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Psychiatric Visit In Tanjung Rambutan

Was my moody state yesterday due to the psychiatric visit? I don't really know... Yesterday we had an visit to Tanjung Rambutan Hospital where it houses and gives treatment to those under psychiatric care and for those who have mental stressed problem. It was an official visit to this hospital and upon arriving, we were given a short talk by one psychiatrist lady named Dr. Cheah and Dr. Razali. Both are specialists dealing with mental and stress problems... After the briefing, we were taken around the hospital which covers 503 acres... imagine... it is like a town on its own inside. There are around 1700 men patients and 900 ladies patients from all over Malaysia. One of us asked why men patients are more than ladies... and Dr Cheah told us that actual fact, the men and ladies have almost the same ratio... The figure difference is due to the older men who are the bread winners from those days during the 1940s..1950s... this hospital has been existing since 1911 503 acres is a

Everlasting Life...

Tonight my mind is in a turmoil.. This is my fourth draft... something happened and I don't have the mood to post a happy one tonite... I realized that life is indeed very fragile, it can be taken away anytime... Life is precious, I don't understand why some want to take their own lives when others fight ferociously to prolong it.... It is a sin to take away own life for others pray hard to preserve life... When everything seems to be tumbling down, who shall we call upon? No one can help us but God, our one and only creator of heaven and earth... Lord Jesus, who died for us on the cross, is sinless, on the 3rd day He rose again..... Whoever believes in Him shall not perish but will have everlasting life... (i need a rest now.. hope tomorrow I will feel better,..... )

Our Favorites, No Favoritism

Before Andy came home last weekend, he told me to prepare home cooked dishes instead of eating out. To me, that was a great task to do, more difficult than writing opportunities online.. lol .. I know myself, long time never really cook properly, sometimes I just steam the fish and vege and most times, we eat out, Fernie and I... So when Andy made that request, yours truly had to crack her head few days beforehand, what and when to do the marketing.... Don't be mistaken, I did not do any complicated dishes.... ...(took me few hours to get these ready... like chinese saying, kai sau ngap kwok (chicken hands, duck legs - cannot coordinate well) so ended up cooking simple dishes such as these ... potatoes chicken is a Must Andy's favorite char choy with pork AA's favorite.. steamed fish with cauliflower ( lol ...) Fernie's favorite ginger prawns... my favorite :) kau kei soup with fish balls (thorny leaves) lastly and not least, a tub of durians Everyone'

Got Such Cut Or Not?

Are they kidding? I thought I need to change my specs when I saw these prices in a very established hypermarket in Bercham, Ipoh.... I took off my specs and use my "real eyes" to see the prices listed below... Huh, this is called Price Cut, ah? One cent also can? I thought nowadays we no more use sen sen already? I thought all rounded up figure? My goodness, please la .. one sen discount, don't display the banner la. ... Price Cut.... No Butts... Wasted my time, taking off my specs and looking closer to it... couldn't help not snapping them too... :)

Us In AkamomijiJapanese Restaurant

My son, AA promised to "belanja" us when he comes back for the weekend. So true to his word, he remembers and he took us to a Japanese restaurant which we have not been to before. Girlie was most happy, japanese food is her for me, so-so only cos I still don't know how to enjoy eating it yet.....BUT I dont mind going once a while... This Japanese restaurant is called Akamomiji, I wonder what it means... didn't "char chee tim" yet. When we went around 6.30pm, it was quite empty, but after ordering our food, wa..lauuu.. so many people came and in a matter of minutes, the whole place was filled up. I wonder why... the prices were not cheap at all... see, it was quite empty when we walked in.. fernie's set... andy's set... our set.. AA & I a bit of everything... can see the ice cubes? i wonder why it needs the cubes there.. the noodles was quite tasteless.. only the tempura prawns was to my liking anyway, it was quite empty cos we

Yasmin Ahmad, A ONE-Malaysian Lady..

Yes, she is indeed a true Malaysian, one lady we should be proud of to have in our nation, Malaysia, one lady who never separates one race from another, one lady who is trying to bring unity to racial harmony.... she is one true gutsy lady .... I salute her... Regardless of "bomb fires" directed to her by ministries and some media, she thrived on, producing true Malaysian life, a life we as Malaysians should be, the peace and harmony with one another regardless of our skin colour. I salute her.... Yasmin Ahmad, I love your shows and the video clips that you produced depicting our typical malaysian life, they are masterpieces.... they are really our malaysian facts of life ... I salute YOU! Malaysia truly need people like you.... hope your legacy lives on and on.... (I read her blog just now... one of her posts was about Teoh Beng Hock and condolences pouring in for him and she replying to some... it is just unbelievable that she is also gone...) YASMIN AHMAD is TRULY SO

Don't Stress, Go For A Rest..

TGIF!! For the past few days, working life was very hectic, bossie wanted to participate in a competition, competing for the "Best Finance Management." WTH la. .. no need to compete ma, after hearing the prize, I lagi no mood to do, but paksa-rela , I must do... WHY? Cos I m not a Bossie, that's why. Being a "small fly" in the office, I must do what is instructed, so imagine, my workload, to prepare this documentation, that documents, this reports, that reports, figures, working papers...all the yucky dust sticking onto my hair, my hands ransacking the store room for them... ahhh...choooooo... aiks..... So... justified or not when I went for a Massage? Justified, kan ? hehehe.... thus... THIS... the thai ladies a-waiting... and saying "lai ...lai..." (come, come) ahhhh... must wash my filthy legs first, huh? then baru start.. .urut... (massage) urgh.......urgh... aaahhh.....ouch!!! pain jugak... then ... finger creaking..klak klak... ouch...dont

Oh My Sleeping Child...

Baby is 12 days old, Lynn invited us to her house to eat black vinegar pork leg and chicken cooked with chinese wine, both of these dishes are my favorites... around 11.30am, my colleague and I sneaked out to savor the mouth watering dishes.... Both mother and child are getting on fine... both equally adorable... hahhaa..... I couldn't help cuddling her, she is just like a doll... so cuddly... (so many years I have not carry a new born baby in my arms... how I miss that feeling.....) the young cute mother..... ahh...these were what I meant earlier... sweet vinegar cooked with pork leg chu kwok choe... chicken cooked with chinese wine with lots of dried fungus... I suka!!! After eating, we went back to office feeling some heatiness and drowsiness as well... but it was worth it!! (Lynn, got anymore or not??)

WhaT'S sO FUNny??

In the midst of doing some filings in the office, from the corner of my eye, I sensed someone watching me.... That "someone" happened to be my male colleague who is sitting along the same row as I am. We are separated by cubicles but once we stand up, we can see each other. Ok, back to the story... he is an old male bachelor... he was looking at me with his wide grin on his face. I thought to myself why he was looking and grinning at me... " want to ask me for date ah ", I brushed that thought aside immediately. No way, man..... After a moment, I beh tahan , I looked back at him and asked cheerfully... " Looking at me ah ?" Then he chuckled out loud... " what's so funny ?" I was thinking... In between his chuckling, he told me that he did some mopping in his house last Saturday. " So?" He continued cheekily.... " Your Hair Reminded Me Of MY MOP! " after saying that, he guffawed out louder..... HUH????? (that bad? my b

The Many Faces Of Me!

YOU ASKED FOR IT... This is the best among the worsts... lol... photos can be misleading, u know... If still not clear, you must come to IPOH to visit me ... lol.. (just joking) who wants to come purposely to see a past middle age wo-man, huh... Give it some time, yes, thanks for all your comments... To get back the natural look, I will wash my hair daily till all the "straightness" become normal again. Yes, it looks abnormal now, just like yours truly here... oh gosh, why do i sound so vain? Anyway, for now HERE in my blog, let me enjoy myself being in the "limelight", macam betul-betul being exhibited ... even though it is a farce.....aaahhhh.... lol... The many faces of ME hope u all still got appetite to eat .... hahahaha...

Simple Summer Recipes Are Here!

Both my sons are coming home this weekend, it has been nearly a month since I last saw them. When I chatted with Andy, my second son last night, he made a “small” request, he said, “Mum, can you please prepare some home-cooked food instead of going out to have our meals?” Oh gosh, surely I would have to say yes, pity them, they have to eat out three times per day. So… what shall I prepare for them this weekend? Just the four of us, my three kids and I… Thank goodness I came across this website this morning while I was surfing on the Internet. Have you heard of Ariane Duarte before? Well, s he is the Top Chef Contestant teaming up with and being a working mother, juggling between work and housework is not an easy task. Here in videos, her easy and inexpensive summer dishes were shown. They looked so simple and yet so special, just nice for a family of four. I just watched the video on how to cook the T-bone steak with garlic lime butter, i

What Have I Done....

OOPSS! I DID IT AGAIN! - by Claireee Speears... When it comes to hairdo, have anyone of u regretted after coming back from your hairstylist? Especially your old hairstyle is totally changed to something new? And the saddest part is, u get negative feedback from most of your friends???? aaaaahhHHHH!!! I don't know whether to laugh or to feel disappointed, so much mixed feelings... My new hairdo.... alamak... since DAY ONE, (Monday) I have been getting lots of remarks, mostly (-) more than (+) so cham hor... Ok, ok, enough ranting... let me story a bit ... Feeling "itchified", I went to re-do my hair on Saturday, from "wave-y"curls, I made them straight, straight like sticks and it is called "rebonding." How old am I? Still doing rebonding?? I asked hairstylist, can or not, suit my age or not... she said " can la... change your style la... so long curly already, change to something new...." eh.. of course I am not blaming my beautifu

Methodist Senior Fellowship Night

whoaa.... wait... don't be misled by the title of my post.... I am NOT senior yet, not even qualified to be one yet, OK.... right, now u can read on... hehehehe.... Tonight I attended a MSF dinner with my sister who IS a member of MSF (methodist senior fellowship), she qualifies cos she is above (when she sees this, I will get it!).... But ME? not yet la. .. still got a bit more years to go. ACTUALLY, I was not supposed to be there, I was only invited as a "guest" to worship together with my sister who is the leader tonight. I am only a pre-potential member.... hahaha... don't worry, sis, I will register myself as a senior once I reach 50.... getting ready to worship first.. before "makan" the "buffet dinner" in the hall food, glorious food... priority to those above 70.. didnt realise my church has many seniors too... the two golden girls... hey, they r not 70 yet... haha... karoke time after makan singing along.... come, lets Bl