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My Ever-Ready Driver And An Unwilling Passenger

I have no other alternative but to allow my girl to be my driver for these few days.... she is still under the Big "P"... still under probation and each time she drives, my left leg will naturally go forward to press the "invisible brake."

This evening we went to a pharmacy... she was all willing to drive again... and I had to keep my heart from thumping fast though I didn't show it through my facial expressions... instead I had to keep encouraging her with words..."Good, Good... OK, steady... don't laugh, concentrate... " and all the while throughout the drive, I felt that I was "going to have an heart attack...."  LOL....

As parents, I guess we have to undergo these anxieties when our kids reach the driving age....The thing is,  I wish that there is someone else to sit beside her when she is driving instead of me.....  


  1. Maybe she should blindfold you and plaster your mouth first before starting to drive. Muahahahahaha!!!!

  2. stp: or perhaps I sit behind???

    kathy: the car will turn turtle.. :)

  3. practice makes perfect mah, should encourage her so that she will slowly master the skill of driving.. anyhow she will eventually be your driver more frequently in the future mah.. :)

  4. Haha...I can imagine that. I went through that too. My girls love to drive fast, keeping to the speed limit. How silly is that even during rainy days.....hmmm. I feel safer driving myself :D

  5. sk: yeah, i know mah.. driving more will gain confidence..

    mary: i guess we ladies are very anxious... :p

  6. Hahaha!!!...I went through that too when my son drives. But now he is steady liaw. I always ask my hubby to sit infront or else I will bla....bla...bla....Each time my son say he will plaster my mouth if he wants to bring me out. Auto car is much easier to handle than manual.

  7. irene: exactly.. we ladies always like to bla bla bla and it adds panic to the driver.. hahaha...

  8. Let your daughter drives time pastby,she can drive very well.

  9. I am not there yet but I get what you mean. :p

  10. hahahaha i think as a bro, when my younger sis drove my car.. i also tend to step on the invisible break!!! hahahah

  11. mery: i will try to.. :)

    tekkaus: hahaa..your time will come..

    henry: wish it works, right?

  12. It is going to be a long queue if you allow someone sit beside her.


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