Thursday, August 14, 2008

Without YOU.....

AFTER 3 DAYS OF TRAINING COURSE, lying on my office table was a big pile of backlog work, but first thing first, switched on the pc and .... guess what??? MY PC HAD GONE KAPUT!! It just wouldnt go in, meaning, no desktop icons, just the blue picture showing "window is starting up" but never seems to go further..ahhhhhhhh.... now what? How am I going to survive without my beloved computer especially in the office?? How can I live without it?

Without wasting much time, quickly called up the IT man downstairs..."Az..... ada? tak ada? bila balik? huh huh...ok... " IT MAN WAS NOT IN.... cham.. Kept calling on and off ... finally got him in the late afternoon, (very kek sei and kek sum) .... Told him of the problem, he said "easy only la.. just reformat it..... " I know reformat, then come and do la... dont talk so much.....

Much later, my CPU was taken away... bye bye... part of my heart sank, part of my table was left with an empty space... and these song lyrics came to my mind....

When will I see you again??? When will we share our precious moments???

and LeAnne Rimes Claire singing...

How do I.... get through my life without you, If I have to live without you, I wonder what would life be........


  1. Hoiyoooo.. damn drama..

    *snatch mike* How do i leeeeeve?

  2. hahahahha! Funny u~ LOL! CPU will come bec to u soon~~

  3. That's the good thing about living daily. One gets to start anew with a new day ;)

  4. Need to take that long meh? 1 hour should do mah. If they have 'ghost'-ed the image of the PC's OS, that's even faster. Restoration will takes 10-15 mins. Of course, you shld have backup all your datas.

  5. i told them no need to back up also.. should take minutes only.. but its going to 24 hours.. u know la... GO..VE..R... u know la.. no need to spell it out.. haha... hv to test our patience here...

  6. heheheheeheeeee then you wait for your CPU to be back . For the time being just relax yourself and do more paper work.

  7. i m happier pc has been healed and cured .. back to my old table with all documents gone.. but never the mind, i will fully charge it back by monday... happy blogging everyone!


Thank you, readers!

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