Saturday, January 1, 2011

Reflections Of My Life

Today is 1.1.11 or 01.01.2011.... what a nice combination and let's face our new year ahead with positiveness and with a heart full of forgiveness and "forget-ness."

Why "forget-ness?" We need to forget the wrongs others might done to us, grudges in our hearts, I guess we need to forget those and start anew...

On Christmas day I have a tiff with my BFF and she has not been talking to me since. When I recall back, it was such a small problem, but ladies being ladies.. sigh... It happened when I invited her to come for a church lunch on Christmas day, a lunch sponsored by my mum. Before I hung up my phone, I made a mistake by telling her that I would call her again on Christmas day before 12pm....

On Christmas morning, I was so busy with my own programs, (few of my friends came from Penang and KL) that I forgot all about the phone call I was supposed to make to my BFF. When I reached the restaurant, my mum asked me where my BFF was.....Gosh!! I quickly called her and all I got was a BIG scolding. It was my fault that I forgot to call her before the lunch and she was so mad that she didn't want to come for the lunch. I sms-ed her to apologise and till today, she refused to answer my sms...

Guess I have to give her time for her anger to dilute.. can't blame her, I am always forgetful and absent-minded... guess I need gingko? If she is reading this post, I want to apologise again... please do not be angry... lets start off the New Year with a heart of forgiveness and do forget our misunderstandings...

these pictures have reflections...

lets reflect on our lives..
what we have done wrong last year...

lets us start anew...look at ourselves...

and believe that everything will be alright...
won't it?


  1. This friend of yours, she is a Christian? Jesus says we should forgive seventy times and more!! My daughter-in-law forgets to call me ALL the time, and I just make nothing of it! What you did is not even a mean thing, you just forgot, it is nothing. Especially at Christmas, which is all about forgiveness. What if Jesus wouldn't forgive us for forgetting to go to church one morning, or forgetting to pray one day? And our goal is to be as much like him as possible. Maybe there is more going on with your friend than she is saying. You have apologized way more than you should have, but that is because YOU are very sweet. Say a prayer that God will help your friend and then forget about it.

  2. Happy New Year! :)

  3. HoLiDay bLoGwAlKiNg HeRe... ChEcK mY SiTe Too... HaPpY NeW YeAr tO YoU aNd To YoUr FaMiLy! :]

  4. Oh, hope your friend will forgive you soon!

    Nice photos - I like!

    Happy New Year to you and family! :)

  5. Your friend needs some time-off, no worries :)

    Happy new year to you and your do-re-mi

  6. Happy new year. May all your wishes come true.

  7. wow..lovely reflections! Guess u got to call her again..

  8. dont worry. she will forgive u one...
    otherwise how to be bff for so many yrs le..

  9. BFF should not be so angry!

    Happy New Year 2011 to you and family!

  10. happy New Year 2011 Claire!! All you can do now is to wait for the forgiveness to come, but nevertheless, why didn't she call you if she is waiting for your call? BFF cannot be so calculative ma..

  11. Happy New Year, Claire! I was also asking the same thing - did she try calling you?

  12. sensitive....invited already ma so why must call her to remind her of the invitation ? Nevermind, let her cool is just a small matter :) Hope she will read this post of yours. I can't wait to see you again in the office on Monday :) Miss you much :) Happy 2011 !

  13. It's jes a small misunderstanding. I'm sure things will be back to normal vy soon. BFFs forever!

  14. Good friends are hard to come by. Don't let petty little misunderstanding effect a good relationship. The same things happen to me last year and what upset me was I am not even in Malaysia to defend myself. Oh well, we learn from our mistake too and be a better person. Hope everything will be well with you and your BFF. Happy New Year to you too.

  15. That kind of BFF...and church thing some more. Better no need to go to church lah...if sikit2 like that, want to be angry with a good friend - so un-Christian.

    People sometimes forget...some forget quite a lot...but as friends, we should be understanding. It's all a matter of give and take...forgive and forget.

    If my friend, sure I'll forget - forget I ever have such a friend! Tsk! Tsk!

  16. Hello Reana! Happy New Year.
    Wishing you and your bff will patch things up soon. We're not perfect and I admire you for apologizing to her even here in your blog. I wish she knew how sincere you are. Anyways, I hope she'll realize that soon. Just wishing you the best this year ;-)

  17. STP, no, she is not a christian yet though I pray she will be one day.. that is why i got to work harder and with this misunderstanding, i hope it will not not have adverse effects.


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