Monday, May 30, 2011

Sing Berry, I Will Sing With You Again!

It was a hot afternoon on Saturday, after picking her up from school, we went to Ipoh Garden South for some cooling refreshments. My girl suggested Sing Berry, she heard from her friends that the place sells the best passionate drinks and desserts!

Hearing the word "desserts"... nothing can hinders me from going there, I drove round and round that area for a parking.... gosh... they were really full... never wanting to give up, I managed to park some distance away from the IN Happening area.....

These were what we ordered.... all cool and refreshing.....

Special Passionate Strawberry Shake...
From her face, you know whether it is good or not, right?

we ordered an Oreo Cheesecake to savour... RM6.90

the lady boss recommended Sweet Strawberries..
"Try.. then you will know how they taste like.. "
She mixed something like assam inside the strawberries..
Indeed they were so refreshing!!

they came in a big glass bowl...RM13.00

Not sour... but sweet!!

This is really a Dessert Time...

Happening here in Sing Berry..
Well, I certainly want to come back for more...
I want to try their different type of drinks...
and of course their cakes, pastries and puffs too!

Sing Berry is at 11, Tingkat Taman Ipoh 12
Ipoh Garden South


  1. We've something like this here - Kokoberry...but I never stop by anymore. Not into those sweet stuff. Mostly for young people.. Oops!!! LOL!!!

  2. The oreo cheesecake looked very similar to the chinese "pak thong koe".

    I love my sweet stuff, but dun think we could get a chance to savour it if in Sibu, since Arthur tak suka! lolz

  3. Look at the cheesecake!! So tempting!! ^^

  4. Great blog. Do visit my blog and leave your footprints by posting comments

  5. haha, sweet strawberries.. for sure they have processed that before serving to you.. either pre-soaked in syrup and then add somemore sugar before serving.. :p

  6. stp: chop!! i take that as a compliment!! hahahaa...

    gratitude: oh, i must try the kokoberry if we go sibu! pak thong koe? one of my favourite too!

    hayley: fattening or not huh?

    nilofer: ok..going in a while..

    sk: i mean they are natural sweet la.. not those sweetened one.. normally those bought from camerons, quite sour..

  7. Oh WOW desserts and refreshing drinks, couldn't ask for much more. Glad the two of you had a great time, I bet it was worth the long walk from the car to the eating place.

  8. read ur comments and then huh? hw come got sibu one?

    went to ipoh ler, but we just went to all the tongs... nice lor. :P

  9. Sing Berry, eat liao Dance Berry....

  10. Assam with strawberry, sounds new to me. Must try it sometime :)

  11. Patty: i sure wanna go again..

    medie: stp and gratitude mentioned sibu ma..hope u all had a good time in ipoh..

    pete: disco Berry next!!

    anncoo: yes, i thought it wont be nice but surprisingly it was!

  12. Oh my, all so sweet!! Not good for health haha!! I would love that Oreo Cheesecake! : )

  13. Awww...looks good and appealing to those who loves strawberry. :p

  14. I would definitely love those strawberries!

  15. This all looks yummy!!! And what a great time with just you and your daughter, these are the things life is made of, the little moments that come by and are so sweet.

  16. That strawberry shake looks yummy. In fact all those strawberries are beckoning. Thanks for stopping. I am a new follower.

  17. mmmm...strawberries :) I like them with honey. And I'm making a strawberry cake next weekend!

  18. Hi Reanaclaire, never heard of this drink before but sounds, looks real good.
    Re looking for parking space....I remember on our last trip back a friend took us to I think Super Kinta mall....
    Holy Smoke, he had to drive around few times to find a spot to park.

    Fortunately we don't have that problems here....
    Besides, I'd noticed that trip lots of people double parking too, blocking other cars etc.
    Here we have roving Parking Enforcement officers, they take no prisoners.....and those who try learn very fast when see the ticket fine, ha ha.
    You have a nice day.

  19. foong: eating fresh fruits ok kan? dont frighten me.. :p

    chris: i belanja u if u come.. hahaa..

    tekkaus: my girl la..she likes!

    mery: :)

    wenn: one day we go there?

    ginny: yes, u r very right!

    manza: thanks for following!

    dez: wow..i m go and see...

    u.lee: nowadays most families have cars now.. some more than one.. so it is not surprising that parking lots are insufficient..

  20. OREO CHEESE CAKE! ME WANT!! oh gosh... desserts is awesome :D

  21. wowo!! very happening now in Ipoh!! must go must go...

  22. daniel: sweet tooth we have!

    simon: high 5!

    cynthia: yes, come come!

  23. *Drooling at the strawberry* It's difficult to get strawberry that is not sour here. :)

  24. Wa, you so rich lah, hot hot, can go and have cool cool stuffs,i hot hot, mandi mandi dan mandi only,,, can not afford to go Sing Berry cos not enough money to sing lol.......


  25. cheeyee: yes, everytime buy back from JJ, sour ones more than sweet..

    eugene: u have your happy times yamsing, i have happy times eating sing... berries.. hahaha..

  26. Mmmm, that's made me hungry just reading it! :o)

  27. oooh...Strawberry favourite. But so far....Ipoh.

  28. The oreo cake is more expensive than secret recipe....heheh..must be good right

  29. Dessert looks good, yummy. I got sweet tooth.

  30. Your girl? so she is your daughter? LOL

    ok I dun think the cake tempted me from your photo but I would like to try the strawberry above :D

  31. Now I'm hungry!
    Looking forward to your game picks for Monday's blogfest!

  32. oh, i like their juices very much!I think they have two types, one with crushed ice and one without. I prefer the ones with ice because the other one is a little bit thick for me.slurp!!

  33. I'm drooling now. It all looks so delicious.


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