Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Room On Top Of The Stairs

Malacca, the historic city... Yes, I was there two days ago, for a three days course and I just got home two hours ago. This year I seem to be picked for outstation courses... well, I hope this will be the last for this year because I cannot afford to go out of town anymore... When I am not around, my girl is missing tuition... plus good food.. plus "no-attention" at home... very pitiful case.

OKay, back to the Malacca trip... we reached there around 2pm and my colleagues and I checked in to our rooms. Upon entering the room which was the very last one at the end of the corridor, I had a feeling that this very room 501 hasn't been slept by anyone for a long long time!! Sounds eerie, huh??
As for the beds... they looked good...
they were enormously big for both of us...

comfortable though.. for both of us
but I don't mind a smaller bed.. actually..

BUT.... when I opened the mini fridge.........
MY Gosh, what is this???
I was horrified!!!

and...and..... the jug... all dust and dirt..
when I opened the cover, a fly flew out!!

Dare to boil water in this??
My goodness...
There were no towels available...
Gosh..housekeeping fails in this hotel...
I called Housekeeping No. 6...
One elderly lady came to our room..
and heard her mumbling"tsk tsk... budak tu"
then she cleaned up whatever need to be cleaned..
gave us two towels and a cleaner jug as well...

The next day, I found out that two young boys
were doing the housekeeping of the rooms..
No wonder la...

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Sesame Pau-s And Tarts

My healthy breakfast, all thanks to my good friend cum colleague, Elin.....

Nowadays I do not want to mind nor care about my weight already, it is a blessing to receive especially such yummylicious goodies from her every now and then...

Elin's special egg tarts edition...
take these with a mug of hot oats... hmmmm....

sesame buns (pau-s) with crabmeat
have you ever tried these before?

Something that we cannot get outside.. :)

For the recipes, you got to jump over to her blog..
I wonder what she will cook for me next!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The Best Season Of The Year!

My favourite season of the year is back! DURIANS!! hahahaa...

When we went to First Garden for our light lunch, we were greeted with a nice surprise... my old uncle friend is back in business!!

I think he can remember us ...
cos we like to take pictures of him

He opened one and put it on our table...
It was more than enough for the both of us, Elin and I
for health reasons, we "persevered" and "refrained"

We just wanted to satisfy our "urge" at that moment..

and then cooled down our bodies with
a bowl of beancurd dessert...
smoothly melting in our mouths is this...
First Garden Tau Foo Fah!

Monday, March 28, 2011

Ranting And Rambling

Intercourse? What comes to our minds when that word is mentioned...

One of my friends like to joke about that whenever we couldn't find him in the office. When he replied he went for Intercourse, immediately we know he meant he went for a few days course.. lol...

Do you like to go for courses? Whether it is official courses, church courses, part-time courses.. whatever course you might think of, I would immediately reply you... "Please, don't choose me....."

I find solace in my own shell, that is my homely home.... I love to stay at home.... if online groceries is possible in Ipoh, I would love to do them without driving the car out and spending more unnecessarily....

Someone asked me to be a full time content writer.... writing 500 words for only $2usd!! Gosh, for 500 words and doing research on the article, is it worth getting a post for only RM6? Not to say that money has a "stale smell" but then for RM6.00... er.... err... sigh....

From tomorrow onwards till Thursday, if I did not post up anything, it means there is no wifi... no wifi means no post...But I hope there is WIFI.... breathe... breathe......cos no wifi means no oxygen...!!

by the way, my laptop in trouble!

I cannot close it.... due to one side broken
Cannot close means I cannot take it anywhere I go..
Should I get a new laptop or a netbook?
Any suggestions?

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Bollywood Princess!

Bollywood night is certainly a night to remember, no Men allowed... only Ladies! (too bad, no Shah Rukh Khan la!)
Actually, it has been a long time since I last attended any special function and this was my first time to attend a Bollywood and Arabian night.... all the glitters and shine!

Supposed to start off at 8pm, with red carpet lining from the pavement to the entrance, it was certainly very grand... When we reached there, there were still many empty tables unoccupied so I quickly took the opportunity to take as many pictures as I can...

this table must be for the VIPs..

my colleague and I...
thanks to her, I have the opportunity to wear
what I was longing to wear.. hahaha....

the food and drinks were already served...

really small portions for a table of 10, ya?
in no time, all walloped.. hahaha..

a blurry picture...

with my sweet colleague...

ahhh.. the two "makciks"

Makcik Claire...
love the accessories..

my sweet colleague was the limelight
for the night...

She was the runner-up for being the Bollywood Princess..
If I were the judge, I would have given her first!
but then I am not.. hahahhaa....

Love These Accessories

Loved the accessories that my colleague gave me to wear.. she bought them in India, so colourful and nice. Forgot to take the pictures of the ear-rings and the necklace... Guess I am still vain at this age.. hahaha...

The saris materials are really elegant...
Wearing them can be tough task and complicated
(to me, ie.)
but once put worn, they are so beautiful..

Saturday, March 26, 2011

My Saree And Sari

The theme was Bollywood or Arabian fashion... one ticket cost RM50.00... no, I didn't buy the ticket but thanks to my boss, she sponsored one table for the staff. I never expect to attend, for one main reason.... that is I do not have any Arabian or saree/sari to wear at all....

But... after some persuasion and the generousity of my colleague to lend me her precious saree, my enthusiasm took over... for the first time, I can try on a SAREE!! lol.... So generous of my colleague, she brought two to the office and let me try them on....
I can choose between the red and the glowing green....
and of course, the endless accessories as well...

Friday, March 25, 2011

Reanaclaire For Sale

Reanaclaire.Com is for sale IF.....

someone were to offer me this amount

Nowadays since I cannot comment in your blogs during the daytime, I will spend my free time surfing on the Internet... recently I came across a website that values blogs. Out of curiousity, I keyed in my blog URL and Presto!! My is worth RM42,009.34!!

Let's say If... IF really our blogs could be sold,
would you sell it for that amount?
I think I might not la.. on second thoughts..
Would you?

Thursday, March 24, 2011

The Sweet, The Sour And The Danger

After a heavy breakfast, I opted for a light lunch meal. An 0.8kg underweight is easily gained, in fact, I am sure I have reached my target weight of 47kg by now. Anyway, it is not good to lose weight without exercising at the same time. Due to my age, the body flesh will easily "droop" and become soft if I do not indulge in some form of exercise. As the saying goes, "Must Uplift The Fallen..." *hahaha...*
As for our lunch,
Elin and I went to a porridge shop...
one of us had rice and the other porridge...

rice with beancurd, vegetables and er...... intestines!
*don't be alarmed*

this above was for the porridge...
chap choy (mixed vegetables)

plus a bowl of potato porridge... yummy!!
And the bill came to RM7.00 for this meal..
Cheap... but not so healthy, right? :)

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

What's Up, Doc?

Are you 35years and above? Well, you are entitled to a free check up organized by a department in Ipoh. All you got to do is to ask me to fax you a form and you can come for a free check up, now until 31st March, 2011.

Ok, as I am over that 35 years range, I am entitled to the free thorough check up that includes urine test, blood test (five tubes and 2 smaller tubes of blood were "sucked" out from my arm!) ECG and a free BMI that includes bone density test too.

One night before, I fasted and that morning I was all ready to have myself checked up from head to toe....

after the whole BMI check up,
I was given the printout copy..
it should be 47kg..
and I was advised to put on another 0.8kg..
ahem .. ahem............
but look further down to FAT CONTROL
got to get rid of 4kg FATS??
*scratch head*

then as I read on the details..
I found that I was extremely obese,
slightly unbalanced (tiga suku?)
then lower body strength is weak
muscle also weak...
Body water ...under?
lack of water?

By the way, any doc around here??

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Keng Kee And Their Signature Dishes

Here I go again... the same old shop that I used to visit each time I drive down to Kuala Lumpur with my kids. I will order the same old dishes and will enjoy the savoury taste of their infamous tai lok mee cooked with yam! (fat noodles with taro) and of course, not leaving out their signature dish, that is the Saito Fish pancake!

Keng Kee Coffeeshop
Don't go during peak lunch hours...

their signature dishes all pasted on the board...

yam fat noodles..

their famous foo chuk (beancurd skin) pancake
with fish fillings

the layers of foo chuk in the middle of the fish paste..

this one is quite similiar.. but without the beancurd skin

the fish paste ... indescribable.. hahaa...

my favourite clams... lala...

these were very fresh compared to the Butterworth ones..

three of us.. so we didnt order much...
the bill came to RM50.00 for 3 of us..

Ok, how to go Keng Kee coffeeshop? After the Rawang toll, turn right at the traffic light, drive straigh on till 2nd traffic light, turn right again, go straight on till you see KFC on the left hand side, turn left.... Keng Kee is just along the KFC outlet... :)

Monday, March 21, 2011

The Sweet Temptations

Most of my friends know that I am ON for anything sweet...

A day before I left for Penang, someone sent me an email on the best desserts you can find in Penang. It is called Sweet Temptations...perfect name cos they were really tempting!!

When I browsed through the email, I said to myself.. yes.. yes... YES! I must go and try as many as I can when I'm there....

picture extracted from my email..
captured by a well known food blogger here
hope he will not sue me!!

this was taken by me when I went there
due to my super full dinner earlier,
I couldn't manage to try
as many as I said I would...

just look at the many pots displayed..
how to try all of them.. hahaha...
thank goodness, I often drop by Penang..
in time to come, hopefully I can try all..

And for that evening, I only managed
to try this fabulous bubur cha-cha
Really creamy and santan-ic
with lots of sweet potatoes, yam and sago..

727-F, Jalan Sungai Dua
11700 Gelugor,

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Ong Cheng Huat Seafood, Butterworth

Went up to Penang by bus on Saturday. Oh, actually I stopped at Butterworth because of a lunch appointment. We were taken to a place where I have never been there before... I am sure those staying in Butterworth will know this place.. Ong Cheng Huat.... it is outskirt from town and sort of a village to me...

I was very surprised to see so many cars parked right outside this open-aired shop/restaurant, or whatever... Amazed by the crowd who defied the cool air and the houseflies that swarmed the area too.. hahahaa... (I multi-tasked while I was there.. eating with my mouth, using hands to swap out the flies at the same time!) I should have suggested to the owner to use candles to ward off the houseflies la...

Okay, putting the houseflies aside, I dare say the food there was quite special in a way... something I have not taken before... and wouldn't mind going there once again (this time, I will take my own candle along!)

first dish that came was this crispy popiah minus the sengkuang
this is a MUST! must be from grandmother's recipe...

but alas, i cannot say the same for this clams..
the lala were quite shrunken, overcooked, i guess...

the meehoon noodles was fine.. alright.. to me..

and the best was the steamed fish..
steamed to ngam ngam hoe *just right*
not over or undercooked...
I love the sauce and gravy
with lots of garlic and small chilies...

Another thing special about this Ong Cheng Huat ..
is that all the dishes served come in metal plates..
and if you are guiness stout drinker,
you can try adding in "tuak" or fermented coconut to your drink!
Don't ask me how it tasted like,
Must be good since almost every table, they have a tuak bottle there!
by the way, the bill came to RM40.00 for the dishes above..

Ong Cheng Huat Seafood
2004, Bagan Lallang,
13400 Butterworth
tel: 04-3314782

Ong Cheng Huat Seafood Restaurant

Never Have I Ever...

I am not surprised that I would get infected with Covid virus again, I have myself to blame for I did not wear masks ever since I came back ...