Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Eerie-ing True But Fear Not...

First time I experienced... Eerie.... but true....

Each morning after dropping my girl to school, I will go straight to the office. Normally I reach office around 7.20am, still dark and quiet in the building. I will take the lift right up to the office alone.... go through a big wooden door using my smart card, it will give a very loud "EEEE" sound when I enter. Then I will punch my attendance card and the first thing I do is to switch on all the lights and the switches are right behind, not front....

Never mind, I have been doing that for the past few years, first one to arrive ma....

But this very morning, when I was walking to the back to switch on the lights, I heard a "EEEEE" sound, so naturally I turned behind and looked who was coming in..... or perhaps I should say... who WAS NOT coming IN!!!

YES!! NO ONE WALKED IN... as far as I can see with my naked eyes....... (un-naked eyes, I don't have, thank goodness......)

Well, that is all I can say... hehehe.... I told my colleagues about it... the girls all "aiyeee...aiyee..." and one guy told me, "Now only you know ah?"... It seems this guy colleague used to come to the office at 7am those days.... but ever since he has been sensing someone walking up and down the aisle, he stopped coming so early!

So.... what time should I clock in tomorrow?? Should I lantak? I want to go early to check my emails la... as long as they-no-disturb me, it should be alright, right?

Bible verse.... *forgot what chapter* The Lord says, "You shall fear no one but Me" ...
OKay, I shall claim that verse.... "Fear NOT, for I am Here...."


  1. Scary...maybe u can tell it I dont kacau u, u dont kacau me ok

  2. Go sit in coffee shop first and go to the office when everyone has arrived. Some spirit sesat after Ching Ming, forgot the way home? Muahahahahaha!!!

  3. ooo...pretty scary. i wonder why most offices are haunted eh? the ones that i used to work for were haunted and many ppl have experienced those unseen "things" :(( could you say a lil prayer when you go into the office?

  4. Don't worry, this might be just one of the common encounters in this season. Remain cool and calm, greet those 'beings' Merry Ching Ming...

  5. erm, kind of scary. Just be safe lo, sometimes its not the spirits we should be scared of but rather evil human beings.

  6. psalm 91.
    they use this for blessing of house also. and for daily protection.

    on the other hand, maybe you don't need to come in so early. ;)

  7. er.. also let me put it this way.
    personally i feel certain timings belong to them. so if we are there at the wrong timing, not so nice mah. must share share place. hei mm hei? :P

  8. sudah baca feels so scared.. reading STP's comment not helping .. lagi takut leh!!!!!!

  9. cld it be someone just sneaked out from the office? or cld it be your colleague just pulling your leg? say your prayers, you'll be fine.

  10. just give it a good morning greet. maybe it also starting its morning duty.

  11. kathy: tell who...? now i m scared!

    stp: hahhaa... laughed at me huh..

    barb: yes, i can say prayer.. u r right!

    pam: yes, i think i was quite cool about it..

    isaac: yes, u r very right, humans are more "scary."

    tuti: u mean it is not time for me to enter the office yet? perhaps i sit downstairs first..

    merryn: that is why.. working has its problems!

    lena: say prayers..yeah! pray for protection..

    angelbear: hahaha... u r witty..

  12. Maybe a janitor?? They ususlly come in to clean overnight. It is kind of creepy alright. Does your building have security officers?? What time does everyone else come in? Wasp spray. It is PERFECT for you!! That's right, it is more effective than pepper spray or mace and ladies here keep it in their purse or on their desk. It shoots very far and will disable someone. I'm just saying to stay alert.

  13. Fear not
    but have compassion
    for the lost spirit.

    yes, scary
    Warm Aloha from Waikiki

    Comfort Spiral


  14. Another blogger on my blog list also wrote about this topic today. WHat a coincidence... anyway, I think you better not go in so early anymore la.. you just never know..better be safe than be sorry..

  15. Fear not for i am with you,, i think it is from the book of Isaac verse 41....

    you know this kind of thing,one person says, the others say,and everybody says,then it is feels like real.

    never mind one lah, as long as you claim that verse,,, kau tim already..

    Who is da house? JC is

  16. Sid, be strong in faith and nothing can touch u!

  17. I will not come in so early alone la! I am scared.

  18. Sing a song aloud, or in your heart if you encounter such insident again in future.. try Jesus Lamb of God (You are my all in all) ^^

  19. Hahaha....I have a ghost in the office too. In the toilet seemingly. One Africa lady told me she 'saw' her. Well....

    Either take breakfast in one of those wifi places if you have a lappie with you.

    Else, pray pray and pray and believe, believe and believe.

  20. Yes, read Psalms 41.. The Lord is my refuge and strength, the very present help in trouble..

  21. Lord is above all. Nonid to afraid, Claire...

  22. The place is indeed dirty I was told by the construction workers way way back when i was involved in its building supervision ... and also take note of the biggest tree in the compound ... no one was willing to chop it down .. any attempts will render the person very ill .. so it was left alone.... perhaps no thanks to the Japanese Army then .. as they had their command centre nearby ....The Wild Boar.

  23. thanks wild boar... no wonder.. i think most schools and these type of buildings are like that.. :)


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