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Resting Our Feet At Rundle Mall, Adelaide

LOST AND FOUND PICTURES!   A few more Dim Sum photos found in another folder.....
 We had this glutinous rice too... Hongkong style.. different like our local one...
 And this is a HIT... Giant Beef Balls!
 We ordered not one basket but three!
Our breakfast and lunch wrapped up in one!
After our lunch, we walked a bit and sat a lot...
 Our tired looks cos we didn't get a good sleep on the plane the previous night..
How to have a peaceful sleep on a plane, with legs hanging down?  :)
We were still buying time cos our apartment was not ready yet...
Still under "cleaning mode"
Despite my "sepet eyes"... I can still manage a sign of peace... hahahaa...
 We were just too tired to walk and ....
....most of the time we sat down and listened to the live "musicians" there..
 I think someone wanted to sleep on my shoulders then... hahahaa...
 The Tired Threes.....
 Then we got "distracted"....
 .... and then Right.....
 After our so-called rest, we went to get SOME groceries.....
Oh my goodness! 
We forgot that we don't have a car!  We arenot in Malaysia....!
So we ended up "testing our muscles"....
 Finally we reached the front of our apartment... 
And someone was busy connecting back to Malaysia....
 Taken in front of our apartment, in front of the Adelaide Convention Center...
A very convenient and strategic spot... 
Just few minutes walk from Rundle Mall and the tram station just is just opposite..


  1. U making me crave for the Giant Beef Balls, hahaha....

  2. Asian fare again? Your girl not going all out to enjoy the western delights there kah?

    1. She loves dim sum.. these are continuation of yesterday's foodie cos left out two pictures...

  3. Love the juicy looking giant beef balls. So much groceries, going to cook up a storm.

  4. wah, really enjoying life there lah these beautiful ladies!! those dimsum really looks good leh, and was it because you did not have enough sleep or was it because you ate too much and sugar rush made you drowsy?? hehehe..

    fun grocery shopping huh?? this one cannot find in Malaysia, take!! that one never seen before, let's try!! this one cheaper in Malaysia, sapu!! that one only in Australia, grab!! hahaha~~ :p

    1. hahahaa.. you know these aunties' thoughts.. everything sapu for our meals..

  5. The juicy giant beef balls is the main attraction besides the pretty

  6. wah much fun and nice dim sum. Buy me souvenir leh...

  7. The giant beef balls must be really delicious! Have fun!

  8. We have a Dim Sum place here, I need to try it! Claire, you look cute even when you have sleep loss! Hey, we have this same pizza in our stores!

    1. These are sold here too! So the franchise must be great..

  9. The first picture looks like baked cheese something.. At first, I thought it's mango melting something.. Looks good la anyways... Oooo beef balls must be super-yummylicious.. I can eat 50!

  10. Yaloh. How to get some shut eye in plane. I can never sleep in the plane during those long flight.

    Lovely photos. I agreed HK dim sum is different from ours.

    Haha. How it feel to shop for grocery in Adelaide??

  11. It's spelt as Rundle Mall. Not Runder Mall. Haha.

    1. hahahaa.. no wonder I felt something not right..Rundle!!! Thanks for correcting me!

  12. I hate taking night flights to be honest. I prefer to fly in and arrive at night, then can immediately go to sleep and fix the jet lag! When I traveled to Tokyo, it was night flight, arrived in the morning and whole day like a zombie :/

    1. Most flights are during the night.. maybe they want to save us one day of tour...

  13. Busy to check in maybe, hahaha!! Usually once I arrived, I'll be busily check in duh!

  14. 3 basket some more....LOL....bagus. Syok see you there

  15. You looked so gaya in all your poses like a happy teenager! No one would believe you are a Mama with 3 lovely grown ups!


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