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Some Ipoh Food Treasures For The Long Weekend

Though it does not seem any difference to me except for more cars in town and crowded in popular food places, I will help to "contribute" some assistance to those who are coming to Ipoh...

I have been taking these food below for breakfast, some with my friends but most of them with my girl who is quite particular on food.  So those shown below are considered "Nice n Tasty" and I hope those who are coming to Ipoh will get to taste them and agree with me!  LOL...
Let me start with 101 Ban Mee 
Address: Medan Stesen 19, Stesen 18, Ipoh.
My girl had the normal soup Ban Mee... 
First time I took a full bowl of Loh Mee with Dumplings... 
Or can opt for the normal ingredients instead of dumplings... 
Must order their Crispy Fu Pei as a side dish!
Tried the Little Katong Chicken Koay Teow in Wisma Chye Hin in old town, Ipoh...
Just opened not too long ago... 
For more authentic taste, drive a bit further to Pulau Sembilan, Pasir Puteh... 
Address: 2, Jalan Bunga Raya 5, Taman Boon Bak, Ipoh
Thick chicken broth that makes us wanna finish it all! 
At Kampar Road, this Lenggong Yee Mee must not be missed out... 
Restoran Yei Lock along Kampar Road...
Can try out the Hainan pau and their Teluk Intan Chee Cheong Fun too!
Back to new town, try out the famous Wanton mee at Comeson Restaurant..
Get sold out fast... go before 10am if possible...
Address: 50, Jalan Yau Tet Shin..
Comes with wanton... 
Side order... a Must!
For fish ball noodles, the noodles are fantastic in old town... 
Shop name is CK, Jalan Bandar Timah, Ipoh

Their own-made "liew" not the commercialized type... 
Golden noodles along Jalan Panglima... 
Shifted to a few shop houses away recently.... 
Side order is Nasi kunyit with Kaya!
My favourite CCF at the corner coffeeshop in Canning Garden is not open on Mondays..
Directly opposite the Canning Garden market, one will surely notice the old man... 
This CCF above is another stall on the same row... 
My girl opted for the mushroom sauce... 
And I opted for the dry version... 
Price is RM3.50 per plate..
I guess I am very faithful, I still prefer the Old Man's Chee Cheong Fun...
So better not go on a Monday next time!


  1. Wanton and dumpling, my favourite, hehe...

  2. I would want to visit Ipoh some day and taste all the good local food.

    All yummy food. I bet I would enjoy them all. I am no so particular when it comes to food as long as no innard for me. Lol.

  3. Nothing that really tickles my fancy, maybe I'd pick the fish ball noodles soup perhaps, minus the yellow noodles, don't want cham.

    1. Now I grow up eating cham noodles, don't know why.. hahaa

  4. Is you ccf from the coffee shop at the other end of the row? Sold by a lady?

    1. Yes, the one you recommended, Irene!

    2. Heheheh! Jst went there for brunch yesterday 😜

  5. Dumplings and the CCF my favourite

    1. I have a lot of favourites when it comes to food.. hahaa

  6. The noodle dishes look so good. Also the chicken dish. What kind of sauce is that with the rice, I would love to taste it!

    1. It is sticky rice, supposed to be desserts cos the sauce is actually a coconut sweet paste...

  7. Thank you for the recommendation. Golden noodles is a must have for me.

  8. The food looks really good! You reminded me of my trips to David's Tea House...I suddenly had a craving...

    1. David's tea house in Ipoh? Oh, is it David's diner?

  9. Our favourites are the Canning Garden CCF and Wanton noodles at Comeson Restaurant!


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