Sunday, December 11, 2011

Welcome Home, Samsung, Goodbye Panasonic!

For one month I persevered ... watching my "out-of-order" LCD... I think I am getting quite used to watching humans without much facial expressions but my kids... hmmm... they rather not watch TV anymore, they told me that their eyes are getting spoilt watching images like these below....
my Panasonic LCD I bought around 4 or 5 years back
The price then was RM3,300 for 32 inches.
And now it only cost around RM900 or so...
Now that Andy is back and my girl has finished her finals...
It is time to get a new TV....
This time a Samsung LED 40 inches costing RM1750.00
At least now I can see human expressions once more... 
I hope this one can last me more than 5 years...
Samsung, you hear that?
Don't let me down, please...


  1. Wah!!! Kaya! But good... We don;t spend also the money will somehow disappear...mysteriously. LOL!!!

  2. wahhhhh now can see your "idol" in action without eyes getting juling

  3. At last you spend on something worthwhile. Now you can enjoy watching yr favourite drama without spoiling yr eyes.

  4. luck you get a new tv now..cannot imagine you watching the badmintons in those crooked scenes...kepala pusing!!

  5. stp: this is a necessity, right? have to tighten the belt this one whole month.. hahahaha..

    kathy: how did i manage to watch tv with 3/4 image, i wonder.. hahaha..

    irene: yes, rather than spending on makan, right?

    lena: memang la.. no wonder i got sick!

  6. No 3D one kah? while watching your fav bedminton hero, you can see the shuttle cock comes out from the screen boh....

  7. Goodbye Pan hello dear Samsung
    Goodbye blur hello clear image
    Suddenly need a new kind of LED
    Will last for 5 years.♫

    Annyeong Haseyo.. Sri Cliff Richard!!!!

    Goodbye Sam hello Samantha
    Goodbye Joe hello Joanne.
    Suddenly need a new kind of company
    Someone to love me.

  8. bean: my eyes cannot tahan the 3D la.. tried them on .. dont really like it..

    bananaz: as usual, the singing blogger!!! next time we must organize a karoke again.. hahaha..

  9. wahh now can spend 24 hours watching tv d :D


  10. Congrats on your latest acquisition, Claire! Happy viewing!

  11. wow, the prices have gone down so much. A 40 inch for only rm1750??? plus its led. Not a bad buy.

  12. Samsung is one of the top rated brands here, and highly thought of. We still have our Panasonic. Oh, you got a bigger one this time, too!!! I guess Andy helped you set it up? I'm so glad for you!

  13. fish: i need thicker specs then!

    gigi: yes..view more.. work less.. hahaa..

    isaac: yes, these gadgets depreciate every now and then...

    Ginny: no, the technician came and fix it up... they provide these services..

  14. wow, nice TV!! so this is the christmas present for yourself?? hahaha.. good, can party and show off the new tv to your friends already!! haha.. :D

  15. Nice TV! More reason to stay at home now, haha :P

  16. We will do everything for the children, won't we?

  17. may you enjoy this one for many years!

    Aloha from Waikiki

    Comfort Spiral

    > < } } ( ° >


    < ° ) } } > <

  18. After buying the new TV set, will you be looking forward to this coming Monday (19th Dec.)? Haha...

  19. Hi,
    So long time didn't visit you. I have my new blog already. Last time was - Journey of my Life. Now its in wordpress already.

    Come by sometime la.

    BTW, I have just monetize my account and noticed that you don't have google adsense. Every thought of applying? Email me at if you need any help with that. I have just gone into Internet Business, so, I know a lot of stuff. Share for free :-)

  20. Wahh LED TV! So high tech! Love the colours!! :) Sure more time in front of TV dy.. :P

  21. RM1750 for 40 inch LED is a good deal! All these new TVs seems quite affordable compared to few years ago.

    Maybe it's time for me to upgrade too!

  22. Congrats on your new TV. I'm sure you'll spend more hours in front of it..:)

  23. Woot! It's nice to have a new tv! :)

  24. Yes...anything new in the house is nice.. only pocket not nice.. hahaha..

  25. Can you believe that my tv is still the old and bulky type (cathode-ray)? Already 8 years+ but still won't konk yet. We want to upgrade but sayang to throw the old one away :p


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