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Dedicated To Lynn (29.2.2008)

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO LYNN LYNN HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU.............. Today you told me that that you are only 7 years old but in actual fact, you are 7 x 4 years of age..I wondered how come...then you explained to can only celebrate your birthday once in every four years and so today is only the 7th time you can actually have your birthday on the exact date....wah..sounds confusing... but nevertheless, you are correct.... sounds pitiful too, Mui Mui... haha... but on the other hand, you are so special, so special from the rest of us... Another fascinating fact and amazing thing that you told me is... your eldest sister is also born on the 29th I really think of it, it is indeed a special gift from God.... and He has given your Mum the honour of giving birth to 2 BABIES on the 29th February..... no joke.. this is really amazing..amazing...what more can I say....To give birth naturally too, no pre-plan dates,


My prediction for the next American Idol... goes to.... DAVID ARCHULETA!!! Wow..he is really something, when he croons his slow song, you feel he is singing just for you and you alone...his eyes has a magical touch, his lips...hmmm...even while he is singing, he can still smile through his song (hope u get what i mean) to describe him more, its just too difficult, the only way is to watch the show itself, every thursday, starting from 9.30pm 8TV..(pow wow) Last nite, he sang "IMAGINE" by the late John Lennon, it was so beautiful and touching, he changed the version and sang his own style...and...he brought tears to this Paula was just awesome and amazing...even Simon Cowell was touched and commented that the other 19 contestants will have a tough time this year... For your information, David is only 17 and if he goes on singing this way, no setback or flaws, he might be the next American Idol, hope he really will be....... for more details, go to http://www.a

Hospital cum Hotel....

Just came back from hospital, its 9.30pm now....since my cousin is flying back to Dubai tomorrow nite via Singapore, we discussed about the many issues about Sam Sook.... where he is going to be, who is taking care, the hows and the whats for the next procedure.... and then finally the cost as at to date, i was quite taken aback when he told me the bill came to RM18,000/- . Wow, its only a week tomorrow and it has gone up so sky high....phew.... Ipoh Specialist in Ipoh, newly built wing with nice, big spacious rooms, with a 32 inch plasma tv hanging on the wall in front of the patient's bed, a 3+1 seater sofa with leg rest , a built-in cupboard and a dressing table at the not for the single bed, it really looks like a hotel room, even a hotel room doesnt have a plasma tv for all I know.... Sam Sook will be staying in this high class, i mean... till next Tuesday, meanwhile waiting for his younger son to fly back from China..

I started a joke.......(stale joke)

Election is around the corner, its on the 8th next month.. the youngest candidate, as far I know, is only 26 yrs of age and the oldest is joke...89!!!.... She is a gutsy old lady from the East Malaysia, if I m not mistaken, ... and who knows, she might win some votes or 2 from the senior citizens of her age... I wonder what motivates her to stand as a candidate..I really wonder... Let me tell an old joke, I m sure some have heard about it before..... It was during one election time ..... There was this elderly old chinese lady who was lining up for her turn to vote at one of the polling classrooms, she was really in deep deep thoughts, scratching her head, thinking of which party to put vote for .. Upon reaching her turn, she couldnt stand it any longer and turned to the man behind her.....and said, "Sin Sang, (Mister), who shall I vote for?" Before the man could answer, the policeman guarding at the door, put up his fingers and said , "Shhhhh..sssshhhh...."



Food For Today

Sunday comes and goes....another hot burning day in Ipoh....morning got up very early and sent my girl to school.. then spent my time in hospital and taking my cousin out for breakfast... we went for dim sum at a newly opened shop along Raja Ekram...not so good but quite cheap... Then we went to a photo studio shop to develop some pictures, spent an hour there downloading pics to the CD...all in all, 245 pics need to be developed and he said his father, Sam Sook can spend his time looking at the pictures of his grandkids during his free time.... If anyone likes rojak, the best place to go is Jelapang new village...its near the main road...metal zinc stall with just a standing fan...but the food there is worth trying... they have ice kacang, coconut water and cooling one is the wan tau long...its like a yellow agar-agar thing, jelly like and its good for those with hypertension.... For your information, B, tonite we took him to Marpoh Restaurant...we ordered simple dishes, 4 dishes plus

A Short Poem to You, Lord

Today is Saturday...another hot day of the week...been out since 8.30am this morning till an hour ago, I m now back to home sweet home...nothing is like home, where its cooler and cozier compared to the burning furnace outside....It is very quiet now and I was wondering whether my previous blog yesterday was a bit harsh or not... Tot of deleting it, but after second tots, i decided not to, after all, this is a blog... and we are supposed to write our views and to express ourselves without fear or favor.... Before I continue on, I hope this blog of mine will not offend anyone in particular and please forgive me if I do.... It is meant to be shared and by sharing, we can learn to edify one another....No one is perfect except our Lord Jesus Christ... Let me end my afternoon's blog With these words to our Lord.. Before we venture out each day Lets take time to say a prayer Be it short, be it sweet, Let the words rise up to Him A word of thanks, a word of praise From Him always, we'

My Million Ringgit Answer

Feelings.... The first statement that my aunt A (Sam Sook's younger sister) made when she stepped into my mum's house was..."how much property did Sam Goh give to you that you have to help him so much?"...... My youngest sister was caught off guarded by my aunt's outburst and my mum was also speechless as well.... Before my mum could answer her, my aunt has jumped into another topic.... When I heard about this, I was really kind of feeling sad for my aunt....She has been living away from her brothers and sisters since she was young, she has migrated to Canada ....but lately she comes back on and off to visit her siblings and making outspoken remarks whenever she feels like it....maybe she feels she has the right to or perhaps, what she says, she never ' filter' them first... Maybe she has been through bad experiences before, either that, or she never understand what care and love is all about, especially the bonding of a family, brothers and sisters ....

Latest Update

Been going in and out of the hospital visiting my sam sook...he is recuperating now in the hospital, a bit weak but alert and conscious at what is happening...good sign...before he got admitted, he told us that he is not scared of pain, as long as he can recover, he can bear the pain.. His son is now with him, flying all the way back from Dubai... The father and sons hv a close this time, family and moral support plays an important part, as does prayers to our Christ the Lord...We will continue to pray for him and with him...I can see he is open to our prayers, thank God...May Your grace continue to flow unto him, Lord....Amen....

The Lord Is My Shepherd

::The Lord is My Shepherd, I shall not want no other:: Below is the excerpt from my cousin, Christopher's comments concerning our Sam Sook and for all of us who continue to seek The Lord's comfort and peace upon our lives.... Chris wrote :- Yes, we human beings likes compare with our peers,colleagues, ex-classmates and etc. This will only bring envy, jealousness and hatred. It's better to see how fortunate we are when there are others who are this very moment. Anyway,this is not to tell us to rest on our laurels though but to keep these negative feelings away. Hope Sam sook operation is a successful one and may God spread THE healing touch to the medical team attending on him. I end my comment with this: - Psalm 23A psalm of David 1. The LORD is my shepherd, I shall not be in want. 2. He makes me lie down in green pastures,he leads me beside quiet waters, 3. He restores my soul.He guides me in paths of righteousness for his name's sake. 4. Even though I

tsunami precaution

Just heard on TV news that there was an earthquake...powerful magnitude of 7.6 that struck Indonesia western province of Aceh in the afternoon today... something close to that 2004 earthquake that caused the massive tsunami.....they hv given out warnings and alerts to the surroundings... I hope it is not another reoccurrence...meanwhile over here in Malaysia, do take precaution and stay away from beaches.....

Grace and Mercy

Tomorrow morning my sam sook (3rd uncle) will be admitted for surgery ... his eldest son had just arrived from China this evening....he will be here for a week after which his sibling will take over another week to be with him....just now my mum was quite worried, after the 2 weeks are over, who will be with sam sook...during this recuperation time, he will need special care and attention....I hope his sons will find an alternative by then.... The good news is ...the doctor said my uncle's chances of recovery is good...but nevertheless, he will know more about it when he does the surgery tomorrow... If we want to compare and complain about our lives, let us compare to those who are sick and in pain and then we will feel so blessed and thankful that we are still healthy and normal.... May the Lord's grace and mercy will be upon my Sam Sook and that he will open his heart to accept Him as his Lord and Savior....Praise be unto Him, Amen......

Friend or Acquaintance

(some of my ex schoolmates) Last nite the was down, a blessing in disguise for me, cos I couldnt think of what to write, my life is so routinal, everything, almost everything is according to schedule esp after my working hours are over. It was a bit different last nite in the sense that my everfaithful pal came and we had dinner in my house...nothing special, just a plate of tomato stir-fried prawns, some stew taufoo and some soup donated by my mum...(who else?) To while aways the time waiting for my kids to come out from tuition, both of us decided to have a drink at a nearby bistro (opposite RHB Bank, Ipoh Garden South)...surprisingly this bistro has a very quiet and peaceful atmosphere, the lightings are sort of warm and it has a comforting effect, an ambience for those who seek to chat and to meet up, this place is recommended....and not the forgetting the menu, the prices are cheaper than those I frequent. We ordered a freezy fire dragon juice...try it, esp for those

Food for Thought

Today is Sunday, 9.49pm...another weekend soon to be gone... What shall i write today? Something not too melodramatic today...Let me seeeee......ALRIGHT....Lets talk about food, food I have taken for tonite....yum yum..... My kids and I were not feeling hungry but I know we will be later in the shall we go while waiting for our stomaches to growl?? Aha... the first thing that came to my mind is Kam Hor... What is Kam Hor? It is a coffeeshop's name meaning Golden River... and why is it called Golden River?? version is that, the river is golden, right? and golden means thick... concentrated, right? and when its thick and concentrated, the flow wont come fast, right? Ok, to cut my theory short, this Golden River coffeeshop sells the most delicious koay teow soup with steamed chicken....Ok, so what, u say, what's the name got to do with the food....Well, if u r hungry and waiting to be served fast, sorry la, u better go somewhere else COS... this koay

Sam Sook (3rd Uncle)

Once upon a time, during the early 70s, there is this happy family, sam sook (husband), sam sum (wife) and 2 adorable sons (both around 6 and 8yrs of age)...Sam Sook is doing very well in his business and investment in stocks florishes as years go by....And there is this niece who used to go and stay with them on and off, cos sam sook never have a daughter and he takes his niece and loves her as his own...she is in her teens, around 17 of age... Each weekend, he will take his family and niece to cinema shows and they have wonderful time together as a family) He is very generous with his money, his wife, sons and even the niece have never felt cashless before, he always shower them with notes and coins....making their 'pockets' full...He is a soft spoken man esp to them, to the staff, he can be very strict and firm but nevertheless they respect him a lot cos he always look into their welfare...never felt shortchanged when he is around. One day, one fine wonderful day, when sam

A Lesson Learnt...

After writing my previous blog late last nite, i hit the pillows....little did i know i would be bringing my bossie to my dream and the dream became a nitemare overnite...(hmmm...i wonder she has done any charm).....i dreamt we were both debating in a sort of a way, how tolerant the staff is and how unreasonable she could be.... exact words, i cannot remember already, pl excuse me, i hv a short memory of things happening...I cant resist but have to bring it my blog this very morning.... Moral of the story : do not write blogs late at nite with emotional feelings thick in our minds... unless it is a happy occasion ......otherwise..... dont let it spoil our night of rest.... hehe....

She...(Rain, rain, go away)

As I wrote in my previous blog, this was the morning that we had the big makan sponsored by Big Boss Big Big.. it is supposed to be a happy day that coincides with valentine day...'supposedly' to be a happy occasion and time to mingle with our colleagues and staff...PERIOD.... We DID have a good fellowship in the cafetaria, eating our hearts out to the nasi lemak, meehoon goreng, groundnuts, fruits and mandarin oranges... but alas, it ended too soon, COS back in the office, at the dot to 12pm, she(not the big boss big big) screamed at us, ordering us to go into the meeting room, no excuse, and to be there in 5 min time... sigh...I know what will be in store...this is not the 1st time we hv noticed the screaming order, we dreaded going in, in THE 5 min, we hurried to the toilet and then spend the last few minutes dragging our feet into the meeting will be another interrogation time...sob..sob........ Well, to cut it short, it really had spoilt my day in the office,

Feelings on Valentine

Today is Valentine's Day, this morning around 7am, as I was taking my gf and her bf to the bus station, she asked me, "U never celebrate Valentine's Day ah?" I said no...I told her everyday is valentine for me... I wanted to add more to that when she interrupted and said, no, today is especially special, today we can go for candlelight dinner with our love ones, u cant be going for candlelight dinners everyday, do u?" That stumped me and instead of retaliating, I just changed the topic...thank goodness, the destination was within distance and we never elaborate on this 'valentine dinners'. Alright, today is valentine, so ??? Yeah, maybe we wish that we could receive some flowers from our white knight in white horse, or maybe we get an invitation to a candle light dinner tonite.....haha.... all these are wishes and thoughts.... sometimes we should think first before we actually ask a sensitive question such as the above, it might make a person feel left ou

Special Dedication To My Mum On Yat Yan....

::::my beautiful mum in light blue::::: Yesterday 13/2/08 was Yan Yat... Human's day in direct translation... Havent really find the true meaning of it yet, as far as I know, each year on the 7th day of CNY, we eat fried meehoon, mee, koay teow and special chicken fish porridge, all my mum's specialities.... I dont hv any pics taken, too bad, but I can tell u that its very yummy and sumptious...Thanks Mum....each year, u take the effort to cook all these for yr kids and grandchildren and never once complained....She cooks abundantly, never once there wont be enough food to cater all of us....its always more than enough, enough to last for the next meal too.... Once again, I want to honour my mum, words would never be able to describe how much she has done for us, how much she has endured throughout her life, how much ordeals she has undergone.... But now ever since she accepted the Lord, everything has changed for

Food And Sembang

Today is the day when leng gugu, mei mei and mui mui chai came back to work, its been almost a week since we last seen each other and we had lots to catch up with... i was looking forward to our kopithiam time in the morning as usual, when my bossie called me at 8.30am to say I hv to go for a meeting with her, do minutes.. .quickly and naturally, i told her my malay is half past six, i wont be able to understand and put them in words ......but she wouldnt want to listen to me..sigh..of all days, normally i dont hv to go for meetings with her, something must be fishy..... later, i found out why... hehe... So I miss going out for sembang-sembang with my 3 'relatives' and only got to see them during lunch was pretty late too, by the time we came back, it was 2.30pm..we had a good head meehoon with salted vegetables in First Garden, the best in Ipoh...(I think) A piece of papaya to start off before the fish head went into our stomachs.... Tomorrow is b

Festive Time Of Togetherness

:: Thank You Lord for the food glorious food on the table....Amen.....:: Back to work after a 4 1/2 days of CNY celebration..time passed doubly fast when holidaying.. Briefly about my cny, as usual reunion dinner was at my in laws that our kids hv grown up, the used-to-be big table couldnt fit in all, we were tightly squeezed and one of them just couldnt even hv space to hold the chopsticks..imagine..i guess next year, we need to put an extra small table by the side..all are big hunks now, by the way.. After dinner, stroll to my mum's place to join my siblings..the atmostphere naturally is better there..someone prepared a session for ginrummy..great..i miss that..but after an hour or so, my eyes were blur blur already.. i guess age is catching up and mind deactivates quicker than before... On the first day, makan at in-law's house again..see how blessed i m ? i dont hv to cook..hehe.. most are left over dishes from the previous nite, nevertheless, they were still as

Stages of Gowing up..

3rd precious words...When she got into my car this evening, the first thing she said was.."mum, my teacher scolded me today" then she kept quiet...her mum has to prompt and made many guesses before she could finally relate what happened..Its all bec of the cheerleading event again, this time one of her girls went to Parkson Grand alone at 11something in the morning wearing school uniform. Seems she got caught by a teacher and upon questioning, she blamed my daughter for being the one who instructed her to go parkson to buy some pom pom stuff... and my quiet precious was summoned into the staff room to be interrogated, she being a girl of few words, kept mum about the whole incident, never explaining to the teacher that the girl went on her own, not upon instructions as she lied.... after all, I m the one who bought all the stuff for them... So as not to be reprimanded by the teacher, she put the blame on my blur blur girl who was too shocked to say anything when being scolde

Waking Up To Our Senses

Last nite attended a wake in church, one member fell backwards while playing tennis and his skull broke..its so terrifying..just like that..he was in his early 60s..When it came to eulogy time, it was a tear jerking testimony.. that makes me think and i wonder... then i whispered to my cell leader...I said.."If next time we were the ones lying there, do u think anyone will go out there to say a few kind words of us? What would our eulogy be like?".....She smiled......Another thing came to my mind again...I have seen many couples squabbling whenever they are free, irritating each other and eventually giving a silent treatment to one another, its very common nowadays..I really feel sad for them cos they dont know how it feels if one of their love one goes off......For couples who are still together, please dont waste time irritating each other or giving each other hard times...time is so precious... we dont know when we will go one day... the unexpectable can happen anytime..

chinese new year mania... new year is just a few days away la..have i got everything that is needed?? by the way, i m not cooking, am i? pity my sister in law though, each year she has to sweat, really sweat to cook for 3 families including hers and we two the "sum poes" just goyang kaki at home.. eh...sound likes we r cinderella's stepsisters instead..haha..nola, each year, she is used to doing it alone with her parents..we only will step in her way if we help, but washing up is no joke...we the stepsisters hv to do that after the hefty meals..yum yum.. worth doing the piles of plates/bowls.. Oh, today my bossie is not in leh..yeh!!!! and that reminds me, last nite my 3rd precious told me if possible, get her an off-shoulder red blouse..huh? say again?? off shoulder pulak? wow..she is only 14 and she wants to show off her shoulders already..sigh..anyway, i might not be following her wants, just wait and see first, i will go survey and get her something RED and more suitable inst


For the last few days, me and kids hv been dogsitting a terrier.. Christine, the owner, left for phuket with her whole family.. leaving me with this task..frankly, i hv tried to avoid being one, i know it will need special treatment, really dont hv the time and patience for dogsitting, firstly, need to put inside the house, need to change newspaper inside its cage, need to make sausages for him, needs to wipe her buttocks and her urine each time..(no joke, that was what the owner said) my goodness, where and when i hv time to do all that... she told me easy task..i can only say... its easy being said than done..haha. I dread the day she brought me the 'duchness'.. anyway, she came during the nite..she was so skinny, my first dinner yet, the owner said..she forgot to bring her sausages, fortunately i hv sausage for dinner? is that all? no rice? how to be full.. my goodness.. ok, first nite, doggy safe and sound in my dining hall...the tough days began on