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Winnie The Pooh And Spongebob Are Her Mates

My girl's second home is none other than her uni hostel... For first year students, the hostel rooms are so-so only... cement flooring with a bit of holes here and there.. well, anyway, there is nothing much to complain since their hostel rates are less than RM150 per month... on the positive side, it is good to allow our kids to "endure" a bit of discomfort so that they will realize that Home is always Sweet.. hahaha.....

Recently she told me that her batch have been "upgraded" to better rooms and last week I helped her to "shift house." Indeed the current rooms are much better than the former... and she told me that she will not be coming home so often now.. oh dear....

Anyway, when I saw the room, I have to agree with her...
On one side of her wall, someone put up her favourite cartoon character...
She loves it so much....

On the other side of the wall, someone left behind the Spongebob stickers...
Even the cupboard has some cartoon characters on it...
Now she feels very comfortable here.. 
No wonder she doesn't want to come home so often now..
*shrug shoulders* 
O Well....


  1. Oh Well.... move on, Lady....

  2. Em, the hostel room looks familiar. Or do all hostel room look like this? Hmm, hmm...

  3. bean: Well...oh.oh...

    yvonne: I think they are more or less standardized.. :)

  4. errr, did the hostel comes with such cartoon package, or it was the previous tenants that left the room "cartoonized"??? i would prefer Doraemon though~~ :D

  5. Good morning. Just dropping in a few lines before rushing to work. hehe....What a lovely room. Btw, where about she's studying?

  6. Is she not coming home so often because her room is better now? Sorry, Claire! But a room cannot replace mom.

  7. Very nice room.......I love all those stickers..

  8. Sooooo nice!!!!! You should see Melissa's room at that teacher-training institute in Sg Petani. Such a dump! Really really so disgraceful...and to think those people would come out as teachers!!! Have to teach themselves first...and the admin and lecturers should take drastic measures to rectify the absolutely shocking situation and maintain the place well. That was Malaysia Boleh true and true!!! So glad she's out of there now...

  9. oh well...means more time for you to travel....maybe to KL?

  10. Wah, your girl so big still like baby characters ahh? Haha... well, I have to agree the room does look nice but I think it's rather small from the angle you took, right? Does she have a radio/CD player or kids don't need them now these days? I remember my time, I have a CD player - my best companion - in my room, besides my Teddie. ; )

  11. Oh ya... offer her your laundry service lar, maybe that will give more incentive for her to come back home... hehehe

  12. Oh ya... offer her your laundry service lar, maybe that will give more incentive for her to come back home... hehehe

  13. Those left over stickers made the hostel room look nicer haha.

  14. Spongebob is one of my fav cartoon..

  15. The room somehow looks cozy and comfy. Must be the stickers.haahahha

  16. never know the hostel room are so nice, with matching wardrobe, study table and curtain too..

  17. well i think she have adjusted on her place now
    and perhaps it is not that she doesn't want to go home with you,

  18. I love those cartoon stickers on the wall! They really make a boring room come alive!


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