Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Ambulance Cries Wolf Too?

ON the way home each evening, there is one stretch of road that is quite jam up... but jam in Ipoh means only 5 minutes later than usual, so it is not a big deal actually. Ok, let me story about this...

Very often, very very often whenever I go home by this way, there is always this ambulance who also passes by this road around the same time, ie. 5.05 or 5.10pm... and this ambulance always "beeeeboh.... beeeebohhhhh" all the way along this stretch of road and cars like mine, have to give way... now ....that sets me thinking... how come this ambulance always get patients around this time??? Something fishy or not??

So I guess this ambulance drivers wanted to rush back to hospital, either to "punch out" their cards or they are too impatient along this stretch of road.... koret?

Then yesterday, I heard from my colleague.... the road to my office was blocked cos of the State Assembly meeting. Police were everywhere.... and then one ambulance appeared with its "beeeeboh, beebohhhh," wanting to pass through. But the police stopped it... (do they have the right?) ... then after a few questions (according to my colleague la....), the police asked the ambulance to make a U-turn back!!! Meaning to say.... this ambulance just made siren only, actually no patients and not going to pick up any patients too!!!!

My gosh... are they mis-using the siren? What if there are genuine cases, I think by then the drivers do not trust these sirens anymore.... As the saying goes.."Cry wolf too many times, people will stop believing..."

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The Greatest Love Of All...

Mum's right eye bled again, it happened three weeks ago, that was why she went to KL for a checkup, to find out what's gonna happen next. Doc told her to wait for another month, meanwhile, just eye drops, and my Mum is hanging on with one eye covered with blood clots and the left eye, a blurry vision.

A friend asked me who is taking care of my Mum at this time. Her question amused me and yet at the same time, it saddened me. Who is taking care of my Mum? No one... NO ONE in fact.. She takes care NOT only herself but of her children as well...

My brother is undergoing chemo and feeling unwell, my Mum cooks for him, with one blurry eye.
My youngest sister is blinded in one eye, blurry in another and my Mum, my greatest MUM, with one blurry eye, takes care of her kids and cooks for them....

Sad? Amused? Who takes care of my Mum? This question is haunting me....

Monday, March 29, 2010

My Morning & Evening Gifts!

An early morning yummy gift arrived at my table, early in the sense that it was just after 8am, I heard footsteps approaching my cubicle, from the corner of my eye, a lady was walking towards me... I looked up, saw her holding the tupperware and I knew... YES!!
Something as fabulous as these!!!

ELIN, what can I say???
folks, what shall I say? :p
Don't be jeles, these are mine... hahahahahaa....
*laughter like Sek Kin*
I took a piece cos Elin said leave the rest for my girl..
*sure, anything for our kids, right?*

When I reached home, the first thing were to check my letters, mostly BILLs.. and more BILLs.. but today there was a card awaiting me.... aha... actually I know who liow.. actually she meant it for a surprise but realizing that I haven't mentioned about it last week, she couldn't help asking me during the weekend.

Thank you Fairy, for this Lighted Up Railway of Kuala Lumpur. Though it didn't come as a surprise, I am indeed touched by your thoughts!
(Actually I know about this even before u asked me....hehehehe... I was hoping I am included in your list then!)

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Different Taste In Astro

"Different Taste" Eatery Shop...
this picture depicts the direct translation

Last night we had our dinner here, my evergreen classmate from Rawang came to visit me yesterday and together with another classmate and my kids, we went to this shop in Bercham. The name of the shop, Different Taste means u cannot get their dishes elsewhere... something like that, something is different here and they are famous for their claypot dishes.

While waiting for our turn, (it was quite crowded) it is capturing time with my camera... Can u see AhZian behind? I mean his image poster la..
My "brother" and "sister"
ahem... cough cougghhhh..
someone reading this said "Cis!"

our favorite dish

clams or lala as we called it..

their signature dish.. "Sar Chui" fish
crispy fried till head and tail also walloped!

some spinach to balance up...

their signature toongfun with fishlets
this is a MUST! The soup is very
and first time we ordered this crab rice..
the aroma of the crabs being absorbed by the rice..

The price came to RM126!!
We feel it was a bit pricey though
Well, what to expect?
Anything recommended on Astro already
will be more expensive than before, right?

Calling All Mommies With Babies!! Help!!!

Mommies... help our blogfren, potential doctor, Jason!! He needs a young baby, preferably born by natural birth to be in the part of his project.... NO, he is not going to practise on "dissectology", he only wants to record the baby's grown for the first two years. All he needs to some time to chat with the mother about the baby's progress.

It sounds interesting, I am sure mothers would love to hear a word of advice or opinion from our Doctor-to-be as your babies progress in their early months/years.

Too bad I am too old to have a baby, otherwise, I would love to help Medie... (ahem) LOL....

So the least I can do is to "shout out loud" here for all MOMMIES staying in Klang valley, preferably.

More details, log in to his blog....

This is not a paid post! :)

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Where The Heck?

What is the name of the disease.. er.... that one .... er.. cannot seem to remember ....

1stly, I cannot find my comb, I remember after washing my hair, i combed.... and now I cannot find it! Where the heck is it??
2ndly, my colleague gave me a tupperware cover yesterday, I put it in my car, just beside my handbrake, now it is missing! I cannot find it....Where the heck is it???
3rdly, my pendrive is missing... looked high and low, I cannot remember where I put it but at the back of my mind, I remember seeing it somewhere. Where the heck is it???
4thly, I cannot remember whether I lost some money or not.. I remember having a few hundreds in my drawer, now they are not there..... so ...... did I spend them???? Or have I put them somewhere else???
I Really Cannot Remember! sigh....

Friday, March 26, 2010

Our Humble Meal

I remember mentioning that I would take more vegetables than meat.. I wrote that I would cut down meat intake... but did I mince what I wrote?

was this my plate of rice?
all vegetables?
or was it this.. ?
eggs with minced meat, potato chicken and a fish paste brinjal...

One of these plates belonged to Elin and one to me... guess which one belonged to who... got prize one, correct guess, come to Ipoh and I treat you out for Makan... (chap farn) hahhaaa...

Sorry, tonight the brain not working too good.. thus the crappy post.. I go snooozzze for a while first..

Think Before We Speak

What the Bible says is very true...I forgot which chapter it is but something like this it says...
"All food are clean and can be eaten... only words that come forth from the mouths of men (us) that are evil and unclean."
I truly believe that... as humans, we sometimes said things to hurt one another, to spoil one another's reputation without realizing it, to create some misunderstandings among friends. It has been done... it might be too late to restore back the trust. WE need to be very careful on what we say, once the words are spoken, they are very difficult to be retrieved....

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Use Them, Wash Them, Recycle Them

Ladies, something new to me that I wanna share in this post...
Gentlemen, u can still read and maybe u find them useful too... (i mean this information)

I received these three cuties from ML... she explained to me how these are used.

can u guess what they r for?

Yes, they are called "recyclable pads" not disposable sanitary pads. When I first saw them, I cannot imagine how a thin cloth/pad like this can absorb all our "endless blood" especially on the 2nd or 3rd day of the menses.

But according to this mommy, she said they are as good as sanitary pads, in fact, they are like diapers, absorbent. "But after using, how? Wash them up?" What a silly question I asked! My imagination runs to the bathroom scene...

Anyway, I guess it must be good otherwise they wont be on sale, right? Recyclable pads.. how about that? Anyone interested to use them, please don't hesitate to tell me... I let u try first then let me know, OK?

Thank U For The Music (Gifts)

This is a gift post... Gifts which I received from my new friends I made through blogging. I cannot call us bloggers anymore, we should call each other blogfrens now... or frenggers whichever is fine. :)

Many of us have met up with each other I suppose, through our blogs we make friends with one another. If I have offend anyone, please forgive me, sometimes I just like to rant out whatever I feel inside but I have no heart to be offensive. :) OK, here are the gifts.. dont be jeles... LOL..

LV, thank you 'n' wish u all the best!

SK-thank you for these books,
dim sum, chocs n biscuits!

CJ 'n' ML - thank you to both of you
for making me smell "great!!"
These are my gifts, I am not going to name them... they might feel "shy" ... I will put their initials and do check them out if you are curious. :)

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

He Ain't Heavy, He's My Brother...

As I took Labbie for her walk this evening, I met up with someone dear to me along the same road. Today he was walking very slow instead of his usual "fast pace." Later I heard from my mum that he is not feeling too good.. the side effects of his 11th chemo begins to show the side effects and its "ugliness." I felt very sad when I heard that...

All along the treatment from #1 till #10, he was still alright, he could walk faster than me... he sweated and HE had the stamina, his determination to fight against the cancer was very positive. I hope he will continue to carry this determination and the strong will power to go on and on.... I really pray that he will... don't give up..

"I feel your pain, your sorrow.... though I do not show it, I feel very much for u... cos... U AIN'T HEAVY... U R MY BROTHER...and I Love U..."

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The Food In Kuala Sepetang

For just two of us, the food were abundant... one lesson learnt... next time before going again, I must get a bigger group, the more, the merrier! More people means can order more dishes... once and for all, eat until "muak", "lau sai", in english means "overflowing." But do bear in mind, never never waste food. Never order what we cannot finish, I must tell myself That!

The tempation is heavy but the stomach is small...

this is called fishlets, eaten with mayonoise...

we didnt order rice so we ate mantau instead...

they blend well with sweet sour crabs...

clams.. my favorite
notice the abundant garlic?

one thing though, eat while they are hot..

lastly & not least, the steamed garoupa seabass

teochiew styled with lots of shredded ginger...
the price? all came to RM66.00
expensive? or cheap?

A Preview On Kuala Sepetang Meal

Phew... alas... I have finished writing on my 3 "pimped" posts, so to say... sorry, I cannot help making a jest out of it now, though I felt very overwhelmed when I read it in my friend's blog, nevertheless it must not affect me in any way. I will do what I am supposed to do as long as my paid posts are done with my own efforts. (blood sweat money) hahahaa.... Now I m relieved!

It is not easy to earn some extra cash nowadays... with this bonus, my kids and I will have something extra to spend and spare... so I hope all of you will bear with my "pimped" posts these days...

Ok, I seem to be having a hang of that word... One sweet blogger mentioned she "solicits" for her paid posts few times already... hahahhaa.. I love to see that word too!

Back to Kuala Sepetang...
here is the layout of the open aired restaurant.. ?

and a glimspe of the food we took..
just the two of us!

Some Random Pics Again Of The Jetty

After he mentioned prostituting, I felt very bad. I know doing paid posts will affect my page ranking later on... but if I do not write any paid posts, where does my blog go? I mean who is going to enlighten my burden? I do not know much about niches as some do, I asked but no one is giving me any specific answer. All I can do is to use my brain each day to write some articles and doing some sponsored posts to earn some allowance. I hope this is not called "prostituting." Sigh....

Kuala Sepetang Random Pictures

This will be a short post, just adding in some pictures here... as one blogger said, "Doing paid posts is like pimping or prostituting." LOL... well, I guess he will have more to say after I post all my paid posts tonight. I am not selling my body but my blog for some meagre allowance. I am using my brain and time to earn some extra pocket money... and now I am wondering... have I done wrong?

I know this is a dull post..
please bear with me.. enjoy the pictures.. if u can..

Monday, March 22, 2010

A Trip To Kuala Sepetang

Kuala Sepetang... anyone heard of this place? It is 11 km away from Taiping, it was my first trip to Kuala Sepetang. Made two phone calls for directions and PRESTO! We Arrived Safely!

According to my "sources," Kuala Sepetang is a L-shape town. Yes, true enough, itis a very small town where even 11 year old boys zoomed about in motorbikes without wearing helmets. And the best thing is, the police station was just meters away. Living in a small town has its advantages, I presume that everyone knows everyone there.. hahahaha..

Kuala Sepetang is a fisherman's village.. when we arrived around 4pm, most of the fishermen were back, unloading their "treasures" from their boats... I would love to go there again.. WHY? Cos of the FOOD! hahhaa.... Tomorrow, the food pictures!

Swedish Beef Balls In IKEA

About Ikea again!! I am not advertising about Ikea, though I would love to if they recognised me as a blogger?? Don't dream...
Anyway, back to IKEA, our morning brunch was taken here, as recommended by Aaron. I have posted this in my letswallop blog but different photos actually..
It was only 11.15 or so, but the crowd was already there, even on a weekday! Wow.. I cannot imagine if it was a weekend... guess we would not get a place easily to have our meal......

my son recommended this..
swedish beef meatballs eaten with strawberry jam!
first time i tasted these..

A Yummylicious Piece Of Cake

My son told me that this dessert is not to be missed... anyone recognises this slice of cake?
Yes, it was sold in Ikea 1st floor, if I m not mistaken, it cost RM5.90 for this piece... no wonder he said it is a MUST HAVE dessert.. when I took a bite, it was so superbly yummy! I don't mind taking another piece once again when I go next time. Fat, fat la... eat first, diet later!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Hong Kong Tak Fok Restaurant, Kepong

This is not a food review... in fact it has been some time since I last blog about good food... :)

My SIL took us here for our dinner on the second night...
By the time we reached there, it was almost 7pm, kind of early, right?
BUT... the place was almost full...
Upstairs, downstairs, on the roadside... the crowd were already waiting to be served...
I haven't been here, from the card, it reads Kepong.. now only I know I went to Kepong the other night...

it was crowded... in fact it was a 2-shops lot restaurant

their signature bean curd
they look like pancake

ahhh.. egg pancake

stewed pork (tung por yuk)

3 mixed vege...

claypot mushrooms

crispy fried chicken

lala cooked with 'kamheong' leaves

cheese baked crabs
salted eggs crabs

36 pieces mantau pau

Tak Fok Hong Kong Seafood

Special Tea Time On Mother's Day

Mother's day at home... My son wanted to take us mothers out for dinner, he called up his usual "edible food" restaurants ... ...