Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Casual And Fun Games Online

Recently, I have been trying new things to fill my time as the current situation is not really improving, thus limiting the options of things that I can do. Cases have been rising in a few places, with a new wave of infections predicted to be coming in the next few weeks. Armed with a ton of time, I decided to scour the realms of the internet for some interesting things to read or watch. During this adventure, I found a game that I wanted to try for quite a while. I’m not sure if everyone has this same experience, but there is an advertisement on YouTube that shows a game where a player pulls some pins to guide a hero’s escape from a tower. This advertisement shows the player making a ton of bad decisions that cause him to fail. It is just so frustrating to watch. Well, I think the advertisement worked because I clicked on it to download the game and try to beat it. The puzzles in the advertisement didn’t seem too hard.

After downloading that game, to my horror, I found out it is totally different from the game in the advertisement. I only encounter the same type of level and game design in some bonus round. This is just false advertising, and I foolishly clicked on it. Well, that adventure was disappointing, but what I found next was a very welcomed surprise. I found the mechanics and design of this game on another website, and every level is a different puzzle of similar design.

Here is level 30, where I have to drop the treasure chest to the hero and avoid the orange hot lava. It was a ton of fun but more importantly, it healed my frustrations from watching that advertisement on YouTube. I now have control, pulling the right pins and helping the hero’s path to the treasure.

After some time playing this game, I decided to explore this website further. There are a ton more games available here. A variety of casual games of different genre; puzzle, simulations, action, adventure, etc. It genuinely felt like the miniclip of old, a website with a ton of casual games that I enjoy spending time playing.

So next, I tried this game called Open Restaurant. In this game, you are waiter, guiding customers to their tables, taking their orders, getting their food from the kitchen, collect payment and clean their tables. It has like a transaction goal to reach for each day of operation. It kind of reminded me of Overcooked, but with much more casual controls. The only control available here, is clicking or tapping on the screen. As the days go by in the game, the transaction goal and the number of customers increase, making the game feel like a mouse clicking simulator as it progresses.

Well, this adventure has been quite fun. Finding this website was not really what I expected, but I am glad that I get to vent my frustrations by playing the pin pulling game.


  1. My missus is into these, not me...thank you very much!

  2. I get my hp games from google play, those free games la.

  3. so the game where you drop the treasure chest, is that the pin pulling one. If this is the one you liked, I want to play it, what is the name?

  4. It can get very addictive, so I never try!


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