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The Lost Dalmation

The other day I nearly add another flurry member to the family...Really, I nearly did...

It was drizzling that particular evening and I was in church attending a function in the concourse.  Then all of a sudden a flurry member joined in our feast... walking up and down... looking up at us with a sad face.  She was kind of walking direction-less....
She was looking very forlorn and scared...
Perhaps she has lost her way or maybe she has been abandoned...
Either way, she found her way to the church compound to avoid the rain...
Then my friend, Paul who is a dog lover went over and pat her....
Her body was quite wet due to the rain... and she must be pretty hungry too..
We gave her some porridge and some noodles... and she gulped them within seconds...
Uncle Paul is really nice... he took a dry cloth and wiped her dry....
Just look at her tail.... poor scared stiff...
Uncle Tan asked us to take her back.... he has a few dogs at home himself..
and he couldn't handle anymore....
I nearly wanted to take her home..... but who will look after her when I am not at home...
My Flurry Member at home already occupies much of my time...
Then the last I heard, someone from the church has "adopted" her and took her home...
Hope she does not have the sad look anymore....  


  1. Eweee!!!..I don't like cats & dogs or should I say most furry animals. My son keeps pestering me to let him keep a doggy but instead I ask to keep fish.

  2. Oh, poor thing! I adore Dalmatian....... always hope to own one!

  3. She must be really lost. Hope her owners are not looking for her.

  4. oh poor thing, she's such a beautiful dog!! i guess her master must be searching for her everywhere.. at least she's smart to have gone to the church and let someone take care of her (for the meantime)..

  5. Poor fella....looks very scared....luckily someone adopted her....

  6. kathy: must be nearby neighbourhood.. maybe she ran out..

    irene: hahaa.. yes, some are very scared of hairy animals.. :)

  7. shirley: yes, they are cute too!

    mun: yeah, i lost a dog before.. cannot be found...

  8. sk: yeah, sometimes they cannot find their way home because they never come out before..

    pete: yeah, she must be home bred one.. the way she behaves..

  9. She is such a pretty dog!
    Hopefully she had find a nice owner.

  10. Terrible, I would also have a lot of difficulties to leave her behind.


  11. So glad she has a caring owner now!!!! She really looks pitiful and sorrowful!!! But she came to the right place!

  12. hayley: yeah, I hope so too...

    filip: I believe you do...

  13. ginny: she must have lost her way from her house.. cannot be abandoned.. such a lovely dog..

  14. One across the road, my neighbour's. They tell me it's deaf...and I hear all dalmatians are deaf, dunno true or not.

  15. So happy to heard that someone has "adopted" her... yeah...

  16. stp: oh really? how come.. first time I heard of this...

    sharon: yeah.. nice dog..

  17. Musr have ran from home and lost its way. But glad someone adopt it.

  18. What a nice and handsome dog! He could sense that the church has the aura of kindness for him to seek shelter. This post is touching indeed.


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