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Simple Tips To More Effective Parenting


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No child or parent can be perfect all the time, which means that your parenthood journey will not be all rosy every day. You will be happy on some days and equally struggle on some. Below are tips to make parenting more enjoyable and manageable on good and bad days.

Be Open

Imagine being in an environment where everyone is too guarded to engage in a conversation about the good simple things in life. Tough, right?

Children and most people generally love to be around easy and outgoing people. So, do not be the parent who gives kids such a tense environment. Instead, loosen up and be approachable to encourage your children to come to you with their problems or little wins. Be accessible to your children, and they will easily open up to you and tell you when they are getting bullied or struggling with certain emotions they can’t express.

Practice Healthy Financial Habits

Parenthood comes with a lot of responsibilities. When you become a parent, it means you have an extra person or people to feed, clothe, and take good care of properly. For your finances, this will mean more things to spend on.

You don’t want to be thrown out of your home with kids, do you? So, practice good financial habits, such as budgeting, saving, and paying off your debts. But, if you are an entrepreneur running a cannabis company with non-complying debtors, you can file your claim with Cannabis Debt Collection as the first step towards having your finances organized.

Create Time To Be More Involved

Ideally, there is nothing more meaningful for children than you sparing some time to be with them. Unfortunately, however, this is something that most parents are continually struggling with. It gets worse that you can’t even share a simple meal with them in some cases.

Better parenting means getting involved in your children’s business. For example, if you have a super tight schedule, you can consider waking up a few minutes earlier, preparing breakfast, and making sure you enjoy it together.

If your children fail to get attention from you or feel like you are not concerned, they will likely start misbehaving. For example, they may end up hanging out with a group of rebels.

Be A Good Role Model

An apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Similarly, your children are most likely to copy some of your behaviors, especially the nasty ones. 

If you want them to be respectful with people, you need to treat them respectfully. Make it a habit to ask for something politely, appreciate them often, and say ‘ Thank you ’ when they do something for you.


There are no strict templates to guide you on becoming a parent, and because of this, it can get tricky. You will need to practice patience and clarity of mind to deal with the different challenges you will encounter.

Apply some of the tips in this article while staying flexible and begin to transform your parenthood journey. 


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