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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Back North To De Baron Resort Langkawi

I am jumbling up my posts! From south to north and north to south and back north!

My sister was asking me during dinner a moment ago whether the hotel De Baron was nice or not... I replied the hotel was okay but definitely not my choice of destination. Was everything being paid for, she continued to ask... Yes, that was a FOC trip, all inclusive with six meals per day but yours truly here only managed to take three only...the only thing not free was the shopping and the karaoke.  :)
The lobby in De Baron, Langkawi...
behind the resort... leading to a swimming pool and the sea...
the platform overlooking the sea....
the sails at sea... the only sight spectacular...
and here I was... getting ready....
but the picture came out a bit too soon... lol..
the garden terrace was quite nice actually...
if only....
OK, I won't complain much...
and this will be the last of my Langkawi post...
No more trips in December...
It will be a month of rest... 


  1. how did u manage to be here and there and everywhere and still have energy to blog? salute betul!!

    btw, nice place here.. i wana go someday :)

  2. mamakucing: next time u go, u tell me.. hehehe...

    merryn: that was why I came back flat! :)

  3. Nice place...are you sure you will be resting throughout Dec?

  4. Things do look a bit dark and wintery. Will you be home for Christmas with the whole family? Who will cook, your mom?

  5. Eyewwww!!!! The floral centrepiece in the lobby! It looks like... Ummmm...can't beat Payung in Sibu, that's for sure. Hehehehehehe!!!!

  6. kathy: good!!

    andrew: at this time, my decision is home sweet home.. hahaa..

    wenn: serenity, right?

    ginny: yes, i will be home for Christmas and most probably going to my in-laws for the feast! :)

    stp: a very modest hotel here.. :)

  7. what a refreshing and gret view you have there just so amazing

  8. Oo..there u landed in Langkawi. I miss the seafood there.

  9. shirley: u will have lots of kitchenware to buy over there... :)

    yeeling: Oh, i didnt get to taste any real seafood over there then :(


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