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Wan Jia At Taman Wangsa Permai, Kepong

The seabass soup noodles lasted us till dinner... see , I have only two meals per day but what I don't understand is why I still gain weight when I eat "so little"...   This is really a mystery of weight gain! hehehee .. Coming back to the main topic, we had our dinner in Wan Jia Restaurant in Kepong.  It is my second time eating here and I was told that they have many signature dishes that are very succulent and tasty!  Here are some of them....   Steamed Village Chicken... ...and the chicken blends in very well with the Bentong ginger sauce.. And their Fish Head curry is not to be missed as well...  I can practically drink the curry from the bowl and savour the sweetness of ingredients! Venison with ginger and spring onions.... Bitter gourd with salted eggs... Very fragrant and tasty! Highly recommended... Wanted something green-ny and this watercress enhances the whole meal... The meal started off.... And ended ...  Oh, tha

Big Family Restaurant In Taman Industri Sg. Buloh

Here we are again in Big Family Restaurant at Taman Industri Sungai Buloh!   This place has become one of my food haunts whenever I go down south.  It is not everyday that I get to eat such fresh Seabass noodles, in fact, I do not know any other place in Ipoh selling something like this. The only place I have been in Ipoh is the Lucky Restaurant in Pasir Puteh but I doubt they have this type of noodles cooked like what I have here in this food court restaurant. The Red and the Black Fish... So fresh... just look at the fangs.... (Now only I notice)  Reminds me of Piranha! And this is my bowl of koay teow noodles with the "Fish Yu Nam"  RM22   Some fishballs to accompany the bowl of noodles...  Thick skinned fish... lots of collagen... This bowl of fish goes very well with their superhot chilli padi! One bite on the chilli, the tongue is more or less "shocked-ed"  Get what I mean?  hahahaaaa... For fish lovers, this is the

Dinner At D'Fong Cafe, Bandar Sri Damansara

Madam Kwan's lunch kept us full until late that evening. We had a very late dinner.. by the time we reached D'Fong cafe in Sri Damansara, it was almost 9pm...  We didn't want anything elaborate that night and also no-rice-please because of the nasi lemak we had in the afternoon.  So we just have a simple dinner, noodles will be Great!  Level 1, Ativo Plaza,  Lot B-G-10, Block B, No 1, Jalan PJU 9/1,  Damansara Avenue, Bandar Sri Damansara,  PJU 9, Kuala Lumpur.   At the entrance in front of Ativo Plaza...   There is a private room and all of us gladly utilized it.... Jelly lemon drink to start off..... Here are some of the food we dug in... Mini mantau burgers as appetizers... Fried Koay Teow... around RM10.90 if not mistaken... I like the Sambal Dried Prawns to go with the CKT....   Koay teow in seafood gravy... The prices are more or less the same.... D'Fong Special Meal.... Fried with spaghetti noodles.. I find t

First Meal At Madam Kwan, 1 Utama

One of the reasons for cancelling my Singapore trip is because I have to go to Kuala Lumpur.... I have booked the Firefly in April, it was the cheapest rate then... but alas last minute, something propped up and my family had to drive down on Sunday.  I was quite worried about the jam but to my delight, going down south was a smooth journey but not the other way round.  Many cars were seen going up north instead... Hope coming back to Ipoh will be as smooth too! My first meal after touching down KL.... Met up with Madam Kwan for the first time...  Must "acknowledge" the Madam Kwan before entering... right?  hahahaha.... While waiting for the food... Madam Kwan's special Nasi Lemak... Fragrant to the fullest.... Their signature fried chicken... Nasi Briyani with Fried Drumstick And Rojak as desserts... A satisfying meal....  To burn our calories, we lingered in 1Utama for some time...  My girl is most happy to do that! 


Oh.. oh... I missed the flight to the Lion City! I was supposed to fly yesterday from Ipoh to Singapore at 4.50pm... But I am still in Ipoh today...  Why? Because one of the reasons might be this.....  Yes, The Big Bad Wolf Book Sale is in IPOH! How could I miss this Big Sale??   I joined in the crowd this afternoon....  Parking was not a problem...  As soon as I arrived, there was one car coming out... How blessed!   After reading so much about the Happenings in Facebook, I was contemplating whether to go or not to go... And the decision to come was finally made  Singapore trip was hence cancelled...  Believe it or not... hahahahaa... Exaggerating here....  I spent quite some time here...  Looking at the crowd... browsing through the books...  Indeed they are very cheap... very irresistible.. But queuing up to pay is a problem... They told me that it almost took an hour to pay.... Thank goodness I saw her.... She w

Hakka Noodles In Hong Hin Old Town, Ipoh

I love to take my breakfast in this shop here in old town but I seldom have a chance to. The reason is that this shop is always "Full House".... Sometimes I will stand and wait for awhile but most times, I will land up in some other shops nearby.   This shop is called Hong Hin and it has been operating since 1970s.  I was working nearby then and the vendors were quite elderly.  But now it is being manned by a young couple and their mama. (I think)   On this particular morning, I saw a Caucasian making some enquiries at the stall...    I overheard he asking what the ingredients are... fish?  How about this?   And the young lady was patiently explaining to him despite the busyness... We were sitting on the five foot way.... and from my angle, this building came into view... Nice colonial building... now only I realize...  Triangle shaped.... Just right opposite from where I am sitting is the Goldsmith shop which has been operating many years ago.....

Algerian Plane Missing?

Oh No... Is that true?  I just got the news from my friend in watsapp.... missing plane again?  What is happening in our world these days?  One after another, the distressing and tragic news come... I just googled about the Algerian plane and the following news from An Air Algerie airliner has vanished en route from Burkina Faso to Algiers across the Sahara Flight AH5017 had 110 passengers on board, including some 50 French citizens, as well as six Spanish crew members The plane was chartered from Spain's Swiftair UN officials suggest the plane may have come down in north-eastern Mali in bad weather  I hope it is false alarm... it is not true... just too much to handle all at once... The more I read online, the sadness begin to grow deeper and if I don't hold myself back, I feel I can just burst into tears thinking about them.   At that moment of time, I tore myself from dwelling further.... I feel I am getting old... Too much sad news... I tell myself...

A Vegetarian Meal For Two In Home Recipe Cafe, Ipoh

I love food but I confess that I am not a "Big Portion" eater ... unbelievable but true... *serious*... Normally I don't take a lot especially during dinner time.  I believe in having a good and heavy meal for breakfast... then something light for lunch and not so heavy during dinner. Sometimes I opt for a meat-less meal and there is one vegetarian shop which I like to do for dinner.  It is called Home Recipe Cafe or in Mandarin, it is written as "One Family" cafe... My friend and I are small eaters.... so we ordered these to share among both of us.... One plate of curry vegetarian rice to be shared by both of us.... :) We ordered a plate of eggplants with basil leaves...  Sounds good... tastes great! My friend chose this dish... She said something fanciful that she has not tried before... Neither did I..... Beancurd (Taufoo Pok) stuffed with cooked sengkuang at bottom and alfalfa as toppings...  There are 4 pieces in one plate... just