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Bye To 2013, Hello 2014 !!

 Today is the last day of the year 2013, have to bid farewell.... now thinking back, this year 2013 has been a "bit of everything"....mixed emotions, good, bad, happy, sad, lonely, alone, satisfying, contentment, painful experiences, stressful times, joy, pleasure, proud.... yes, proud... see, it is a mixture of everything, be it good or not-so-bad... hahahaa... Here's to wishing everyone a Good Healthy Year in 2014... Let's gallop in the 2014 with a cheerful heart! hahahaha...

Precious Moments Of Round-Up Trip

A roundup of what and how I enjoyed myself during my three days short stay in Kuala Lumpur.... I would love to do these again and again whenever the opportunity arises...  Evening stroll before dinner.... Eating durians till the face goes "funny looking!" Muak Muak.... And eating them continuously in the kitchen..... But not to worry, I did a lot of exercise here....  (Picking up the ping pang ball can be very strenuous!) Last and not least, I love this the most... "Jamming" with the youth...  They make me feel young too... "When Will I See You Again? When will we share these Precious Moments?

My Pool Lessons At The Resort

It was really a relaxing holiday for my family... too bad it was a bit too short, a three days vacation is definitely too short when everyone is enjoying themselves tremendously.  Leaving the work pressure in the office, never need to do housework, no kids to chase after and make sure they are fed properly... phewwww ...To me, a real Vacation means all food and play with your love ones, never having to think of anything else... this is what I call bliss...  Everyone seems to be having a good time and that includes the younger generation as well... I never know Andy can play pool so well.... Now I am wondering whether I paid his college fees and pool tuition fees as well or not.... hmmmm....  He seems to know this game very well....I rather not ask....  benefit of the doubt.... So here we are...learning some tips from him....   Lesson in progress.....    Demonstration going on....   This is the way how to do it.....  Let me try..... where shall I put my h

A Christmas Night To Remember

The moment we have been waiting for has finally arrived... it was the Christmas event and the reason we went down south to celebrate with my love ones.  A joyous and merry family bonding, meeting and knowing new friends and having a good time together.  What brings people together in such an occasion?  Yes, food and entertainment!  Give thanks and the  party begins! The layout... simple food ahead....   Ice Kacang Stall is included...  Part of the catered food... More glorious food.... But the main highlight of the food galore is none other than this...  What a meaty feast.....  I restrained myself from eating more than I wanted to.... seriously I did...   I prefer these sugar icing red velvet cup cakes... Simply fabulous!    The night ended with some Christmas Songs...  Thank you for such a memorable evening.... Hope we can do this more often... Time is really precious...At least Life is..... Let's just be humble a

Bak Kut Teh Lunch In Kuala Lumpur

Best Bak Kut Teh here?   Well, I am not really a Big fan of BKT but the other dishes are something to shout about... I think this is my second time here and we celebrated our family reunion lunch at this place.... Someone is walking towards the shop.... Here is the shop for the BKT... At the entrance... it was before 12pm so the crowd was not there yet.. Young adults... Crispy Fried Fish... Stewed Fish... Claypot stewed pork.. Bak Kut Teh... Pork Ribs... Must eat with cilipadi.. only got ooommph!! Last and not least, some blanched vegetables... Happy Holidays, folks! Short post... will be back to normal next Monday.. Now abnormal blogging... hahahaa.... 

Working Out In Kuala Lumpur

Christmas Day!! Church service ended at 12.15am the previous night and we slept around 2am... We were quite tired this morning and we took our own sweet time to pack up for our short holiday to Kuala Lumpur. Left Ipoh around 1pm and reached KL two hours later, a smooth journey, thank God for that. I received quite a number of comments that I have gained weight, rounded in every way... hahahaa... I know this trip will be a Foodie holiday so I better do some workout before the food intake.... An evening walk at 5pm.... sun or no sun, we went for our half hour jog and walk... ahemmm.... Taking a stroll first... to warm up..... Am I that rounded?  hmmm... How come they said I gained so much? A resort house... I mean it looks like one... Ok, Let's start Jogging!! Warm up a bit first... jump, jump!! Sweating.... taking a break..... Welcome to my world..... someone seems to be implying... hahahaa... Soon we reached our finishing point.... This

Christmas Greetings To You, My Friends!

This is the time of the year that we are with our love ones... I am looking forward to this day where my house will be filled with noise again... Before my holiday starts, I would like to have some fun here.. So here I am...   A short post to Wish All My Readers, Friends, Family ... May your Christmas sparkle with moments of love, laughter and goodwill, And may the year ahead be full of contentment and joy. May this Christmas end the present year on a cheerful note  and make way for a fresh and bright New Year!!   CHEERS!!