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Glutinous Rice At Sun Yuan Loong, Jalan Bendahara, Ipoh

WOKE UP EARLY THIS MORNING... and I feel like taking my breakfast outside rather than buying back today.  Thinking of eating the special Hainanese breakfast at the Cathay restaurant, I was told that they serve authentic breakfast such as butter, kaya toast with eggs there.  Even though this type of breakfast we could easily prepare it in our own homes, I wanted to try out what my friend meant by "very nice Hainanese breakfast"...... Alas, we did not manage to.... the restaurant was closed!  Oh yeah, perhaps it was due to the Chap Goh Mei celebration yesterday, that the shop is closed today.  No worries, we can always come by another day.  So... Plan B.... where and what to eat?  Still thinking of toast bread, we ended up in Sun Yuan Loong, famous for their white coffee and toast too.   Besides the toasted bread which I had conveniently forgot to take picture, I ordered these two plates to eat as well!   Yes, I do have an enormous appetite in the morning!     I tried one stall

Overlooked Threats To Your Home’s Quality

If you’re going to enjoy your home to the max, as you should, then it’s important that you’re taking steps to ensure that the quality of the property is always high. As any experienced homeowner knows, a house won’t take care of itself; it needs to be actively managed. In doing so, you won’t just make the property a more enjoyable place to be, but you’ll also ensure that value is continually nudged in the right direction. In this blog, we’re going to take a look at some of the threats to the home that are frequently overlooked. Make sure that your home doesn’t suffer from any of them! Pexels - CC0 Licence Attracting Pests You’ll want to ensure that the only things living on your property are the people (and pets) that have been invited to do so. Alas, that’s not always the case. From time to time, we can often find that we have unwelcome guests in the home -- namely, pests. Though this is more of a concern in certain parts of the country than others, it’s something that affects all pro

The Practical and the Positive: What Does It Take To Make You Happier These Days?

  Image - CC0 License   As we get older, we stop worrying about the little things. But it seems that now, as we get older, the biggest issue hanging over our heads is always the finances. Some people struggle to live the life they want, and when we start to think about what it takes to be happier, it is not just to do with ensuring we live a certain lifestyle, but it is about guaranteeing that we look at life differently. Sometimes, it is about a combination of the practical and the positive. The Benefits of Passive Income As we get older, and we realize that we're not earning a certain amount of money, it could benefit us to diversify our earning potential. This means that we could take a freelance job, as many people do these days, but also start to invest in currencies like crypto. These days, a cheap way to buy crypto would be to go to one of the many web providers. And it seems that now, especially when it comes to stocks and shares, it is the perfect way to top-up our earnin

Too White To Be True...

HAIR SHADOW.... yes, not eye shadow....  First time I heard of it and that also through my sister from US.  She told me that she saw this cute little thing online called Hair Shadow and after watching the short clip, she ordered one to try.  All in all, she paid $16- for this small little thing called Maycheer Pang Pang Hair Shadow.  :) Feeling curious, I browsed through our local online website called Lazada, I searched for the same brand she mentioned.  There are actually many brands listed and their prices also vary.  Then I found one exactly the same one she mentioned and the only thing is they do not have black color.  So I ordered the brown one instead.  And the joke is I only got it for RM6.90 each whereas she bought it for $16usd, almost equivalent to RM80!  LOL.... She and I had a good laugh over the price difference!  Ok, I was the one who got a good laugh, she did not.... LOL... so bad of me! I was greedy, I bought two of these... Total RM13.80 and free shipping some more...

Smart Ways to Grow Your Side Business

There’s a lot of value in having a side business that you run alongside your regular job. It’s a great way to add extra funds to your bank account and to put your creative and entrepreneurial spirit to good use. Alas, there are some challenges. Without the resources or time that larger businesses have, it can be difficult to develop and grow. It is not, however, impossible. When time is at a premium, you can’t incorporate all the growth tactics into your operations. Instead, you should focus on the smart tactics, the ones that are most effective . We’ll take a look at some of these below. Pexels - CC0 Licence Local Events When you’re trying to grow a business, it’s important to get the word out as far and wide as you can. One of the best ways to do this is to look at hosting events in your local area. This is cost-effective, can build revenue, and brings awareness about your business to the wider public. The type of event you hold will depend on the type of business you’re running. The

My Online Delivery Food By Grab

ONLINE DELIVERY FOOD... more and more variety of food and promo vouchers in Foodpanda and Grab!   I like browsing these two online delivery food, nowadays there are more and more eatery shops to choose from.  I usually order till I met their requirement so that I can use their promo code.  LOL... Very kiasu...   But of course, not all shops offer discount or promo codes, some give free delivery, maybe because they are quite nearby....  Just this morning, I was surprised to see this restaurant Yuk Fook Moon in Grab, Yuk Fook Moon is one of the popular selling DimSum in Ipoh.  Furthermore they have promo code and combo sets to choose from.  I ordered a combo set plus one ala carte dish.... Combo set comprised of 2 Char Siew Pau,  One plate of Siew Mai And one Loh Mai Kai (glutinous rice with chicken) I ordered separately a plate of steamed pork ribs with yam.... And this whole package cost RM20 which is a really good deal! On another day, I ordered San Ma chicken rice....  3 packets cos

Finding Investments That Could Provide A Grand Legacy For Your Children

  ( Image Source ) Just about every parent in the world wants to make sure that their children have a better life than they do. There are a number of ways to approach this, with education and support being popular, but a financial legacy is often one of the best ways to achieve what you want for your little ones. Of course, though, making sure that you get the most out of this can be very difficult, and you need to work hard to give your children the best legacy you can. To help you out with this, this post will be exploring a range of modern investment options that can give you the chance to improve the future of your family. Life Insurance While this first option may sound a little boring, life insurance is absolutely crucial in the modern world. This cover will protect your family in the vent of your death, providing them with money to cover funeral costs and living expenses as they go into the future. Most of these policies will have set payout amounts, and your children will recei

Dinner At Best View Restaurant, Ipoh

GET TOGETHER with a few of my friends at a restaurant which I had not been before, called Best View.  This year Chinese New Year is pretty quiet, no interstate travels, no family reunions, I look forward to catching up with my close friends instead.  My friend made the reservation and was told to come at 6pm if possible.  No problem for us oldies, I personally prefer an early dinner than a late one.   Our choice of dishes consist of the following...  Stinky beans with minced meat... Yau Mak aka Romaine Lettuce... Sweet potato leaves in claypot... Looks like it is a green dinner?  LOL... \ Hakka dish...  Pork Belly with black fungus cooked in red fermented soy sauce... Followed by steamed Tiger Garoupa.. And the bill came to RM150... The CNY will be coming to an end on Friday... Not sure there will be another dinner  again then... By the way, we can register for the Vaccine... Have you done so? I have.... 

Apricot Scones On The 11th Day Of Chinese New Year

CRAVINGS FOR SCONES... I still have a small bottle of strawberry jam in the fridge and eating them with hot freshly baked scones has certainly "motivated" me to bake them in the early morning after a light breakfast.   A very simple task actually, just get all the ingredients on the kitchen table and everything will be done within an hour.  This time I did the full portion as in the recipe by Anna Olson on youtube.  Instead of cranberries, I put in chopped apricots this time and added in more lemon zest.   Full portion = 16 scones... The odd shaped one at the bottom is the remainder of the dough...  As usual, I topped it with pecan... 25 minutes of baking under temperature of 170 degrees...  I don't know why the recipe written is brushing the top with egg white... It is so pale in comparison with the egg yolk... Next time I will use egg yolk instead...  I ate two scones at one go...  So nice to go with the cold strawberry jam... Actually these can be quite filling... I ga

Should I DIY Or Call In A Pro?

  Any homeowner who is a bit handy will ask themselves the same question before they start on a renovation or repair; can they manage the work themselves or should they call a professional? If you’re willing to get stuck in, there might be more you can do yourself than you might realise. Here are some of the projects you can do yourself, and when you should call in the professionals.  Image - free for commercial use Go Pro: Gas, electricity, and plumbing Do you need repairs or renovations to gas, electricity, or plumbing ?  You need a professional to handle work like this or tasks like Emergency AC Repair . A lot of this kind of work needs a particular permit. In some states, plans for major plumbing and electrical changes, as well as structural changes or the removal of asbestos, needs to be approved. Another reason to call a pro is how easy it is to get it wrong, and cause a much more expensive problem.   For example, if you don’t call a plumbing company , you could end up with wate

Dining Out At Asada Yipin Ramen

FELT LIKE EATING RAMEN... and my friends suggested going to Mad Ramen in old town, Ipoh.  I was told that the Ramen there was quite nice and it is always difficult to get a table especially in the evening.  True enough, when my friend called up reservation, she was told that the place was full at that moment.  Oooh.. the food must be good then and we better not go when the place is full and crowded. We settled for another ramen place called Asada Ramen (Yipin Ramen) at Medan 10.  First time visit for the four of us and upon entering the premises, only one table was occupied.  Normal days if we see less people, that means the food might be so-so only and we might bypass the place.  But nowadays, it is different, we prefer to dine in quieter places and don't have high expectation when it comes to the taste.   Each of us ordered a bowl of ramen RM15.90 each and a side dish to be shared...  Ramen in Black Sesame soup... Ordered by my friend...  I tried a bit of the soup...  Though the

On The 7th Day Of Chinese New Year 2021

BIRTHDAY, EVERYONE! I invited my two friends over for a simple dinner, since it was the 7th day of Chinese New Year, I told them that the menu was just porridge.  LOL... Besides porridge, we decided to do the Lou Sang again, an appetizer to be eaten before the main meal.   Again, we cooperated and get the ingredients done, lots of cutting to be done, cucumber, carrot, sengkuang aka turnip, dried apricot, mango and pomelo.  For toppings, the usual peanuts, fried crackers, sesame seeds and then lastly, the apricot/plum sauce, that is the most important item otherwise the Loe Sang won't be a success.  LOL...  Ren Ri in Chinese... It mean People's Day....  Spot the difference? This is more like it...  LOL...  After the photo-taking, we filled up the plate with all the toppings.. and we naturally forgot to take another picture of that.... We started the video taking instead...  and wish each other the best of everything! LOL...  My simple cooking of porridge....  And the the rest of

Do You Really Have A Social Media Strategy?

  Do you have a plan on what to do on your social media accounts? Do you have a plan of action that can give your business firm branding, good interaction, customers wanting to comment and speak with you, and admiration for staying with the times? It's both a cultural issue and also a technological concern. Social media strategies are complex and there is no other way to say it. They have to be well thought out and they must be implemented in both a contemporary and traditional way. What we mean by this is, stay on topic, stay on form and stay on message. But, you must be ‘hip’ in that you should be fluent in hashtagging, memeing, emoji usage and so much more. <iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allow="accelerometer; autoplay; clipboard-write; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture" allowfullscreen></iframe> Know them well You must know your audience

Sibu Kampua Noodles

BUT MADE IN KUCHING NOT SIBU...  Of course, I did not know that until the package arrived.  Oh, by the way, I got this purchase through Lazada.  Initially I saw someone advertising Kampua noodles in the Facebook.  I messaged the person and she told me that she can deliver the package of noodles to my house for RM18.  There are 5 packets in one package and it practically cost around RM5 over for a packet.  Not cheap at all considering it is made locally and not the Korean type of noodles that is around this price.  So I told her that I would message her again if I want to order. Feeling curious, I checked the pricing in Lazada and there are actually quite a number of brands and prices as well.  Then I read and compare the reviews and settle for this packaging that looks a bit more attractive.  LOL... I ordered and paid RM13 for this 5 packets of noodles, no shipping charges cos I have make "friend" with Lazada by now... LOL...  Two days ago, this arrived though I made the orde

Running Errands On The 6th Day Of Chinese New Year

STARTED OFF THE DAY  going to the petrol station and the regular attendant who is mute and dumb, came and helped me, wiped my front and back mirror, checked the engine oil and water and after giving the thumbs up, I gave him a red packet.  Not much and he reciprocated with two palms signifying Happy New Year.  I used the same gesture to wish him back, thumbs up and we drove off.  A nice start off for the day....  Then we adjourned to have breakfast in Keng Nam, a corner coffeeshop in town, famous for their curry noodles and Kaya glutinous rice.  However we did not order curry noodles but a plate of Chee Cheong Fun instead.  After breakfast I drove to the mechanic, did some alignment and balancing costing RM90.  Went to bank while waiting and the last stop is the mall, did some groceries and by the time we reached home, it was almost 1pm.  Time really passes very fast each day! A dash of hot and sweet sauce... RM6 A set of toasted bread with half boiled eggs...  Can't really see the

Fifth Day Of Chinese New Year

FIFTH DAY...  Looks like it is back to normal, no more festive mood.  My kids, my friends... they start working again.  For retirees like me, it is just another normal day, wake up thinking what to eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner.   Just the daily chores, sweeping, washing, cooking, eat, watch TV while dozing off at times and then bedtime.   This is retirement life... sounds kind of boring eh... know why?  Traveling is prohibited!  Sigh... otherwise life wouldn't be so quiet as it is now.... So now it is back to normal, normal means Movement Control Order, only two can dine out.  This morning I bought back food for breakfast instead of eating out... Felt like eating curry noodles from Ye Sing...  Days before MCO, their curry sold out by 9 or latest 9.30am... Nowadays they are still available even at 10 or after...  This was yesterday's lunch....  4 leftover prawn curry from the previous dinner...  I just added in some greens and one dish is ready...  Oh, did I tell you abou