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Walnuts And Pine Nuts Cookies


Thanks to her, she shared it with me without hesitation, it is her famous and crunchy-licious cookies, one that I cannot forget and keep wanting more of them cookies.  I asked her for the recipe yesterday and she gave it to me and this afternoon, my baking mode began....

I showed the below pictures to my kids... comments like "You made them, Mum?" ... "Can't wait to eat, Mum.. kekeke..."... "Nice, Mum..." and another one wrote... "I will try baking them over here" ..

Well.... Actually.... nothing to shout about la... cookies only ma... what's the big deal.  The big deal is that yours truly normally buys, doesn't cook, doesn't bake as a normal mother does!  So.. when they see homemade stuff, it is like a Big Surprise to them.... LOL...

Alright, coming back to my cookies, the original recipe consist of Macadamia nuts... but being me-the-one-who-seldom-bakes, I replaced with walnuts and pine nuts.  Why?  These are the nuts found in my fridge and secondly, trial test first just in case I "fail" or "murder" the recipe.  LOL....
Started off by doing this.... I halved everything in the original recipe...
Don't dare to take the risk but doing two butters instead of one... 

Into the oven they went....
Out from the oven.....waiting to cool down...
Tub them in.....
Total cookies done for today.....
I still feel not as tasty as what my sister-in-law normally does....
Well, surely cannot beat the "masterchef" on the first trial, right?


  1. Wouldn't comment about the shapes - it's the taste that counts! Did you use Golden Churn?

  2. Bravo! You baked! I am sure your cookies taste good. Since it is secret recipe, I got no chance to try out. LOL!

  3. Congrats! You finally baked CNY cookie! Now I am waiting to taste your cookies.

  4. They look good Claire! And they will taster just as good when you bake them with macadamias and one butter. You did it! Great to see you post again!!

  5. wow! nice cookies! taste different because macadamia tastes creamier than pine nuts and walnuts.

  6. Nice recipe. Thanks for sharing!
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  7. Thanks for sharing the secret recipe, which no longer secret. Lol.

  8. Dare not think about cookies right now cos having a sore throat and cough lol.


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