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A Choice Of Vegetarian Food At Vegan Life, Ipoh

REACHED HOME SAFELY FROM THE HIGHLANDS AROUND 5PM... Thank God for a wonderful bonding trip with my girl and feeling refreshed as usual... LOL....

I was glad that we came back in time for I had a dinner appointment with my ex-schoolmates at 6.30pm.  No, I was not tired, in fact I was looking forward to the evening out with my friends, catching up with one another on today's facts and fancies.  No worries about my girl's dinner, all she wants is bread and more bread, a loaf of Massimo with organic peanut butter and she is more than happy!  LOL...

As for her mom, yours truly, I did not go for anything fancy, in fact, the food was healthy and tasty too!  For a change, we went for vegetarian food at Vegan Life at Ipoh Garden East.  One of my friends is a frequent to this shop and she recommended these food below for our dinner.  The food turned out tastier than I expected them to be.... though they may not be attractive as those normal and "meaty" restaurants, the taste somehow suits my fussy tastebuds!
Sambal Petai with rice... 
The sauce is sourish with a tad of sweet and spicy a bit... Nice!
Claypot mushroom porridge!
I was skeptical at first, how would this be tasty with mushrooms in porridge??
Well, try it and now I know I like it too!
I played safe at first, I ordered Fried Meehoon... 
Lots of mushrooms too, not oily and looks pretty healthy to me too!
My friend also recommended the Pumpkin Soup 
And it came with 4 pieces of  crispy baguette...
Lastly and not least, we had a side dish...
A sweet, sour and a bit of spicy "meat"
It is actually soft beancurd skin rolled up...
Another 4 Likes from US!
After our dinner, we "baru" remember to take a picture for remembrance... 
Just before we left the place with satisfying and full tummies!


  1. All the dishes look very good! I am like your girl, just love bread. But these dishes look better!

  2. Good looking vegan food! I don't mind eating bread for a change after all the meat. Have a happy day!

  3. You did not say it out, I would not know the dishes were vegetarian. Nice change to have vegetarian some day.

  4. I've yet to try anything vegetarian but of course, I have had meat-free vegetable dishes before. That's not the same.

    1. Heard garlic is not used for vegetarian dishes..

  5. Sometimes I find the food at some vegetarian eateries more salty, more sweet and more spicy because they over compensate for fear that customers find their food not nice and I dislike these too flavourful food. So you are ok with these vegetarian food because they are flavourful.

    1. Not really flavorful but it is like not so oily especially with the main dishes..

  6. I can understand how easily contented your daughter can be with just bread and more bread. I am just the exact person who love good and freshly baked bread.

    1. Oh really.. but I am contrary.. bread can be eaten for pre-breakfast.. hahahaa..

  7. It is surprising that vegetarian food can taste so good. I enjoy the food at BMS Organics but cannot eat too often because it is more expensive that meaty meals :)

    1. You are right, they are indeed more expensive..

  8. I would like to have the pumpkin soup, yum yum

  9. The 2nd lady on the right look familiar. I think she goes to the same church as i do (Our Mother of Perpetual Help, Ipoh Garden).

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