Tuesday, August 15, 2023

Cafe Meal At Picco Polo, Penang

WESTERN FOOD CRAVINGS at one of the numerous cafes in Penang, so many cafes are newly opened after the pandemic and the restrictions uplifted.  Tourists come soaring in again.  Not only in Penang, even in Ipoh, there are endless of cafes, so many that I cannot keep track.  I have to rely on the internet to find out or friends' postings on Facebook.

It was a cooling evening around dinner time 7pm, I was quite hungry then, walking up and down the Lebuh Pantai, undecisive which one to go into.   Finally settled for Picco Polo cafe which was opened in 2021 and they are famous for their polo buns, but I ended up ordering a chicken burger with sweet fries which I love very much.  I normally come across potato fries served with the main dish, this one is exception.
Big chunks of chicken in-between and the sweet fries are a welcoming sight....
As usual, I could only eat of this portion....


                                                     Thumbs up first for the food even before tasting...

        Will come again for another main dish.... to be shared, of course..

   Half Pension, Food Halved... 



  1. I'm not into those black buns but I hear they're healthier. Charcoal buns, are they?

  2. Are those sweet potatoes fries?

  3. I have never seen a bun looking like this! The fries and chicken look so good!


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