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Poor Memory On Line Dancing Steps

IT WAS IN 2015 OCTOBER that I fell and injured my right leg.  There was a crack somewhere near my ankle and my right leg.  In January 2016, I am still unable to walk properly, I still need being "pushed" around during the Chinese New Year period.  It took a couple more months before I could 
walk properly.... 

Three months prior to my fall, I was going for my line dancing classes.... after the "fall", I have stopped indefinitely till last year, I decided to take it up again.  This time instead of driving half an hour to the dance centre, I only have to drive three minutes to my new dancing place.  So nice and convenient.... only thing is that, there are no big mirrors reflecting back on the "dancers"... no big speakers and loud music... Other than that, I feel good to be in this community house, there are only five of us and I always look forward to the morning class every week.  

Among the "students"... I am the youngest but I really feel I am the oldest!  Why?  Now I know I have a very poor memory... the steps must coordinate with the mind... I am very slow in that... my goodness, the other students are more or less ten years older than I am and they are so much better in remembering the steps!  LOL... No, they did not practise at home... they just want to come and have chatting fellowship with one another and I feel so at ease with them.  OK, I told them... I may be younger than them but I am certainly "old" when it comes to the footsteps.... 
New song for the week...
New Face... 
Even with the instructions, I cannot remember what I have learn...
Youtube... Help!!


  1. This seems like lots of fun, and the others will help you. You are just out of practice from your fall.

    1. Yes, I love to dance.. only I am not good.. hahaaa

  2. Some people are born with two left feet, kaki bangku. Muahahahaha!!!!

  3. I think practice makes perfect so just follow the instructions on your paper and practice, practice, practice, practice at home.

  4. I think practice a few more times will be better...i'm bad in remembering steps too...

  5. Don't stress yourself, just have fun!! I believe after a few classes, you'll eventually become better!

    1. I have been going for few months already.. hahaa

  6. Slow and steady. Dont stress yourself in the dance step. You can eventually do it.

  7. A fun way to exercise. If only there is a line dance group in my area that I can join.

  8. I used to learn Cha Cha dance in a Community Centre with my friend before, it was so much fun!

    Don't stress yourself, just do it and have fun in it.

  9. This comment has been removed by the author.

  10. It's good to hear that you're fine after 3 years. Dancing is a good hobby. It moves your muscles.

    1. Yes, more on leg muscles.. hands cannot coordinate yet.. hahaa

  11. I read the instruction pun I pening. LOL!


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