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New Year Gifts From Blog-Gers

I am in my fifties, no more a bouncing "spring chicken" as someone said.  I am getting more and more forgetful now... I even end up wearing my skirt the other way round and my t-shirt inside out....


There are some "certain people" who say I look very young.............  from behind, that is.... LOL....

Ok, what is the secret?

The Secret to Staying Young is to Live Sensibly, Eat Healthily and LIE about your Age!  LOL...

And Age is actually mind over Matter...
If you don't mind, it doesn't Matter!

Where did I get these quotes? 

These two magnetic bookmarks are sent by this Sibu Icon....
Thank you, Arthur...
The quotes will remind me that I must always stay Young!!

And secondly, I received this box of Goodies from a Mama blogger!
Many of you know her too...
She is a bold and determined Mama Queen
because she calls her daughter Princess...
Thank you, Cynthia for your goodies...
They are all handy items... including the voucher as well!!


  1. so nice, so many gifts from the blogger friends.. and it's ONE WHOLE BOX!! @_@"

  2. WOW that's indeed a lot of blessing claire

  3. sk: hahaha.. yes..actually it is a giveaway...

    mecoy: yes indeed!

  4. ahem ahem...i thought you are only 28 wor :p

  5. You don't need anything to stay young looking, you always look like a beautiful young spring chicken to me!

  6. Just a little something from my trip - things there wayyyyy too expensive, can only afford these little little things...hope you don't mind. As they say, it's the thought that counts, right?

  7. Lot of nice.
    I did received the same gift from Cynthia...

  8. kathy: thank you.. ahemmmm... ahemmmmm

    wenn: hahah.. wish i could...

    ginny: thank you!! spring chicken i might not be.. but can still dance a bit.. hahaha..

    stp: your little something makes me feel young.. hahahaa.. thank you for your thoughts..

    mery: great!! they are our daily necessities.. :)

  9. Wow..a special kind of bookmark. U r always young, Claire!

  10. Nice gifts. It is the thoughts that counts.

  11. Haha...yes, totally agree with you. It's really all what you believe. Most important our hearts stay young :D So, it really doesn't matter if you wear your clothing inside out, upside down, or back to front or front to back....LOL. Hope that doesn't happen to me though....haha. My girls would be rolling on the floor with laughters! :D

  12. ling: as young as you.. hahaa..

    irene: exactly! :)

    mary: do that on april fool's day.. hahaha..

  13. So many people sayang you...

  14. wow so nice! stay young woots :D

  15. chris: sama-sama la... :)

    juin: I will, woots!


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