Friday, August 15, 2008

My Friend, My Food....

Let me introduce this faithful old friend of mine from my childhood days... he has been my favourite chee cheong fun seller of all times .. last time when I was young, he used to sell in the back lane of the town houses I used to live and till now, he is still selling by the roadside... well, dont judge him.. I heard he is a rich man, just want to continue selling to pass time......

This morning I went to see him and asked his permission to snap some pictures... with a shy grin, he gave me the green light and I quickly snapped...

can see the big colourful umbrella?

HERE HE IS... my old fren... still has the looks.. one "auntie" thought I was going to publish in the newspaper and quickly posed herself .... so cute....

this is the original chee cheong fun (white flour noodles)

my special plate with all types of sauce...

with extra long beans and pork skin... yummy???

looking at this makes me hungry again.... oh, it cost RM3.00, (USD1.00)...
not free for me


  1. Hi ReanaClaire, you sure making me lau nuar for this chi cheong fun. Looks delicious!
    By the way, I don't recognise this location, though I know Ipoh fairly well from old days. Where is it?
    I stayed at Canning Gardens for a year wayyy back in 1972.

    Used to drive very fast at Tasek Bypass enroute to Penang every week on work assignments.
    I love Ipoh...still remember that fellow called, "Spiderman" who used to sell char kueh teow" near Kg, Simee.

    And ha ha, used to poached for fish at Taman Tun Sambathan, with my girlfriend then.
    And was there when that big mountain side came crashing down burying lots of homes and people.

    Also love to eat bak kut teh at Foo Choo Chun street, and that well known curry laksa at I think Brewster road? As well nasi kandar at Goodshed, and at that two shops opposite Tambun bus station.

    Yes, Ipoh holds lots of memories for me, the food and, ahemm, the women. Somehow Perak girls are extremely fair....must be the water, ha ha.
    You have a great weekend, Lee.

  2. thanks ULee for commenting..ok, this location is in town, see the flats? its waller courts, old flats from the 70s..he is there in the mornings only. About spiderman, i think no more..must hv retired.. Poached Fish? must be DR Park u referred to..a place for courting couples those days... now?? better dont go there, get mugged most prob. now.. and the others, i think no more existing except for the nasi kandar at old tambun bus station.
    Ipoh girls fair? hehe... i would want that to be right...
    have a nice weekend yrself too, ULEE,,.

  3. Hi,

    seems the food is yummy..what is recipe then? so i can make in the house..can you share it to mw?:)

    passing by here and have a great weekend!:)

  4. made me wet my keyboard lor...
    that series of photos of that favourite plate of CCF yummmmmmy...
    looks like that trip back home must not postpone liao...hahaha.


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