Saturday, December 10, 2011

Home Cooked Meal, Please...

Andy is home!! He came back yesterday after his finals... will be pursuing his degree in January.. so from today onwards, he will go for a "walloping food spree" in IPOH...

But he wanted home-cooked for dinner... so I think I need to compliment myself a bit for Cooking a proper meal after so many weeks of hanging up my WOK in the kitchen.... lol...

True enough, my WOK has much dust... I need to scrub and scrub before I can start using it... (kwa cheong!)

So what did I come up with??  To prepare a simple meal is not easy.. I really salute those who can cope up with cooking lots and lots of dishes during festive seasons....  Really "look up" on to them...

For 2 dishes and soup, it took me few hours to get them ready for dinner... cham moe!
Andy requested for "lobak tong" (radish soup)
Bought some big pork bones, dumped in some
abalone strips and crushed pepper...
for three hours slow fire, the soup was very sweet and nice... 
his favourite dish, potato chicken!
but it seems the potatoes have "buried" the meat...
and a kilo of this vegetable.. forgot what it was called..
First time buying and cooking this... 
and there were around 10 earthworms in them!!
(that shows no chemical spray, right??)
The dinner...
that took me hours to come up with... 
Rusty cooking hands, done with slow motion...


  1. Looks great, Claire! Congrats! I notice everything you cooked has sauce in it. That is very Chinese. In America, we tend to cook dry (e.g., broiled steaks, roast chicken, even hamburgers are dry).

  2. gigi, yes, we need sauce to go with our white rice.. otherwise too dry, difficult to swallow.. :)

  3. applause! good cooking that soup looks good and tasty too. You should cook more homecooked food for Andy :)

  4. favorite radish soup!

  5. I would NEVER want to eat out if I lived with you!!! I have always said you are such a good cook, it all looks yummy. But my favorite is that potato chicken, wow!!! Could you give me the recipe???

  6. Nothing can beat mum's cooking - it has that special ingredient...LOVE!

  7. Keep it up, Claire. You will get used to cooking for the family soon. I have been cooking for both my old folks for years. However, it's neither my dad or my mum who insisted on having home-cooked meals but me! Just cannot take those outside food prepared with excessive oil and salt.

  8. Mun's cooking is always the best. Radish soup & potato chicken, both my favourite. For radish soup I used to put dried cuttle fish in it.

  9. Nice dishes! I like all except maybe the radish soup - not my favourite haha! Mom's cooking is always the best! : )

  10. Mama's homecooked meal is always the best.. regardless of how simple the dishes are! Keep it up, Mommy! ;)

  11. Wow.. three hours to make the soup.. that's so long.. but you should be happy your son prefers home-cooked dish.. i bet he's much healthier than me.. heehee

  12. err, your rice cooker got collect dust or not?? LOL!

  13. hahaa.. rice cooker no dust cos i have to cook rice for labbie!

    bella: boil soup in slow fire for 3 hours..

    inspiredmom: yes, simple but enough for him..

    foong: radish is to take out toxic in the body.. :)

    irene: i thought of putting but then i have put in abalone sideskins.. :)

    pam: what a filial daughter.. i am waiting for my day.. hahaa..

    Chris: i didnt know that! :)

    stp: hehehe.. u understand huh..

    elin: tomorrow go market! :)

    ginny: sure.. I will email to u..

    kathy: yes, good for body cleansing..

  14. Claire... I wan the potato chicken. Looks very sedap. =.= Tumpang makan, boleh?

  15. Claire, I guess you have improved. Your homecooked dishes look good.

  16. Ooooh, my little girl (not so little anymore) loves the meat and potatoes dish and each time she comes home, she'll ask for that. Looks a delicious spread! ... getting hungry.

  17. No matter how simple, Mum's home cooked dishes are always the best in the eyes of the children..:)

  18. all are my favourite dishes! to cook and to eat :-D


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