Monday, October 3, 2022

Strong Temptation In Leatherby's

CANNOT MISS HAVING THIS...  My sister knows me well....

It was a Sunday and we went to our favourite joint, Leatherby's!  I fell in love with this family creamery ten years ago, my sister took me there for the first time and I was smitten straightaway.  Since then, I must pay a visit or two or more times whenever possible!  Yeah, too bad there isn't any branch elsewhere except for Sacramento.... 

As usual we ordered our usual, if I did not count wrongly, there are nine scoops of ice cream, made up  of various flavours.  I do not have any special favourites, all are my favourites... LOL.... There is a difference this time, not of the taste but of the pricing.  I guess everywhere is the same, after the pandemic and lockdown, the prices have gone up.  I hope that does not deter me to go again and again even after this.... 

My sweet temptations!
To be shared....
My sister and I shared Club Sandwich...
Yes, the half is more than enough for me!
The Happy Trio!!


  1. You sure have a sweet tooth. Lol. Good that you enjoyed it.

  2. It all looks so delicious, just what I would order! I have not heard of this place.

  3. Good grief! I could feel a sugar rush just looking at your photograph.

  4. Wah! The ice cream is truly amazing! My insulin shot up just by looking at it. LOL!

  5. This ice cream is definitely for me. So tastylicious! Yum yummy 😋!


Thank you, readers!

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