaching IPOH around 1pm, just nice for LUNCH... and the first place that came to my mind was Houston Cafe! I wanted them to try the Assam Fish Head.... however, due to my blunder of leaving out the word "Assam" when I ordered, this Claypot Curry Fish Head came out instead... haiyah!
First time I tried this curry style...
but I still prefer the Assam taste... more appetizing!
This one above is for those "spicy hot" lovers... LOL...
Next time I must remember to say "Assam Fish Head!"
Next not to be missed is the Mango Kerabu...
followed by half steamed chicken dipped with....
lots of minced ginger!
Blends very well with the meat definitely....
Lastly and not least, this is also something new to me...
Crispy Fried Bitter Gourd with Salted Eggs
Very crunchy with a dash of bitterness... YUM!
and now... who is this here????
Our potential photographer!
Yes, the Kucing family dropped by to IPOH for some minutes..
After lunch, we bid them Safe Journey
and Enjoy Their Holidays!


  1. Yum yum......ho chiak.....

    Thanks for the lunch wor

  2. Ho chiak!!!...ho chiak!!!! them all. Crispy fried bitter gourd is something new to me.

  3. kathy: next time dont order so spicy.. go for something else...

    irene: wanna come to IPOH? :)

  4. chicken looks good... how nice of them come all the way to ipoh! :)

  5. mrlonely: it was great..

    henry: yeah.. nice friends..

  6. the foods were really appetizing
    and i so love that kid

  7. The first dish, what is the red round food in it? It looks like a tomato!!! So sorry you ordered wrong, but you got to try something new! But too bad it was not as good as what you wanted.

  8. Hey! I thought they were supposed to go to Chai Leng Park for the kueh kak? Gosh! I even had a dream that they went all the way there from KL...and the stall was not open. Muahahahahahaha!!!!!

  9. I wanna eat... Bring me there... kakaka....

  10. the curry fish head looks spicy indeed

  11. yummy yummy yum yum... I'm going back to Teluk Intan next week.. if my mum ok, maybe will drop Ipoh.. hehehe.. :p Not confirm... but I told mum Ipoh now got very 'keng' food... :p

  12. mecoy: adorable kid!

    ginny: yes, a cut tomato with curry!

  13. stp: wish i could follow them. so nice.. jalan jalan cari makan!

    sharon: ok ok!!

  14. wenn: yeah.. assam one is nicer..

    cyn: hahaha..depending on what you want to eat..

  15. Ahah..they are heading up to the North to cari makan.hehehe

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  17. Wah such a surprise visit and still you provided them good lunch..:)

  18. wah, very nice lah those dishes, soury and spicy, sure very appetizing!! hahaha, the Queen of Cat dropped by enroute her BBWS Quest to have lunch with you together, how sweet right??

    and that Crispy Fried Bitter Gourd with Salted Eggs.. i must try if got the chance..

  19. I must drop by ipoh next time..hahaahaa

  20. ohmyyyy i didnt eat curry fish head for a long long long time!! u tempted me to go eat! >.<

  21. The curry looks good.

    Next time I must dropby Ipoh too....and look for u,Claire.Lot of nice food in Ipoh.

  22. I prefer Assam Fish Head too.

  23. Hey how come you forget like an old are still so young lah! LOL

  24. Wow~so good belanja. If I drop by you will belanja me as well? LOL :D

  25. Mango Kerabu looks so exotic. Must be yummy. :p


Thank you, readers!

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