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CHIJMES In Victoria Street, Singapore

 Just opposite the Carlton Hotel in Singapore where I stayed, there stood a beautiful structured historic building complex which I heard has been gazetted as a national monument.  It is called CHIJMES also known as Convent of the Holy Infant Jesus... (my school's name is also CHIJ but based in Ipoh... 
CHIJMES Singapore..
But now this Catholic convent school and their convent quarters has been "turned over" and restored for commercial purposes, it becomes a shopping, dining and an entertainment centre....
we entered the CHIJMES to check what was in store inside...
it reminded me of my own former school.. 
the design is almost the same...
With the lightings, the Chijmes look vibrant even at night...
from the place where I stood, the diners were having their meals below...
I was wondering...
a convent school turned into pubs and entertainment...
funny to think of that, right?
but then if it is not restored and maintained,
what would become of this convent...
Well, I guess this is not for me to answer...
but one thing for sure is that...
the Convents in Malaysia will never be changed to entertainment purposes...


  1. Beautiful scenery by night. A nice catholic school being converted for commercial purposes, sounds interesting.

  2. From heaven to hell? Ya...that was sometime ago, that convent school was relocated somewhere. Very sad that they could not stay there - I guess they could not maintain it and were given an attractive offer.

  3. From heavenly spirit to intoxicating spirits.

  4. irene: when I entered the building, it reminded me of my own school..

    stp: it was quite a big area... yes..

    chris: yeah..1996...

    kathy: i went in to look see look see only..

    bananaz: clever with words.. :)

  5. at first i thought it was a church hahaha the place was so awesome i mean with those structures?

  6. beautiful.. yes it is indeed a question mark how a convent becomes a pub :) I've know one place in my town, the vice versa.. it was a pub and restaurant and burns.. when it rise up again, it becomes a church now:)

  7. mecoy: i think those were built during British times.. colonial days..

    janeth: i guess they dont want to let go such a nice building into waste or ruins.. it is a historial place.. good to be restored..

    wenn: yes...very!

  8. yeah, this is a nice place to hang out.. how nice they convert this church into a posh hang out place huh??

  9. I remember this place. The food there is very very pricey.

  10. sk: yes, it is a nice place to have a tete-a-tete...

  11. yan, how about the food... is it nice?

  12. aww, why is it so freaking damn beautiful. like it was some sort of Europe countries only have.


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