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Cancun Resort In Las Vegas

THIS TIME WE STAYED AT CANCUN RESORT, it is a one week stay, from Saturday till the following Saturday.  Sounds like a long stay but little did I know, time passes real fast and soon we found ourselves packing to go home... Oopppss.. Hang on... The moment we stepped into the room, I took out my hp to take a few photos before the mess starts... It was almost 7pm by the time we reached... First night was spent resting after running to the grocery store to get our daily essentials.... Oh yeah, we went to a Hawaiaan diner for our dinner before the grocery... Everyone was tired because we are in our golden age... Rest and relax after that.... That was our first day in Las Vegas...        Our humble service apartment for a week....

Protect Smartphone With Antivirus App

Recently,  I received a n   article through  Whatsapp  from a friend. I can’t remember exactly but it had something to do with getting cute emoji icons with a link. Without having  second thought about it, I  tap ped  on the link and suddenly  a  frightening  weird sound came from my smartphone. It sounded to me like a warning sound. I quickly exited from the screen I was at and after that, everything went back to normal. That was what I thought! Few hours later as I was in the middle of  using my smartphone, that same  weird sound  started again.  A  message  was flashing  on the screen that said that my phone was infected with a virus !  I am quite lost when this type of things is concerned.  It was late evening and  my regular  phone shop  was  clo sed. I tap ped  on the Play Store icon on my phone screen to search for free antivirus app. There w ere many listed and I couldn’t decide which to download. I went online to find out  about  antivirus for androids.  I visited a few

Hooks for Writing an Industrial Revolution Essay

What would you say to a person to persuade him or  her to do anything you want? A well-structured utterance will be more efficient from a psychological point of view. Such written utterances may be called hooks. The role of a hook sentence is closely connected with the essence of the word’s original meani ng. Its notion is a metal, curved tool for catching fish. That  is  it! The main function of a grabbing sentence is  to catch somebody’s attention. Do not hesitate to use Spider Essay Writing Service  if you need to write your academic writing. Writing an industrial revolution essay, it may seem a little bit challenging to compose a coherent and releva nt statement that will attract people at the first sight. However, we can provide you with several pieces of advice on how to create a trap sentence even for a difficult topic such as the industrial revolution.  What Should You Do to Get an Eye-Catching Se ntence?  We single out several useful methods and tricks to make your

Entertaining Evening At Fremont Street, Las Vegas

ONE MUST NOT MISS GOING TO THE FREMONT STREET IN LAS VEGAS.... And we certainly do not want to miss that!  This is my third time going to Las vegas Fremont Street and each time the atmosphere is different from the other.  We parked our car for nearly three hours and was charged $9 when we checked out.  It was nearly 7pm when we reached the most entertaining street in LV... Time for us to have dinner and we simply slipped into one of the casinos to get our tummies filled. After that, it was all about walking, dancing, shopping along Fremont Street.... Actually not much shopping to do, most of the shops are selling souvenirs as low as 99 cents.  T-shirts are still selling for 2.50 each, 4 for $9.99... yes, we bought a few due to poor resistance on our part..Lol... As for entertainment, there was a live concert of "Elvis Presley" and we were being entertained with his songs, singing along and dancing to the beat of the music...   Starting point... Our car is parked just

Shopping Spree At Las Vegas Outlet Stores

WASTING NO TIME, we ladies made our way to the most famous outlet in Las Vegas downtown. That is the main attraction for us three siblings.  We received remarks like, "hey, I drove eight hours to send you ladies for shopping?  You should be doing sight-seeing instead of shopping!"  Lol... Well, if you want to make us happy, just drop us at the outlet stores and you can see our happy faces! Unfortunately, we only have four hours plus to shop... We did a Formula1 shopping spree and by the time our driver came, we only managed to conquer half of the outlet stores only!  Oh man, time really passes fast at the stores... That is not good... We need to go once again one of these days... Meanwhile, we got our purchases from these stores... Timberland, Fossil, Coach, Sketchers, Banana Republic... Yes, just these few store took us four hours plus... And there are so many more not covered.... We really must scratch our driver's back so that we can continue our shopping spree ag

Ten Hours Journey To Las Vegas

WOKE UP AT 6am... Time to start off a 7 days trip to Las Vegas, Nevada... It is a long long drive, almost 8 hours and by the time the five of us got ready, it was almost 8am.  Yes, we are in our gokden age, cannot be rushed even though we planned to start our journey at 5am initially.  But I am glad that the driver did not manage to wake up,at 4am but at 6am instead!  Lol.... That is certainly a great relief to me.... Took our simple breakfast at In n Out fast food diner... I could manage to eat one whole burger by myself, that is very surprising for I never like burgers at all, but only in this In n Out, Imcan easily eat the whole hamburger by myself without sharing.   This is the burger I ever tasted...   A long 8 hours journey...   Stopped halfway to chevk with the tallest thermometer...   Very hot weather over here in Nevada...       Stopped again to take a look at the "aliens" in town....   Then it was all the way again to Las Ve

Homemade Pork Jerky And Meat Prawn Springrolls

WHEN WE ARE NOT OUT SHOPPING, we spend time cooking at home.... This trip is a relaxing one for us, no rush now since we are in our golden age.  :). When it comes to cooking, we plan it one day in advance so that everything we need to have is within reach.  One fine evening, we decided to do some pork jerky again and tgat task was given to me as usual.  And another dish suggested is Lobak with beancurd skin, minced meat and prawns.  Yes, we brought over some beancurd skin from Malaysia.... The night before the cooking started, we marinated our meat somthat they are well seasoned for next day's cooking and baking....   All the ingredients added...   After all being mixed... The minced meat is very fine.... Into the fridge it goes... Very well marinated for the whole night....   Into the oven it goes the next day...   Time to cut it up....   Turned over to get the right colour... One pound of pork jerky done...   My sister's specialty..... Lobak a