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What To Do When Your Little One Injures Themselves

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It is pretty common when you have children that there are bound to be some scrapes and tumbles along the way, particularly when they are still young. When you are at home you do all you can to protect them from any dangers, but unfortunately when they are outside or at school you are not able to protect them so easily. Knowing how best to deal with this kind of scenario will help you comfort and nurture them back to their usual bouncy self. 

Give Them Cuddles 

They are going to be upset if they have had a nasty fall or bumped into an object whilst they are outside. The first thing you should most certainly do is give them cuddles and a kiss to let them know that you are there for them. It will act as a reassurance that you are there to look after and cafe for them. 

Place Something On the Affected Area 

If they have just scraped their knee or bumped their head then placing something cooling such as reusable gel ice packs, can be effective. This can help to reduce any swelling and act as a cooling mechanism when the area on the surface of the skin feels really warm. 

Look Out For Any Delayed Symptoms 

You need to be vigilant particularly with regards to a head injury. So if your child has suffered one of these then you want to be aware of what to look out for. The following are indicative of a serious head trauma so you should definitely seek medical assistance if you notice any or all of the following. 

  • Confusion or not knowing where they are

  • Not talking coherently so slurred speech

  • Difficulty in waking up or staying awake

  • Not being able to walk steadily 

  • Limbs feeling weak

Visit a Doctor 

If you feel something isn’t quite right then you should definitely take your child to the emergency room or doctor to get them checked out. This is particularly important if they have suffered a head injury as they can have delayed reactions to this type of injury. So keep an eye on your little one and be sure to seek medical assistance immediately if you notice they are not themself. 

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Give Them a Treat To Cheer Them Up 

Giving them reassuring cuddles and a nice treat will help them to feel better if they have suffered a particularly bad injury. You could watch a movie that they enjoy with them, snuggle on the couch together and make their favorite meal to go with it. Or you could provide them with a sweet treat or small gift such as a toy to help them feel better. The most important thing you can do is be there for them to help reassure them that you care and love them deeply.  


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