Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Barbeque Dinner By The Pool

First time taking a BBQ dinner by the pool, the hotel's swimming pool...

(oh, these were not taken in Penang, I am now back to Malacca posting... lol)

Our second night dinner was special, our office occupied the whole poolside buffet BBQ dinner.. though I did not see much food being "barbequed"... but then, beggars can't be choosers, right? After all, everything was free, what should I expect but to give thanks and eat heartily away... lol...

Though it was not a big grand place,
nevertheless, it has a not-bad ambience...
quiet and serene...

since a few of us were the first to arrive there,
we went round and taking some pictures...
and "disturbing" the chef and staff too..

This must be the Chef... Wan...

chicken wings waiting to be "walloped"

an array of food... awaiting us...


some nicely decorated crab meat...

and fried prawns as well.. were among the dishes..

ok.. quick quick!! let's take a picture first...
and then...
Thank you to the Grand Continental Hotel....


  1. Yummy food. Is it taste as good? I m eyeing on the salad..hhehehe

  2. kumfye: not really la.. i ate only a bit..

    yeeling: salad is not bad..

  3. Wah... lots of sinful treats leh...

  4. sei for la...am drooling on the prawns....

  5. that's already a good selection of food..was this the trip that you were talking abt the dirty kettles?

  6. pam: how ah? wallop first!

    kathy: eat till lau sai.. hahaa..

    lena: yes, i am phobia about buffet.. i see the food, i pau liow..

  7. Wow...your office very the kaya huh! Can book the whole swimming pool? :p

  8. that's what i like about attending courses..i got to eat and eat :)

  9. There's quite a lot of food out there. Bet you must have had a pleasant 'working holiday'!

  10. tekkaus: first time for me..

    wenn: and sleep and sleep.. too..during the day! hahaa...

    cheah: yeah, ok lar.. though homesick!

  11. I think they have the room looking very pretty!!! Was the food good? I guess you didn't swim? They used to say no swimming till two hours after you have eaten, but that is an old wives tale they say now. It looks like the pool is roped off.

  12. This one food at the pool not so geng lah, Claire... you all must don bikinis all around, dip into the pool, come form the pool, then makan at the pool then dip into the pool again and this time with a glass of wine in the pool,then with some hunks around the pool, then showing of the good cut body around the pool, then some more some more, it will be another kind of Malaysia made MTV by the pool, kan

  13. Haiyor! For a while, I thought you had this in Penang and you never invited me. Was getting angry with you already...but luckily, it turns out to be in Malacca, after all. LOL!!!

  14. You couldn't ask for more, so much food for free for you enjoy.

  15. Nothing like beautiful Malaysian food.

  16. Yummy! Great site n thanks for share this:)

  17. Wow, makan again Claire? Whats your secret ah? Still so slim?

  18. ahh.. it wud be nice to go there with ur bikini.. after makan teros go for a dip :D

  19. cath: yes.. feasting too..

    ginny: yes, the pool is closed during the evening...the rooms are not that nice but comfortable..

    eugene: u seen too many mtv.. yeah! dont expect that to happen here, scandalous!.. hahaha..

    stp: phew... nasib baik not in penang.. i m safe!! hahhaa.. dont worry, when u come ipoh, your request will be my first priority!

    bf: not so la.. can lar..

    sheohyan: i miss home ma..

    cleem: yes.. u r right..

    jessie: slim ah? thanks!! haaa..

    merryn: if i have yr figure, i will dare to....hehehe.


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