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The Mystery Of The Missing Letter

Each time my girl applied for scholarships to respective companies, I would help her to send them out by courier.  I normally use "Fast Post" to courier down the documents and I take granted that they will reach the destinations safely. But it is not so..... As I was tidying  up my office drawer during lunch time, I saw the receipts.  Out of curiosity, I logged into their website and keyed in the tracking number one by one. To my shock and dismay, there was one document that was not delivered successfully!   And that was dated in May this year..... Too late to do anything.... my fault for not checking earlier.... I wonder where the documents has gone to.... I checked the address of the slip, they were written correctly... till today, I do not know why it was not delivered... One question... Does the courier company inform the sender if the document is not delivered successfully? 1/11/2013 Latest Update : I called up the Pos Laju, it seems that the tracking canno

First Time To Canton-i, AEON Ipoh

Heard much reviews about Canton-i but I have never tasted the food there until only recently.  It was a Sunday and I need to drop my girl back to her university.  Since we have to pass by AEON Station 18, we decided to have our dinner there, let her eat full-full before going back to her hostel.  To avoid the crowd and queuing, we reached there around 5pm.... true enough, no queues, no crowd and service was fast too!  For my girl, it was the second time and she knows exactly what she likes... so I leave the ordering to her... and these are what she ordered.... Fried raddish... both of us like these... I wouldn't mind having this again.... Wait till I get my pay... LOL...   My girl ordered porridge with century eggs...  The broth was very smooth...    My girl knows I love this....  The noodles are very springy... The Roasted Pork is crispy... the two Wanton-s are tasty.... Another one of her favourites not to be missed... Mini Egg Tarts.... flaky

My Qualms On Retirement 2014

I have been seriously thinking about retiring next year. I have even informed many of my colleagues and friends that this is what I am going to do early next year. Once I submit my optional retirement documents, there will be no turning back... but of course, I haven't submit as yet. I have plans to submit in January and retire in August or so..... but then.... After the budget announcement, I am having qualms of my intention.  First question, can I survive with comfort with just half of my current pay?  Petrol has risen, then sugar and one thing will lead to another... I love Food... I love traveling... if I retire, will I be able to enjoy what I am doing now?   I think I have to tighten my belt a bit and fly less... Out of 10 persons I asked, not even one of them encouraged me to give up working for good!  Oh, wait a minute, not true... the only ones that encouraged me to retire are actually my own Kids!!   But once I tell them that they should give me a fra

My Food View On Budget 2014

Budget 2014 has been announced... how will it affect me in any way?  Yet to be seen but one thing for sure, more people will be wary about how they spend from now on and that includes me.. This morning I took out RM10 for my breakfast and the remainder I had after the meal was only RM2.20.  Meaning to say, one meal is almost RM10 for one person, a bowl of noodles and a warm barley drink.  That is it.  Lunch is not included... if I were to go for lunch, there might be another RM10 gone.. so meaning to say in one day, I alone will spend around RM20-30 if I were to eat out for 3 meals in one day.  But being me, I normally take breakfast, skip lunch and take dinner... Imagine a family of 4, how much does one need to feed them?  Let's me put the minimum rate of RM20 per person for 3 meals... multiply it by 4, it will be around RM80 per day for 4 persons and for one month alone, the food expenses will come to a whooping amount of RM2400!  And that is just on food alone

Kinta Riverfront Walk, Ipoh

If anyone were to visit Ipoh and asked me what to eat, maybe I can tell them a few places... but if they were to ask me where to go for tourist spots, I have to crack my head.... I really do not know which place is attractive in Ipoh other than Food and Food. But last night I discovered a new place... though not really attractive or something to shout out loud, it is still worth going especially during the night.  This so-called place is just opposite Kinta Riverfront Hotel.  Recommended to come here especially after a heavy dinner and need to shed off the calories... LOL...  At the entrance of The Sands Bistro Cafe,... Just opposite the Riverfront Hotel...  If I've known earlier, I should have brought my camera along... But now have to make do with my old phone iPhone 3 only! Kids and adults alike... all having a good time here though it was after 10pm... I must bookmark this place if there is another reunion with the Golden Girls... LOL... Good to shed off

Cooling Days Ahead With Kulcar

Weather is really unpredictable these days, some days it can be extremely hot and other days, it pours the whole night through.  But when the weather is hot during the day, even my car air con is affected in a way.  I have to switch it on full blast to keep the heat away from the car which is parked under the hot sun daily.  In doing so, I have to spend more on my petrol and the recent hike in petrol prices have added more expenses in my monthly expenses.  I really have to think of a way to cut down my monthly petrol consumption and at the same time, be able to enjoy the coolness of my car under the hot sun. I am glad to say that I have found a solution to cool down my car and at the same time, it cuts down my petrol consumption in a way.  My friend recommended me to use Kulcar, she has installed one in her car and she loves it so much.  Here it is... my own Kulcar!  Can't wait to try this out!  Must read the instructions carefully...  Looks complicated to me bu

All By Myself In The Best Restoran, Ipoh

The Best Restoran, it is named.... but is it really the best?  :) I went to The Best Restoran this evening for my dinner.  This is my second time there but I have not blogged about it before because then I did not know what the name was and secondly, I think I hadn't start blogging then... But what I did know that this restaurant (Ipoh has many restaurants with or without air-con, they are also called restaurants) serves the most varieties of soups.  I am a soup lover, I drink any kind of soup as long as not too bitter... and since I am feeling kind of "soupy" this evening, I opted for this soup restaurant.... While waiting, I noticed these herbs displayed on the walls... Anyone can tell me what those words mean? :) Upon entering, I saw a few patrons having this on their table...   Feeling curious, I ordered one too.. Double Stewed Coconut With Scallop... Inside consists of black chicken with lots of herbs and One scallop.... The soup has a nice co

Famous Pan Mee In Chung Wah, Ipoh Jaya

No home cooking food last night, we went out for a simple dinner in Chung Wah open air restaurant in Ipoh Jaya.  My friends told me that the place here is famous for their Pan Mee, Cheap and Nice, that's what they used to say.. only setback is our patience.  We must be prepared to wait at least twenty minutes or so, depending on the days and the time. Yesterday was a Wednesday, we waited around twenty minutes or so, I didn't really time it... anyway, I was not too hungry myself so I wouldn't mind waiting longer than that. :)  But one is too hungry, we can always order some fried chicken or fried noodles as a starter.... hahaha... Simple open air restaurant...   Here is the stall that sells Pan Mee   We wanted to try the Soupy and the Dry type... For soup, we ordered the flat noodles... (choe meen) For dry, we ordered the finer type of noodles... (yau meen) Don't be misled by the above picture... The portion of the noodles are actually very BIG...

The Lost Dalmation

The other day I nearly add another flurry member to the family...Really, I nearly did... It was drizzling that particular evening and I was in church attending a function in the concourse.  Then all of a sudden a flurry member joined in our feast... walking up and down... looking up at us with a sad face.  She was kind of walking direction-less.... She was looking very forlorn and scared... Perhaps she has lost her way or maybe she has been abandoned... Either way, she found her way to the church compound to avoid the rain... Then my friend, Paul who is a dog lover went over and pat her.... Her body was quite wet due to the rain... and she must be pretty hungry too.. We gave her some porridge and some noodles... and she gulped them within seconds... Uncle Paul is really nice... he took a dry cloth and wiped her dry.... Just look at her tail.... poor scared stiff... Uncle Tan asked us to take her back.... he has a few dogs at home himself.. an

Kolo Noodles And Steamed Pumpkin Cake

By the time I reached home from office, my stomach was like "beating the drum" inside me.. Very quickly, I did all the necessary house chores and walked doubly fast to my mom's house... On the way there, my mind was filled with homecooked food.. any food will do as long as they are ready on the table! LOL... True enough, to my amazement and surprise, I saw these two dishes on the table, all ready to be eaten!  What lovely surprises... I really appreciate my mom and my sister who are always springing up with something nice for dinner...   My sister was in the "cooking-new-dishes" mode ... And she swooshed up a new dish for us to try... Steamed Pumpkin Pudding! She put lots of shredded pumpkin, dried prawns and chinese sausage...  She even prepared sambal belacan to go with these...  What a great combination!   And now thinking back, I wonder how many pieces I took!! On second thoughts, I better not count... Lest I feel guilty Ok, the a